Sunday, November 29, 2009

Surat Cinta..lagi???

Dear Kazim,
Happy one month old! The time passed so quickly, but yet it seems like we have been a family of three for a long time( of course, Kazim 9 months dlm tummy Mommy kan?Mana mommy pergi, Kazim ada kan).And now, at four weeks old, you are sleeping in your crib eventhough you still prefer to be held during your daytime naps. And while I know you need to learn to nap on your own, as I hold you close to me and watch you sleep I want to just keep you there in my arms and try to memorize every little thing about you.

And being the cuddler that you are, the BabyBj√∂rn is right up your alley. And I guess it’s all a good thing, since we have a lot of traveling planned for the next few months (or less).
Come on Kazim, I hope you still remember, kita ke sana sinun, igt tak?Mommy wanted to tell you that mommy& papa have been married for almost 4 years now, and Im glad you are one month now!Mommy gembira sgt2 sbb 3rd anniversary mommy dapat celebrate dgn Kazim( yes, you are still in my tummy)

We went to Perhentian Island..( yea mommy suka sbb Besut kampungku!(Of course kazim, most of the time, when you are bf, mommy talks in 'besut loghat"..dok gitu?:p) And we traveled by car for almost 7 hours?And you were doing fine!Thanks for bearing with me. We spent one night in Kuala Besut before boarding a boat to Perhentian Island the next day. Walau bilik tu biasa2 jer, tp bersih kan?

We endured our approximately 40 mins bumpy speedboat to arrive at Long Beach on Perhentian Kecil Island.We settled at one of the chalet with attached bath for RM100 and dump our bags before going to explore the rest of the area.Ohh, mmg kdg2 mommy menyesal sgt naik boat tu, mcm nak tercabut perutku ini.Tp nak buat mcm mana, benda dah jadi kan. Alhamdulillah semua selamat.And to you Kazim, thanks for staying with me!
Our room at Perhentian Kecil is very basic, nothing fancy.Boley lah, just to rest our sleepy heads here.Kan mommy dah ckp, kita semua nak jadi ala2 backpackers kan?Nnti bila Kazim dah besar we go again..okeh.

Friendly staff!
the beach..sgt lah shantekkk...Apart from sunbathing( which Mommy tak suka langsung sbb nnti pedih satu badan tp Kazim boleh ikut Papa sbb Papa ok lalala je kalau berjemur!) the most popular activities on the islands are snorkeling and diving.
heading along the beach for a cocktail before dinner time.

The sand is indeed white, the seas are blue, and it is a perfectly idyllic holiday destination to rest and relax.
Mommy & Papa suka bersuka ria sambil beramah mesra kat pantai ..

Next, we spent 2 nights at Coral Beach, Perhentian Besar.It is much smaller and compact than long beach.Kat situ ada kedai makan yg murah, Mama Chalet, almost everynight kita mkn situ kan. Everthing on the island has to shipped including the supplies of food which arrive from the mainland on a daily basis, so no wonderlah rega pon mahal sikit kan.Remember the time that Papa refused to stay at the first chalet that we already paid because of the momok?Thus, Papa willing to pay extra and upgrade the room.With no TV, mommy and papa mmg berchenta habis la..borak2, makan2, main game..
with 5 months++ pregnant belly

In the boat...snorkeling time! We were amazed at seeing lots of very colourful fish and corals around plus we also got to swim with sharks and green turtles.Mommy had to jump into the sea couple of times and I know you love it!No wonder Kazim suka bubble bath kan..Kazim suka sgt mandi time, sampai bila mommy angkat Kazim nangis2 kan.Oh ya lagi satu,org kata suara Kazim kuat..hmmm mungkin sbb Mommy bnyk sgt dengar lagu Faizal Tahir kot..huhuhu..
I know that I might not have been the best mom so far or yet , but I’m getting there and noticing such an improvement with myself. As you nap away right now, I hope that you are having sweet dreams and I’ll be right there when you wake up.

P/S Looking forward to celebrate our 4th anniversary with U, Kazim. Although mommy loves having romantic dinner with papa, U are most welcome to join. :)


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pantang ape?Pantang tengok!

