Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kazim is 9 months!!

my son is officially 9 months today! Now, he is so active and pretty much ..err susah nak amik gambar cos he just would not sit still!
  • Kazim loves outdoor exploration(who doesnt?)- playing ball, grass, stones
  • He is finally eating a lot! --breakfast, lunch, tea and ader selit2 snack jugak
  • Kazim has 2 teeth on bottom and 2 new ones on top!
  • Changes in sleeping patterns.Kadang2 one nap a day, KADANG@ TAK TDO LANGSUNG, kadang2 2 times.

Okey, time's up!*yawn*

Now, gotta hit my pillow so that I can wake up for Sahur!!

Till next time!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Im back
Goshh lama nya tak ber-blog.Internet problem! Dahla lappy kena reset habis semua gambar2..hmm nanti I update ok!
  • Our trip to Taipei Zoo( Can u believe it?..ohh Im so in love!)
  • Birthdays...ooohh bnyk sgt2..almost every week!
  • Our anniversary dinner at Tattoo ( will blog more on this..!)
  • Kazim's First trip to the beach..WHERE?..!!
  • Diella& I visited Hana and her newborn
  • Progress on Kazim..Breastfeeding--my preparation nak berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan sambil nak menyusu....his new obsession and..and all about Kazim...huh!..and MANY MORE!

Yeah Im glad internet dah ada!Yahuu!