Monday, September 29, 2008

Iftar At Nelayan Titiwangsa

Guess it's a good time to have big buffet fast breaking. Finding the place to do buffet is easy.Thanks to Jenoba ( Jenan's Old Boys) .Managed to gather urmm..around 20( guess so) of us for the buffet that day.RM 35 perperson.Not bad huh.

Anyway, this is my first time here. The place quite nice,romantic and spacious, and there are hundred of people, where the food that they offer isn't that variety. I guess maybe it's the venue, where this place is surrounded by the Titiwangsa Lake.
With this much people at the buffet, fight for the food is quite fierce. With long queue, it is rather dissapointed when it's your turn to take the food, most of the things are finished. And it takes a while before they are refilled again.We had steamboat+ nasi goreng+ayam goreng+satay+kuih muih.And yess..they served us mineral water( 50ml..guess so) Other drinks sell at RM3.. ended up, we spent RM35+RM9 pp ( hellooo..Im so thirsty!)

Okeh, Selamat Hari Raya.Maaf Zahir Batin!
Drive Safely peeps!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Raya Mood!

Yeaaa~ Im sooo in raya mood now! I have a few checklist:-

  • Tempah daging bahagian( KETING-ni org besut panggil)
  • Beli daun palas ( I makan ketupat palas more than ketupat nasi
  • Buat kek kukus ( I wish I have oven! )

  • Beli santan ( for nasi dagang+ ketupat)

Menu raya will be :-

  • Nasi dagang ,kari ikan tonggol+ gulai ayam
  • Ketupat palas
  • Rendang & serunding
  • Daging goreng ( I loooveee this nak mkn ngn ketupat)
  • Air sirap /Bandung

Itu saja yang dapat difikirkan :) maybe will add later.Anyway, to all my muslim friends, Eid Mubarak! Sorry body & Soul guys.Kalau tersilap kata ke, tersalah ape2 ke, Im really sorry :)

Yesterday, dah pergi carre4 beli groceries for raya+harian( I need to settle all the beli -belah before husband coming back and Im trying my best taknak susahkan dia. Kesian dia, dah la penat bekerja, takkan nak ajak gi beli brg dapur kan?BUT ada jugak la TERajak time dia ada-means I cant really do myself la tu )
* so baby If you are reading this, whenever I ajak u beli groceries tu, means I really really need your hands!!..
So went there,ramaiiiiinya org~ pastu bnyk giller beli brg.But since Im not pregnant anymore, tak kesah la kan angkat benda berat2 tu. Trolley sampai ..move backward okayy..mana taknya dengan air 5 x 5 L ..then bnyk la brg2 basah.( kann nak raya).Then ada org-org di situ kata

"Hish..kesian dia..dahla kurus kering..tolak trolley pun susah"

Well..hellooooo..ohh thanks for kurus kering yerr..but can u just help me instead of saying that words to me?haihh! But heyy i dont mind jadi kurus kering, my husband loves my body :p+ I got..( oohh ok ok..forget about this..Im talking crap tak pasal-pasal)..breath fad,breath.nak raya mana bole marah!:)

Went there dalam kul 12.00pm mcm tu, 2.30pm baru habis!Imagine ramainya org, crowded.Nak bayar pun susah.Then I went back, kena rushing pulak nak ke The Curve.I thought nak gi Subang Parade balik cari gift, but since Leen kata dah jammed, terus la ikut NKVE nak gi The Curve. 26th September was hanis birthday. Ohh It was a surprise birthday celebration.

We had our buka puasa aka birthday celebration at Bubbagump Shrimp.I would say..the foods ....tak sssedaappp!!!~ahahaa..Im sorry Hanis! Salad je yang sedap.Leen tried NY steak tp mcm tak best je..Mine ..mcm muak je.

Oohh baby, I wish you were with me last night!

Pastu yg paling best, hanis kena naik kerusi kot.Semua nyanyi " happy birthday" .I can see her face, cam ..malu+segan kot.( kan hanis..?) But it was fun guys!

After that dah kena rushed balik Shah Alam, nak amik duit raya pulak from Aima. Fuhh..dari pagi sampai malam berjalan!!!