Dear readers,
Dalam pantangku:-
  • Bertungku- Ni best jugak.Mula2 Mi yg buatkan pastu bila dah ada makcik yg urut terus makcik tu yg buatkan.The stone is wrapped in a towel and mengkudu leaf.
  • Air periuk- I must say..Im so lucky mumsy is around.Mi buatkan air periuk(campuran aper2 tah pastu direbus dlm kendi) dan rasanya sedap jugak.
  • Salai- Mi kata zaman dulu duk atas bara api..fuhhh tp zaman skang tilam2 panas kan ada :p, so thanks to K.Fuz pinjamkan tilam iteww.Berpeluh sekali badanku.Ada la rasa duk atas bara api jugak.
  • Mengurut- Ni part paling best! Kalau hari-hari pon boleh jugak..hahah.Tp mula2 urut 3 kali berturut-turut, lepas tu seminggu sekali.Fuhh mmg sedap la sihat cergas je.Nak nak kalau tukang urut tu jenis pandai cari urat..fuhh rasa nk tdo pon ada masa tu.
  • Mandi air serong/serum( ohh Im not sure real spelling)-ni campuran daun-daun; pandan,serai wangi,mengkudu...dan bnyk lg.MMg wangi semerbak.Rasa mcm pengantin baru pun ada :p
  • Bengkung- Ni mmg kena ada org yg tolong ikatkan, dahla bengkung tu convensional.Lilit- bagai, panjang pulak tu.TP kalau malas, pakai je yg bengkung moden :-).The conventional bengkung is OK in the morning. But come afternoon, I get hot and a bit rimas. Usually it stays on me until about 2pm. After that it's bengkung moden until the next day. Anyway, I need a little toning -up to do with my tummy.
  • Pantang makan& minum- Minggu pertama mkn sup ikan haruan, pastu ikan-ikan lain yg tak gatal. Ulam-ulam and a must! Tp nasib baik sedap..yummy.Lepas tu bersambalkan lada hitam yg ditumbuk.Mula-mula tak suka mkn ni cicah dgn ikan, tp lama-lama dah terbiasa and rasa OK pulak.Tp kdg2 ada gak terbabas minum air dlm peti ais( juices) bila dah kena tegur terus biarkan air tu kt room temperature.Makcik urut mmg akan "pot-pet"sbb tak ikut semua2 tu. I am also bombarded by some gory stories who did not follow the pantang.
Lunch- Nasi putih + ikan( non gatal type)+ lada hitam+ sayur/ulam2/kerabu+ air akar kayu+fruits
Tea- Milo/Susu+crackers+bun+Roti
Dinner- Sup+Nasi+ air akar kayu+lada hitam+sayur+fruits
*Air kosong mmg bnyk minum

Inilah menu ku setiap hari, kdg2 rotate je menu masa lunch tu ke dinner.Dan sebaliknya.

  • Jamu-My SIL suggested this one(NR), so I give a try. Aperpun, uncang cuci+ air akar kayu tu mmg best!Overall, mmg puas hati.
  • bertangas- ni belum lg.. hari ke-44 .Tp plan nk ke SPA and buat kt situ.Habis cerita :-)
I followed the pantang diet religiously..I must say..(food wise)!, it was hard not to -mumsy is around!With mumsy around, I was able to rest very well and recover from a painful birth pain .I was not allowed to leave the house, but had to make exceptions for doctor's appointments( tp kdg2 terbabas la jugak la..) Diet wise, Im not allowed to eat spicy food, makanan yg gatal type and no eggs.

Anyhoo.. Kazim is 4 weeks today.He also weighs 4.2kgs and 55cm heights at the moment!.For instance, he can no longer fit into his smaller sized clothes.Yeaaaa *smile*.Now, he'd happily down 3-4oz of breast milk.I akan pump susu waktu pagi2 sbb selalunya makcik urut dtg, so kalau tgh syiokk urut tu, let say Kazim bangun, my husband akan bg dia susu tu dlm bottle.Lgpon nnti masa tu badan bau minyak semua, takkan la nk susukan Kazim, kesian pulak.

