Thursday, December 22, 2011

Johor Premium Outlets

Hi everybody!
We went to JPO at last! It is located in a township known as Indahpura which is near Johor Bahru. I am eternally grateful to know that me and mr apeng share the same interest which is...ERMM SHOPPING..hehe. Hey, it's a therapy right? * smile*. According to Blair Waldorf SHOPPING 101 Phylosophy ;Whoever said that money doesn't buy happiness didn't know where to shop*erkk* sounds so annoying ke?HAHAHA.
OKAY, back to my journey, the journey from Yong Peng ( cos we were frm Apeng's hometown) took us about 1 hour to reach JPO. My first impression "WOW cantiknya tempat!.. bestnya tempat ni! Love it love it! " I smiled to Apeng. He nodded his head :-)

As I step in, I told myself " Please dont expect CRAZY SALES, murah-murah, Giller punya murah or wut so eva!! High expectation may lead to dissapointment. *wink*" So yes, I dont expect anything BIG, I just wanna have a great time with Apeng. That's all.

Tapi tempat ni santek sgt! Cozy habis. Ada la rasa kat negara obersea sikit :-) btol kata Kak Baizura aka Ladyverde. I really like the place. Mmg akan dtg lagi, walau untuk beli tea latte kat coffee bean :-)
The parking. Ramai orang sbb school holidays. Oh well Johor is a shopping haven for Singaporeans since prices are much cheaper in Malaysia, kan. Mmg Ramai Singaporeans, sampai ada yg berebut barang..*ehem*Ehem* malas nk citer panjang. Fitams, sbb nk berebut benda yg aku bukan nak beli ponn! euuuwww!
The parking is quite systematic and it is really easy to locate your car since they put all the labels there. Tapi kt sini parking kena bayar tau :-).

Do you feel hungry? Yeah let's eat! Makan, mmg BEST ..dari food court sampai la restaurants yang posh. So, pilih je yang mana ye.
They provide us with an easy floor plan to follow while shopping to your heart's content. There are two floors of shopping divided into five color-coded areas for ease of remembering where you are.There are a number of high-end brands available:-
Selvatore Ferragamo,
Armani Exchange
Watch Gallery
Calvin Klein
All the stores are already open for business.
OK check here
Opening soon
Polo Ralph Lauren
Braun Buffel
Tommy Hilfiger

I have to say, all the items still hmm..mahal lg. Kt COACH ni ramai sgt manusia! and most of them mmg kuar je mesti ada at least one bag. TP KATA DISCOUNT SIKIT! TP ORG STILL MEMBELI kan? CAYALAH! If you ask me personally,the discount was generally around 30%, with some things 50% and rarely over that, which is similar to regular discounted items in the store/mall, yang best tu ada jugak items yang lagi murah masa discount kat butik. I noticed ada la few items, salah satu kasut Nike.

Bila sampai Gap, kami terus tgk baju kids. Hmm, size are limited, according to the staff, minggu lepas orang2 yang datang shopping dah "sapu licin semua baju2"*smile* So mmg takda pon yang menarik untuk Kazim. Baju gap semua RM20, RM30. Seluar RM50-RM60. We left the shop bila barang yang kami cari takda. Baju untuk kami mmg tak survey langsung.
Tapi baju anak2 kecil (3-6 months) bnyk lagi! Baju girls pon boleh tahan bnyk. I can imagine la hari pertama diorang bukak, mesti best.
Saki baki org berduyun-duyun. Baju2 winter ada la jugak.. Hmm tapi nk buat ape ye? heheheh :p

Escalator. Senang. Lift pon ada utk yang bwk stroller/ golongan kurang upaya. Facilities semua OK. Tapi kadang-kadang sorry to say, tak berkenan mata bila tgk ada yang mandi manda kat kolam air pancut tu. Hmm,pls la rakyat Malaysia, ini Outlets, Bukan TAMAN TEMA AIR yerr. Alert la sikit. Parents tolong la jaga anak-anak, jgn la bagi redah je mandi manda kat situ.
Mula-mula tgk ramai sgt org Q nak masuk. so kami malas nak gi masuk pon cos we dont want to buy anything pon. Tapi tipulakan kalau tak beli aper-aper. OH NO! FADD TAK BELI APER2? MMG Tak logik OK.:p I bought myself "something" kat Kedai ni.

oops silap kedai. Kedai ni la tempat orang berebut barang ngn I.. euuww mcm la dia je yang shopping kan. Tapi masa I tgk all the kasut-kasut, honestly I dont really like the design so I dont bother to look at the price.. Maybe dah habis kot yang cantik-cantik.

Ok ni baru la kedai yang betul :-)
Kedai aper..? hmm ntah:p.. Ada discount 35% frm harga asal.So..aper lagi? Cepat !!

