Thursday, October 29, 2009


We are now the proud parents of a baby boy. Our baby, like what other babies do best, which is breastfeeding and sleeping but not to forget a fair bit of crying is growing up well. For its mummy, she is recovering at home. Thanx to all of ur wishes, prayers and 'doa'. Just a short entry to introduce the latest additon into K's Castle.

D.O.B : 28/10/09
TIME : 12:55pm
WEIGHT : 3.20kg
PLACE : Tropicana Medical Centre

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Hidden Treasure


Once again I oblige my company order
They say my service is needed here
I board again the old rickety bus
Heading towards where I was
Its where I belong, right here, among all of us.

In the meantime I met a few girls
Knowing some of them by chance
I did not realize how fast time flies
Just like "a bullet leaving a guns"
One day, somehow I feel so shy
Shy to a cheerful girl that really loves to dance.

What I could say about her
The only girl that looks good on fur
So concern to me even though I don't have a fever
"Aim for the best" is her best lecture
To materialize it make things harder
She will work hard to ensure the outcome even better
That's why I regard her as my all time favourite motivator.

Her pointed nose makes people envy
Her pair of eyes are so lovely
Her long straight hair hanging freely
Her smile makes me happy
To top it all she walks gracefully.

She do things that a bit crazy
When she flirts, people become frenzy
She can be associated with loyalty
But miles away from the words lazy
I keep saying to myself that I am so lucky.

Her nickname is Fadd
She spoke well showing her maturity
Watch out her smile gonna catch you off guard
She is real not a fantasy.

Lately, she's behaving quite strangely
Testing my patience to the maximum
But, only her is my princess beauty
And that is what I have told my mum.

I am going to marry her
One day its gonna be proven
Because, for me she is an angel sent down from heaven...

Aman @ Apeng

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38 Minggu dan Makan2

Kami telah pergi ke rumah Camey untuk makan-makan sempena rumah terbuka hari raya.Bes jugak sbb semua Camey masak sendiri. Larat sungguh dia masak, bnyk pulak tu!Camey ni org Sarawak, hmmm tiba2 teringat Hi Fieza, if you are reading this, I miss you so badly!)
Oh, Neeza, kita patut amik gambar kan?Tp lupa lahh..You la bz makannnnnnn jer :p gambar gedikku bersama suami terchenta.Harus la posing maut kan :p
Dan ini pula dgn kawan-kawan yang lain.Mereka sungguhla sporting dan cantik-cantik belaka!

Itu saja! Daaaaaa

Monday, October 26, 2009


Dear readers,
I met this pretty girl at my class( God knows how I love seeing beautiful girls:p). We were talking about my pregnancy and all of sudden while looking at my belly button, she said:
"I'd been considering a belly button piercing for quite a while but.."
"Im planning to get married and have a baby this year!So, kalau dah pregnant cannot have mehh..Sakit lorr nnti perut kembang.Last2 tak pakai juga"
"Well, you can always do after your labor day darl!I heard you cannot bend over real well for a few days."
"Yes yes, it's true!My friend had a little tenderness for about a week!!Imagine that?But we're best friend maaa..nak buat sama2!See, I ada tattoo with my bestfriend, the same one.!"
"Whoa,Ouch,it's hurt man!What for?Does this tattoo mean anything to you?"

Silent.I was pulsed.
Tiba-tiba tangan kananku terus terpegang telingaku.?Yeah, I have 2 ears pierced.The first one when I was small. Everytime I put my hand to my ears, I think of...HER.I was in high school and I had ears pierced for the second time together with my best friend. She's a darling to me.
( ohh it doesnt mean that Im lesbo peeps..)

Our friendship began when we were at high school.We had the same passions, we argued vehemently and just as vehemently stuck together.What a flood of memories that my "ears pierced"brought!I have thought of her more and more over the years although our contact had grown less apart.
As for me this ears pierced brings personal images and hold meaning to me.
I miss her dearly.

Time flies, I met Diella when I was in Uni year.We had fun together,the best part, all her ex-es became my "abg angkat".Whether it's a birthdays, break-ups and make-ups, we are always there for each other to applaud,offer advice and lend support. How I missed those days.As for me, this "abg angkat" brings personal meaning to me :p

I came upon the photograph during our trip to( alamak lupa nama waterfall tu hape!Tp kat Pahang kan?). Bestnya time tu!Syauqi nampak kurus jugak la kan :p
I met this wonderful girl through my husband( sbb dia bini Syauqi) She's my " traveling partner"(sbb kami pergi berjalan bersama, meredah hutan ke air terjun okeyyy..) Needless to say,Im so happy that I knew her.She's a friend that hug me when I need one and when I need to be left alone, she gave me space.She instinctively knew what to do!