Okeh, more stories on Kazim later!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kazim suka mcm ni..

Dear readers,

I let my newborn sleep on his stomach( of course we have to supervise him). I know, I know,, I've read all the research that says to put babies on their back to sleep.. Whenever he slept on his back, he'd grunt like he was in pain ... since he seemed much happier on his tummy.When ever I put him to sleep on his back, but as soon as he could roll over by himself, he'd get onto her tummy as fast as he could. I think he was more comfortable sleeping that way. BUT of course, I will keep my eyes on him.Im kinda worried about SIDS too :-)

Now, Kazim dah pandai tdo pusing2

Anyway, Kazim is sleeping in his cot.Took me few nights to train him to sleep by his own..Terpaksa la angkat letak..angkat letak..fuhhh..Also, we are trying to allow him to fall asleep by his own.Selalunya during susu time, I try suh dia jgn tdo esp masa menetek sbb I dont want Kazim to depend on breast/bottle to fall asleep.( okehh pendapat masing-masing yer..and I chose this way *big grin*) So selalunya I akan pegang tapak tgn dia n urut2 sikit so that dia tak fall asleep.

Mommy hopes Kazim jgnla tiba2 nak tdo atas our bed pulak.Dahla Mommy tdo ganas..kang tersepit terpenyet ke kan.Jd lempeng baru tau.
ANYWAY, we got THE FIRST YEARS CLOSE&SECURE SLEEPER bed as a gift and loved it. It has a useful night light( I guess Mummy Noe tahu yg I ganas kot). The bed was great, I can put my boy every where while I were doing something else and it packs easily for travel.I was unsure whether this product was worth the money for those who have a "big baby. I read the reviews about babies outgrowing this too fast.Tp aper2 pon.... we loved it!

Tok Mummy, thanks! Kazim loves your gift!Okehlah,more on Kazim later!
p.s: Anita..thanks for visiting us! Lupa I nak snap some photos ngn you la smalam :p, best sgt borak kan.And to my dear fren Haneem, CONGRATS FOR YOUR NEW ARRIVAL!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Surat Cinta pertamaku

Dear Kazim,
I know it must seem strange of me to write you a letter when you’re only 24 days old but I hope you’ll indulge me. Guess what .. when you were in my tummy,Im not sure whether Im ready to be a mother or not! Ohh please forgive me sayang.It just..motherhood..scares me a lot!Tp kalau tak sekarang..bila lagi?My biological clock has begun its countdown..(yes Im sampai bila pon kita muda kan?) I always tell myself that this pregnancy will change my life,,yes it's a lifetime commitment!You know, no more sleeping like a princess, no more spontaneous vacation, less freedom and of course..ada la benda2 yang taklih buat bila ada anak kecik. Yes, it takes me an hour to groggily go through the checklist of the essentials I need to bring with me.

Try as I might, I cant imagine myself dealing with you, Kazim. I can still remember when I were still pregnant and all those parents out there told me to "sleep while you can" and I just rolled my eyes at them.YES, Im afraid.
Let me tell you something, when Papa asked me to marry him,I never think about having any kids( btol ni..tak terpk langsung masa tu pasal anak2 sbb kami masa bercinta 3 tahun pon tak ckp pasal anak2 langsung!).I cant see myself as a mother( or good mom) even though Mommy has nephews and nieces..Forgive me sayang...

Truth be told Im not exceptionally worried about my weight gain( of course I hate my scars or stretch marks so badly), but I am little worried about motherhood.
One of mommy's friend told me.everything will change bila anak dah depan mata,kalau dulu dia kata tak suka budak-budak tp bila dah ada anak, lain pula .She herself might arrange for childcare for her baby but one day she will be going into an important meeting and she will think about her baby all day long.She have to use every ounce of discipline to keep from running home, just to make sure her baby is all right.I convinced her..Im not that type!

Furthermore, mommy worried my relationship with papa will change forever.Im afraid Papa doesn't love me like before...or he might love me less.. .Mommy takut Papa bosan dengan baju mommy yg bau susu..hmm forgive me again.

