Sunday, September 7, 2008

Buka Puasa

...It's yet again that time of the year when lavish selection of Malaysian Cuisines take center stage,set in the backdrop of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan. It's ocassion for me to spend evening bonding with family and friends over a sumptuous Ramadhan meal.So..why not make the best with some great local bites ?. Last year, we had a Ramadhan date at Tamarind Hill,Ampang.

So ppl,need your help!!!
I google and found this :

... Ramadhan Buffet at Maya Brasserie, Hotel Maya Kuala LumpurPrice : RM75++For reservation, please call 03-27118866 ext 258
Website :

... Buka Puasa at the heart of KL, Kuala Lumpur Convention CentrePrice : RM85++ Adult, RM42++ ChildFor reservation, please call 03-23332866Website: a party of 10, 1 goes for free)(20% discount for CIMB, SBB & Direct Access card members, T & C apply)

.... Ramadhan Buffet at Nipah Coffeeshop, Hotel Equatorial, KL
Price : RM92++ Adult, RM46++ Child
For reservation, please call 03-21617777 ext 8220
Website :

... Gema Ramadhan 'Selera Kampung' Buffet Dinner at Brisdale Hotel, KL
Price : RM38++ Adult, RM28++ Child
For reservation, please call 03-26948833
Website :

...Heard about PJ.Hilton Hotel too.

...Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur2 Jalan Stesen SentralKuala Lumpur Sentral, Kuala LumpurReservation:603–2263 7434,Price:Al NafourahRM98.00++ per adult, RM49.00++ per child below 12Price:Latest RecipeRM98.00++ per adult, RM49.00++ per child below 12Price:Sultan’s BallroomRM88.00++ per adult, RM44.00++ per child below 12

...Sheraton Subang Hotel and TowersJalan SS12/1,Subang JayaReservation:603 - 5031 6060.Price:Terazza BrasserieRM88.00++

.... Buffet Ramadhan at Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, CyberjayaPrice : RM80++ Adult, RM40++ ChildFor reservation, please call 03-83127091Website : http://

...Al Mubarak Ramadhan Buffet at Grand Blue Wave Hotel Shah AlamPrice : RM85++ Adult, RM50++ Children & Senior CitizenFor reservation, please call 03-55118811 ext 2612Website :

...Traditional Buka Puasa Buffet at Dondang Sayang Coffee House, Corus Hotel, KLPrice : RM76++ Adult, RM49++ ChildFor reservation, please call 03-21618888Website : discount on 1-4 Sept, 28-30 Sept)...

...Saloma Theatre Restaurant Price RM65 nett pp/RM75 net pp ( with cultural show), 03-21610122/ 012-2013136 ( Shawn)

...Place: Kampachi @ Hotel Equatorial Bangi-PutrajayaPrice: Take Set: RM52++Sakura Set: RM62++Matsu Set: RM72++Subject to 10% Service Charge and 5% Government TaxContact: 603 - 8210 2222 / 8925 1111Link:

...And the list goes on..Well everywhere ada buffet.
Anyone pernah dengar Kunang-Kunang?

Our ..buffet package from RM 47.00++/adult and RM 25.00++/child 6-12 years old, Kunang-Kunang Restaurant special buffet promotion starts from 7pm to 12.00 am daily. For reservation please contact:Office: 03-4105 2015Fax : 03-4107 7015Fariz : 012-229 5830Syed : 012-971

So ppl, any idea?



Ninie said...

i suggest Kelab Darul Ehsan Ampang...ermm i try it last yr..i suka food kat ctu.. :-)

jetsetter said...

Thanks Ninie.Will try! Ok ehh that place.

pet said...

kunang2 tu dekat shell mrr2 bebetul b4 exit ke kuantan.nice place..environment yg relax.foodies die pon sedap.

Anonymous said...

darlin,i dh g hilton kl n le meridien kl sentral tu..
hilton was bad choice,meridien ok la..
today i will go to sheraton,nnt i update u

cdalan said...

beb, bes tak buka kat tamarind? byk choice tak? slmt pose!

jetsetter said...

pet..thanks!Bila u gi?ok tak?

jetsetter said... so-so la but masa tu buffet.mkn semua je..ehheh tp environment mmg cantik la..ala2 bali pun ada!

ano- arrr yer ker..update pls!nak tau mana yg best!

pet said...

i tak try lg buffet mase pg smalam, tgk buffet line die mcm bes gak. food die ok-ok.before dis i suke gak gi makan kat situ pasal nice food, place and its not that pricey.

The Mrs-Bride said...

i've been to tamarind springs once with hubby (dulu bf :P) tp same ke ngan tamarind hill? hehe. very romantic gitu the environment kan? ;)

i penah gi kunang2 tp i rasa food dia biasa je.. environment ok la.. tp food so-so kot..

n i heard kt palace of golden horses food dia not bad utk buffet.. but i've never been there la.. tak reti la nak comment on buffet meals ni.. susah nak cari yg memenuhi citarasa i kot! hahaha..

anyhow, any suggestions nnt u cite ekk.. ;)

Ninie said...

fadd..get ur award at my blog yer...:-)

Mrs. Amie said...

kunang2 tak best..

i AM a Bonda to Be said...

kunang2 not bad. sheraton...pun not bad. but hilton..i tak suke.

tamarind springs. i terrringin nak pegiii!!!!!!!

hehe..ngidam kah? aahah


jetsetter said...

Rinie- Oohh..Sheraton Subang kan?Mcm nk try jerr..PJ Hilton best kan..adoiii mahal lakk tu!heheheh tp sekali setahun kan??

Aimie- Ohh..thanks!..will cari other place.tq again!