Then, I met Jenan members and their wife( they are such adorable and amazing people!) We click instantly.
I always knew I had a great friends in my inner circle but what surprised me was, how people I barely knew(YES dear bloggers!!!) "click" to me.Plus, I feel like knowing you guys for ages!

Then came along Leen and many more person that so important in my life.Nonetheless they are everything that I hoped for.Leen is always around and watching over me( even sampai termimpi diriku dah nak beranak. .kan kan).We might not see each other everyday, but you hold a special place in my heart, Leen.Nak cerita kebaikan Leen, sampai esok pon tak habis! Yg penting, she's sooooooooo wonderful inside and out!You suka budak-budak kan, boleh la you jaga anak I kan kan?:p

Now, I see how lucky I am, blessed with the greatest friends!

note:Million thanks to isteri-isteri/gf kawan-kawan kerja/batchmates suamiku, thanks for support and comfort although we only knew each other in a short period.
And to you Fiza..I wish I can blog about you, thank you for helping me through the good and bad times, you know la kan, we share so many things together kan ?

Pregnancy Diaries
As you can see, I have few days to go.I will have my 39 weeks++ appointment tomorrow morning and nak kata..MENCI GILLER KALAU DOCTOR SELUK HAKU PUNYA V!
Okeh Zip.Enough!Oh ya, my dear readers, sorry for all wrongdoings( mana tersalah kata, tersilap bahasa ke hape..sorry..sorry sgt2) Im not perfect.

Will update after balik check up esok ye :-)

P.s:Aristotle's definition of friendship is the image of one soul dwelling in two bodies.


Cuci The Musical

Dear readers,
Im officially 39 weeks today!Yups, still here. Tinggal seminggu je lagi.Jgn risau,kalau diriku dah gi hospital, harusla dah huppdate kt sini, okeh!*smile*

I really like Malaysian theater,dramas and movies( Especially directed by Afdlin Shauki).For the record, we know that Malaysian movies are making it hard to the market as budget are always pressuring and the support from cinemas and movie-goers or theater-goers are not bright.Anyway,we had fun on Saturday night( 24th October 2009)! Went to watch "Cuci The Musical" at Istana Budaya.
The show started around 845pm.What can I say?FUNNY!!!I started to laugh uncontrollably throughout the show :p Luckily no one taps me on the shoulder and yells :p( everyone was laughing too!),

It was entertaining show( least to me!), although the music was a bit too loud( or maybe this pregnant lady is too sensitive :p)
Thumbs up to Adibah Noor and Awie for their great singing voice!

Last but not least, kudos to Hans Isaac and his team for a wonderful show!

p.s: Kalau Beyonce tak cancel, harus dah gi jugak smalam!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Makan Dan Pasal Mengandung

Hi everyone!
Here are the photos at Verde's Raya Open House.Semua-semua cantik belaka.Tuan rumah pun cantik the boom, rumah pun cantik juger..deco jugak sgt ceria( Okeh, let me confess here, baby blue and pink are my fav. colour !)

Were there by 4pm( sungguh lambat sekali sbb Leen ada hal dgn family). Sanggup ye I tunggu you berjam tau Leen!Habis basah ketiak I :p
I love this colour combination.Baby blue+Pinky winky. Ceria jer.

Roses..ouch my favourite too!

Mr.Doc also a talented cendol maker :-) Bravo!

What's so funny Leen?I guess Leen gonna loves this photo..kan kan?Sweet nyerrr muka you.Mcm candy!
All in all, I had fun meeting Verde again.Thanks for inviting us!Oh I have pantun for you,
"Budak-budak main perigi,
Tahun depan jgn lupe ajak lagi!"

Pregnancy Diaries

I had my 38 weeks check-up this morning at Tropicana Medical Centre, Kota Damansara.The nurse then proceeded to weight me, took my blood pressure and ran a urine test.Everything was fine, alhamdulillah.Baby's head is now 2/5ths engaged which I should be in labor anytime.The GP proceeded with the cervical checkup and found out that my V already 1-2cm dilated( but Im not 100% effaced yet).The baby movement, breathing, blood flow and fluid all looked good.

I am so grateful for everyone's support and encouragement while staying off my feet.I could not have done it without you guys and family.From visits, messages,phone calls and...what was such a tremendous help and this is the reason I have made it this far.Thank you,thank you!

My husband cant wait for our baby's arrival but there's nothing much we can do other that keep waiting..


Masanya sudah hampirrrrr..Saya takut.