Ohh, I miss my husband so much, cant wait to see him tomorrow!Yeahh~

*photos,kena mintak ngn Leen:p..takpun hanis,takpun Iza

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Is there a reason I am craving sunbites like crazy? Could it be that my body is lacking in some nutrient that is making me crave it?
*and plsssssss...Im not pregnant!!
The simple fact is that sunbites taste really..really good! Yup,I mean hell I crave sunbites all the time..Ohh plss..mana nak cari benda ni kt sini??
*our stock dah habissssss..

My Pangkor Adventure

Kejadian ni berlaku sebelum puasa yerr :p.Oh,Puan Hanim,I pergi survey tempat utk anak2 yer :-)

This resort used to be known as the Pan Pacific Pangkor- now Pangkor Island Beach Resort. It has its own jetty where passengers can be dropped off from the ferry.

There are two hotel wings and some villas(pic above)..and bungalows for those who want some extra privacy. Considered about the best that Pangkor has to offer, this resort is a favourite with corporate groups.

Here at the jetty.Return ticket at RM19 pp
At the evening,kami ke Pekan Pangkor utk mkn seafood.

Next morning, went for breakfast.Food bnyk choices...If you ask me, I love breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet kat M'sia ni, sbb most of the foods mmg kita bole makan( halal ), and if kita bayar pun, takla rasa cuak sgt..
So ppl, kalau bercuti di Msia..makanla sepuasnya :)
It has a few nice pools, and beach is suitable for swimming although the water is not as clear as in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. So dont compare to Redang/Perhentian yerr..
Ni depan our hotel.
Okeh, lastly kami nak ke jetty dah.Mmg tak sempat nak buat aperpun,satu malam je. Ni la namanya jalan2 cari pasal kan..?! Pergi-balik mmg ada pick up,dont worry!
Urm,overall -The rooms are clean and well stocked. Though the building is old but is adequately maintained .And..I love this place ..sbb private beach!!!:-)
To my suami:
thanks for driving us there, thanks for dinner,thanks for your love
....and EVERYTHING....I love you!
To my Ummi:
Terima Kasih di atas tajaan anda.Semoga menaja lagi..:p
Go..Go..Cuti-cuti Malaysia ,ppl!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Online Shopping!

Let me confess here
I am a shopaholic. Ooo..tidakkk~BUT of course everyone loves to shop, kannn??!!
Today dah purchased 2 maxi dress okayy.My friend, Rinie started it first, pastu berjangkit pulak dgn yours truly.BTW, thanks Rinie,you made my day :)hahhaha.Well, let's hope the green one will be delivered soon.

Im so excited.yabeda beduuuuu~

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Buka Puasa

...It's yet again that time of the year when lavish selection of Malaysian Cuisines take center stage,set in the backdrop of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan. It's ocassion for me to spend evening bonding with family and friends over a sumptuous Ramadhan meal.So..why not make the best with some great local bites ?. Last year, we had a Ramadhan date at Tamarind Hill,Ampang.

So ppl,need your help!!!
I google and found this :

... Ramadhan Buffet at Maya Brasserie, Hotel Maya Kuala LumpurPrice : RM75++For reservation, please call 03-27118866 ext 258
Website :

... Buka Puasa at the heart of KL, Kuala Lumpur Convention CentrePrice : RM85++ Adult, RM42++ ChildFor reservation, please call 03-23332866Website: a party of 10, 1 goes for free)(20% discount for CIMB, SBB & Direct Access card members, T & C apply)

.... Ramadhan Buffet at Nipah Coffeeshop, Hotel Equatorial, KL
Price : RM92++ Adult, RM46++ Child
For reservation, please call 03-21617777 ext 8220
Website :

... Gema Ramadhan 'Selera Kampung' Buffet Dinner at Brisdale Hotel, KL
Price : RM38++ Adult, RM28++ Child
For reservation, please call 03-26948833
Website :

...Heard about PJ.Hilton Hotel too.

...Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur2 Jalan Stesen SentralKuala Lumpur Sentral, Kuala LumpurReservation:603–2263 7434,Price:Al NafourahRM98.00++ per adult, RM49.00++ per child below 12Price:Latest RecipeRM98.00++ per adult, RM49.00++ per child below 12Price:Sultan’s BallroomRM88.00++ per adult, RM44.00++ per child below 12

...Sheraton Subang Hotel and TowersJalan SS12/1,Subang JayaReservation:603 - 5031 6060.Price:Terazza BrasserieRM88.00++

.... Buffet Ramadhan at Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, CyberjayaPrice : RM80++ Adult, RM40++ ChildFor reservation, please call 03-83127091Website : http://

...Al Mubarak Ramadhan Buffet at Grand Blue Wave Hotel Shah AlamPrice : RM85++ Adult, RM50++ Children & Senior CitizenFor reservation, please call 03-55118811 ext 2612Website :

...Traditional Buka Puasa Buffet at Dondang Sayang Coffee House, Corus Hotel, KLPrice : RM76++ Adult, RM49++ ChildFor reservation, please call 03-21618888Website : discount on 1-4 Sept, 28-30 Sept)...

...Saloma Theatre Restaurant Price RM65 nett pp/RM75 net pp ( with cultural show), 03-21610122/ 012-2013136 ( Shawn)

...Place: Kampachi @ Hotel Equatorial Bangi-PutrajayaPrice: Take Set: RM52++Sakura Set: RM62++Matsu Set: RM72++Subject to 10% Service Charge and 5% Government TaxContact: 603 - 8210 2222 / 8925 1111Link:

...And the list goes on..Well everywhere ada buffet.
Anyone pernah dengar Kunang-Kunang?

Our ..buffet package from RM 47.00++/adult and RM 25.00++/child 6-12 years old, Kunang-Kunang Restaurant special buffet promotion starts from 7pm to 12.00 am daily. For reservation please contact:Office: 03-4105 2015Fax : 03-4107 7015Fariz : 012-229 5830Syed : 012-971

So ppl, any idea?


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Family Ritual

Did anyone notice the scenery and table setting? Give urself a pat at the back if u guess Phoenix Restaurant, Equatorial Bangi. Its our first time having dim sum over there after strong recommendation from Kak Fuz and Abg Ha. Maybe, they knew the place from one of the papers but a good place to eat is not that hard to find out. :) We've tried a few places before but we can assure u that this is the place if u have a craving for dim sum.
This is just a few example of delicious menu on offer. My other half is too busy browsing through the menu selecting our next dish. Its up to a point where i have to ask him to snap a few pic. hehehe.. His reason is simple, RM48++ is better worth spending.. :)
Sebelum balik, kita org sempat berposing sekejap. Can u see the big grin plastered on our faces? Full stomach, nice service and money well spent. :)
Happy Ramadhan...


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jenan's Junior :-)

the family

Koben,Aima,Apeng& I went to visit Mat Red& Bulat and their new arrival at Selayang Hospital.We had a great time getting to know the new baby.A week before that, I'd asked Mat Red, what to name his baby;
Mat Red : nak nama start ngn A..then ...R..
Me : hah??nape ehh??
Mat Red : Nanti bgtau la.
Suddenly,my husband interfered: Nak start ngn A pastu R..kann? Y not A.R. Badul???!!!~
Mat Red : !@#$%^&
Later, my husband suggested- Aishawarya Rai. Heyy..still A...then..R..right?
The baby officially has been given a name- Alesya Rania.Bulat told me A& R for their initial names- Aina & Redzuan.Sweet!
Alesya Rania is such a beautiful baby.She is only 2 days old. Bulat looks wonderful and is feeling great. We had terrific time.Of course, I quized Bulat about everything I could think of and I'm sure I'll come up with more Qs for her :p
This lullaby song is specially dedicated to baby Alesya Rania:
Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree top
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall
And down will come baby, cradle and all
To Mat Red & Bulat
"Bollywood Star has been born"
Much Love.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Khairul's Big Day!

As promised,here are the photos at Khairul& Raihan's Wedding.The reception was held at Dewan Tun Rahah,KL. Arrived there at 9pm.

The food were OK. I love the environment.So romantic.

Roses..I love!

Raihan had safely diijabkabulkan with Khairul in a simple but meriah at Raihan's residence in Johor.

And the VIP..:p

Congrats to both of you and like what people always say,
" Semoga Berbahagia ke Anak Cucu! "