Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Khairul's Big Day!

As promised,here are the photos at Khairul& Raihan's Wedding.The reception was held at Dewan Tun Rahah,KL. Arrived there at 9pm.

The food were OK. I love the environment.So romantic.

Roses..I love!

Raihan had safely diijabkabulkan with Khairul in a simple but meriah at Raihan's residence in Johor.

And the VIP..:p

Congrats to both of you and like what people always say,
" Semoga Berbahagia ke Anak Cucu! "


The Mrs-Bride said...

babe, i've been tagged? err.. blur jap.. which one?? aiyayaii.. do let me know okeh! :P

dialicious said...

wah fadd..blog u lagi byk album than ur FB.u x aktif fb yer?
cantik x dewan tun rahah?i've never been there but kalo sri angkasa nye food salunye biase aje kan..mcm KL tower.When was this ceremony yea?

Ninie said...

Hi Fadd,
if u are looking for Raya Gift Basket, come over to my blog yaa..tq :-)

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

hey babe...read ur reply at my blog...maybe we can share our experience...nak tanye u few things jugak...nways, my YM add baizurahnur@yahoo.com

jetsetter said...

mrs-bride - mana gambar u..nak tgk!

diah- a'ahh I jarang kt FB dear..takpe I will try letak gambar kt sana.Did u geddit the photos?

ninie- okay..I will,no worries :)

Verde- Thanks!yeah sure!