Dear Readers,
My pregnancy was fantastic.I didn't felt sick.I was putting on the right weight.I was blooming.Each scans showed that our little boy was doing amazing.Alhamdulillah.The countdown has begun.My husband is glows with excitement and anticipation.The only problem is, IM SCARED...I mean it..Im terrified!I have to be honest here.Malas nk control hebat ke hape..dah tentu2 first time pastu tak pernah tahu ape rasa lantak la..dgn jujur sekali nak kata.Saya sgt takutttttttttttttttt.YES Im a scaredy cat. I don't know what to expect or what's going to happen or how bad the pain will be.Excited,happy..?I have to say...not at all :-(( maybe because Im scared to death)

Last week, Ive talked to MIL aka Emak.My MIL has given birth to 14 wonderful and successful sons and daughters.My MIL is among these strong few.All my husband' siblings are successful and highly educated, alhamdulillah,Gosh..I always admire how she is able to cope with everything that has happened, having 14 children and raising her children successfully.

Last time,I always tell myself that quality is better than quantity BUT, my MIL has both-quality and quantity.Ermm..respect lah! Tapi..kami tak berdaya nak ikut mak :p
She did gave me a few tips to get over my fears and anxiety.Of course, dua' and we have to pray to Allah( that's a must!no exception).Yg lain, bak kata my beloved K.In& K.Ija, cubalah selusuh asli :p.
I have heard that our hospital bag should be packed earlier, since the arrival can be highly expected. Also, I am 38 weeks now :-), my condition cannot be predicted.Anytime from now on, right?So YES, I already packed my stuffs. Also, it is important for me to get some rest and prepare for our bundle of joy's arrival.Let see what's inside my labor bag:-
    • Cloth to wear home/Maxi dress
    • Baju butang depan
    • Nightgown/pyjamas( jugak butang depan, senang nak breastfeed)
    • Sanitary pads
    • Breast pads
    • Toiletries
    • Socks
    • Shawl/Cardigan
    • Sandal
    • Nursing Bras & Panties
    • Kain sarung( sediakan jela...)
    • My bantal busuk!
  • Baby Essentials
    • Cloth to wear home(hat, mittens, socks...etc..)
    • Blanket
    • Diapers
    • Toiletries( we can share this actually,Im using the same brand)
    • Barut perut
    • dan sebagainya...
My Mi made "barut perut" herself

We already stocking up on baby clothes and other essentials/accessories for our new arrival earlier( Ohh..I mean..Apeng did most of the shopping, not me!)Lucky me, he loves doing that!The only thing that I chose..hmm Minyak Telon ONLY.The rest, apeng chose :-)

I love the smell

As for the nursery, it is in progress.This is our baby's cot by the way.Tadaaaaaaaaaaa~I know!I know,some babies have their sleep issues- they wont sleep in the cot.They prefer to sleep with us but I hope our baby will be able to sleep in his cot.Well, at least Im trying, kan?Im sorry sayang, you have no choice.

Despite having all those roller-coster emotions, our bundle of joy already has his name* big grin*( I guess ramai pon yg dah tahu..kann)After a brief discussion with Apeng,Insya-Allah I will deliver my baby at Tropicana Medical Centre, Kota Damansara.I have an appointment with my gynae at 915am,Wednesday.I hope everything will be fine.
Ermm..few hours to go.. better off to bed now.Will blog about it later.

p.s: Please pray for me!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kejutan Untuk Hanis

Dear readers,
"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..happy birthday to Hanis....!"

Birthday Hanis patutnya 26th September tapi masa tu semua busy sbb raya,balik kampung dan ke sana sini, jadi mmg takda timelah nak celebrate her birthday.Kesian Hanis kena tipu that day kan :p..Takper birthday gal, harusla sentiasa kena KEJUTAN..kan kan :p
Mula2 igt dah cancel, sbb plan nya kata Hanis kena jumpa orang, tp skali jadi pulak.Dan pada masa iteww, I was in Bangi!!!Giler lah dah la ptg nak patah balik ke Pavillion. Tapikan Hanis..disebabkan spirit " we treasure our friendship" la kan*big grin*..I datang jugak tauu.Meredah jammed dan hasilnya, sampai lambat loh!

Tapi sempatlah bergambar sakan kat situ kan.Borak2 pastu makan2.

Sebab dah ptg, harusla perut lapar kan.Bila makan mmg tak sedar aper dah.
I suka gambar Iza yg ni..tatau apsal.Shantekkk kan.

Ok, after dah makan dan acara wajib meniup lilin, I& Leen plan utk share hadiah untuk Hanis.Jadi, untuk memuaskan hati, kami suh je Hanis pilih ape dia nak.Patut, yours truly dtg awal dan cari hadiah tetapi disebabkan masalah yg tidak dapat dielakkan, maka tak dapatla haku cari hadiah untukmu, Hanis.Bagi menyenangkan, Hanis pilih jelah sendiri..habis cerita.

Yes.Birthday gift hunting!I really enjoyed this moment.

Hanis pun memulakan langkahnya mencari hadiah.Best pulak rasa, mcm ada paparazzi yang ikut :p

Yang paling bestnya, cepat je dia pilih hadiah dia.Cantik pulak tu.Last2 Hanis pilih Kenneth Cole edition rasanya.So, we've done here!