Overall, if you ask me about all the items, erm, honestly ,tak murah mana pon, kadang-kadang YES/Mega Sales tu lagi best sbb bnyk choice. Ni ada yang stock mmg lama sgt. dan design yang mmg OUT. My advise, kalau nak datang maybe after school break, sbb now pon barang tak bnyk sangat. Dah habis kena sapu kann :-)

Another thing, if u r searching for a shoe, especially sports shoe, make sure u check the production date. Lg important kalau running shoe sbb kasut ni pun ada shelf life. Normally 2-3 years from production date. Kat Malaysia ni selalunya, kasut yg dah nak habis shelf life baru la ada diskaun, tu pun kadang2 cuma 30% je. Fikir2 balik rasanya mcm x berbaloi je beli kasut yg ada diskaun sbb boleh pakai few mth then dah kena beli kasut baru.

Our dinner malam tu kat restoran Yeo Sekeluarga, jauh mencari seafood sampai ke Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas(PTP). Urmm, our review Boleylaaa . I guess Kalau nak makan seafood KL pon bnyk tempat best kan.

P/S Anyway, we stayed at La Grandeur Palm Resort ,check their rate cos they have a special promotion for "JPO shop and stay" I heard the hotel that we r staying quite famous for 'cerita kena kacau hantu'. Nak tau? sila la google ye. hehehe (buat mcm mengilai tau)
OKlah, that's all for now!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

My son is a Superhero !

My superheroes!
Dear readers,
Hi again!The birthday party was AWESOME! The party mak aii..BEST GILLER!I was so amused by it! Special thanks to Liza and family for having us. Kazim enjoyed the whole party so much. When Liza mentioned about the theme:SUPERHERO and children were invited to attend in the guise of their favorite CHARACTERS.I was super excited!..It was so cute that all of the kids were in their respective costumes and me with baju kurung, almaklumla hari raya kan.BTW, If your kids are anything like mine and love to play dress up year round, check out Costume N Parties, we rented our Superman outfit from their shop!

Anyways, what Kazim likes most?


taklih duk diam!

Anita, yours truly, Liza,Foxyfarah

I doakan you dapat aura baby cepat2 k:-)

All of the kids (and parents had a blast) If you are looking for a fun themed party you can’t go wrong with a Super Hero Party! And Liza, you've done a great job! Bravo!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Raya lagi dan lagi dan lagi........dan ..dan...

As promised, here are the photos at Dada's place and Kak Niza's house... Nothing much nak ckp sbb food mmg sedap-sedap belaka!and tahu2 jela raya kan..aper sgtla topic..kalau tak..makan..makan dan makan!
Aima,Dada,yours truly
Best buddies For Lifetime!

My fav boy..

Final house of the day-Kak Niza. Penat tp seronok!Kak Niza is my bff's sister actually.Kami dah mcm family pon:-)any their family occasions..usually Ill be there too.Hehehh..kaki menempel je.

my bakal menantu..nayli...oopssss D, kidding ! Jgn marah aaaa~

My god daughter: Qaseh Ixora
Owhh..SELAMAT HARI RAYA!( oops I couldnt remember either D or Diella yang nak pose mcm ni:) I like it so much!
Happy family!Requested by D's maid..heheh nak hantar ke Seberang ke tu..?...*wink*

all in all, I really had so much fun!! From open house to birthday party..mmg sgt penat! Ohh, next post Ill blog about Umar's Birthday Party..


HELLOOOOO!Kembali bersiaran!

Hi everybody!
I took a longggggggggggggggggggggggg break from blogging and I had enough already! Now..Im back again..yayyyyy for me! Ok let s start with my raya photos k.OOpsss we were so bz and also forgot to snap any photos on 1st Syawal.Boleh tak?DEmmit, blame myself!Anyways, here are the photos..masa beraya di mana2 sahaja and Ayra's 1st Birthday Party at Anis' place..
Ayra's 1st Birthday:

I kinda like this photos, Kazim is looking at the camera! Yippieee~
Raya and Yaya's birthday Celebration at Yaya's house.
Next, we both went to Yaya's house..hmm too bad, satu gambar ngn Yaya pon takda!
I hope u like your birthday gift! Takda gambar mak-mak pon..gambar anak ngn anak pon jadila kannn...
adorable kannnn!
Next...Raya at Suzie's place.

..met Byzura there...and I cant believe I dont have any photos with Suzie! Uwaaaaaaaaaaa except..our buka puasa photo! And Bai..rambut u still panjang la masa ni! Lovely!Owhhh, tp apeng ada amik gambar ngn tuan rumah aka Suzie's husband, akbar. Nice!

Oklah that's all thanks for having us! Kenyang perut kami..semua sedap2...nanti I put other photos kat post yang lain, kang panjang berjela pening nak tgk! Daaaaa

Have a nice day!