Tekun sekali memilih hadiah...kann :p

Disebabkan lupa nak ke ATM, maka my beloved photographer bayarkan dulu.
"Nnti I bayar you yerr baby :p"

Leen and her sweet face. Leen, see..I put a nice photo mehhh :p

Itulah kejutan kami pada hari tersebut.Hanis, I hope you had fun that day!I wish you and family happiness :-) Lain kali kita jumpa lama-lama.That day kejap je kan.I pon mcm tak larat sgt nak berdiri lama2 actually..hihihi..maybe sbb salah pakai kasut kot.Tapi takpe, next time dear. Satu Pavillion tu kita tawaf lagi dan lagi..Tungguuuuuu~

Much Love,

Bayi Mandi

Dear Readers,
Forgive me for the delay. What a week this week, a fair few ups and downs really this week. My dear friend, Leen( she's the mastermind..I guess) threw a SURPRISE BABY SHOWER at my place last week.Leen and other girls (as I mentioned earlier) surprised me with fantasy baby shower decorations and gifts.It was sweet and thoughtful of them.
"This is exactly what I want...:-)"
I have to say, it was wonderfully and perfectly planned because I did not even get a hunch that it was going to happen.

Ive told my husband a few weeks before Raya that I wanted to organize my own baby shower...but later I forgot :p, a non-surprise is a safer bet- gives me a chance to review my guest list, themes, colours,decors..and etc. As for more, we love organizing makan-makan, hmm get together and chit-chat..ouch, I just love!
So here goes the story..

"Esok kita kuar tau"
"U takgi physio ke? U hantar I gi gym boleh? I duk rumah camm penat la, better gi gym"
"Ehh tak payah la gi gym..duk rumah jer..Pastu kan nak kuar"
"Ala.. kejap je..before 12pm camtu I balik lah."

YES, that what happened that day.We supposed to go out due to Raya Open house at my aunt's place andMommy's house.After he picked me up, he told me to stop by at our place to get his camera.I was like..
" oohh mannnn..aper la mamat ni!..nak balik rumah pulak!"
He asked me to follow him upstairs.I was too lazy to do so.
"naik lah jap..sbb I tatau mana camera tu.."

He gave me the key.At first, I heard baby's voice
"Zahra ada kt dlm rumah ke?Apsal ada suara baby?"
So I came through the door and the scene that greeted me was a fully decorated living room complete with balloons, banners and everything! And I was so startled because, well for starters, they shouted “Surprise!” and for another I couldn’t believe they had gone out of their way to throw me a baby shower! I was so touched!
I was so shocked ( sampai rasa...fenin lalat campur sgt2 sedih, nasib tak pingsan yeeee)
and darlings, I tak nak nangis adalah.

You guys did an awesome job dressing up my place.

Beautiful Dieah and me.Your gift, sgtlah buatkan I teruja.Seryes, I takda lagi benda tu!Sgt suka..the colour pon I suka jugak.
Ni la first time jumpa Ladyverde.Cantikkkkk sgt dia..We had fun, snap photos here and there, pastu main game.Tp paling bnyk menang Syauqi&Hanim.Ayyo, mmg terer!

Thanks for the lovely and encouraging message.I was floored with the gift card by them along with an awesome romper,baby blankets, baby washcloth,baby bottle holder ..
Oh yea..Im continually amazed!
Leen broughtalong her favourite nieces-Iman and Amal.
I paling suka hadiah you Verde...ohh I mean..THAT LV :p

She's always my..hmm how to say eh, kawan serbaguna.She's always there whenever I need her.Waktu susah, waktu senang, waktu gembira, waktu sedih.

Food juga sedap.Ada yg Leen masak, ada yg Ladyverde masak.Urmm...mmg best la semua2 tu!
and Shila, walau you tak dtg, sempat lagi ye bersusah payah buatkan gift ni. Mcm manalah I tak terharu kan.She even prepared party favours for everyone!
Last but not least, thank you so much darlings!! I just want to add a word of thanks.As am writing this, I had tears in my eyes. When I think back to all these memories ..Im glad I still have a bunch of people that love and care about me.
I am still in awe..until today:-). Alhamdulillah, I am truly blessed to have you guys as my friend.
Again, many thanks to Leen,Hanim, Ladyverde,Dieah,Shila, Redza,Syauqi..Yaya and all those who had a hand in preparing orkeeping it a secret! By the way, I know not everyone was able to make it as the day apparently Saturday.It was such a fun day and I really enjoyed myself. Thank you( again and again!!!) to everyone who came and participated in this surprise baby shower! And thanks so much to Leen who took all the time to organise such a wonderful baby shower! :')
And of course huge thanks to my husband for keeping this as a secret!Boooooo~:p.
Now,I am 37 weeks, hmm wish me luck guys!

Much love,