BUT everything changed when you are finally arrived!It was as if I was punched in the gut. When I looked at my shiny stretch marks and scars, I want you to know that this marks will become badges of honor.Cewahhh..haruslah kan pengorbanan seorang ibu! Now, I fall in love with my husband again and again because of you!I wanted to tell you that how proud I am now.However most importantly, I wanted you to know how I treasured being your mom and I looked forward to all future with you.I love to hold you in my arms and I find myself watching you as you’re sleeping and I feel myself welling up with such love for you that it’s like my heart is going to burst,when I look at your little face, so innocent, pure and unspoiled, I just melt.

Let me tell you about your Papa. He is the most amazing person I’ve ever had the privilege to know and as you grow I hope you will realize how lucky you are to have him for your dad.As such, he bears a tremendous responsibility.
As my maternal instincts sneak to the forefront and motherhood becomes a question of when rather than why, I see things around me differently.When I stare deep inside your eyes, there's something about you.Time rolls along and mommy either get more sleep or get used to not having any ( mommy akan teman Kazim bila Kazim taknak tdo sambil mommy tgk Gossip Girls or other series okeh) , but either way, life gets easier. You make me smile :-)
Although mommy suka "eating" time nonetheless, I have struggled to breasfeed you. The pain was extcruciating during feeding and the discomfort persistent throughout the now Kazim dah pandai latch so mommy dah tak sakit lagi.I love when I breastfeed you, rasa mcm " mom and son" time pulak.Time yang kita berdua je share.I will try my best to breastfeed you for 2 years because I want to cherish "our time" together. You are growing too fast and Im afraid I will miss the "precious" moment.

All in all, there are only two things left to say to you, “I am proud of you and I love you.”
Thanks for being my son.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kazim lagi

Kazim teman mommy main game
ok sweetheart, time for your nap!mommy wants to continue playing games
Dear readers,
Sorry for the lack of updates nowdays.It's just that lately, I've been so busy..ermm...okeh let me confess here, Im so addicted to FB games *big grin*( yeah, Im not busy with my boy even though Kazim completely fascinates me everyday!)
But anyhoo, Kazim is growing too fast! He's now 2 weeks old.The last time we checked his weight was 3.49kgs( it was last week).For the mommy, yeah, Im in a healthy condition as usual except Im not a" sleeping beauty" anymore!
Of course,we have sleepless night but since we are kind of expecting it,not much complaint in that department.
So far, his sleeping pattern is predictable( that's explain why I put him on my-so-called routine structure )Thus, we dont have a problem to read his cues.

Getting ready to the hospitalmembesar bagai johan!
Well,parenting is not a one day lesson, it wont happen in a day or months,what's more important is the learning process and experience.

In addition,all the pantang being supervised by Ummi.Mumsy is a sweet person.She helps me to boil 'air periuk', tungku for me, urut2, masak2, prepare my pantang meals...everything! ( yeahh..u know I love Mumsy when she is around).

Okeh dah, yours truly nak main game!
More on Kazim later!

p.s: My dear friend Haneem, I wish all the best.. U r strong, I know you can :-)Good luck darling!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kazim 1st week

Dear readers,
He's a Papa's boy!
Im so lucky, my husband is still on leave BUT will be going back to work soon. I am sure our son will be missing his Papa so badly when he is not around.It's been such a pleasure to have him around during this time.He's been so helpful with ..everything such as night feeds :-)..yeah lucky me!
Before his bubble bath
Biasanya Kazim bangun kul 630pagi pastu terus minum.Lepas dah minum dia mandi dan main2 sat pastu terus tdo balik.Itu jela kerja Kazim hari-hari.
In the evening, at 6pm or 630pm, Kazim starts to breastfeed and a few minutes after that its time for his bath. Then lower the lights .. zassssssss time for bed!So this routine helps me to understand and listen to Kazim everyday.Whenever Kazim is taking his nap..we are having our sweet time together.OR mommy will taking her nap too *big grin*

Bear in mind,changes will occur as Kazim gets older.
syioookk nya tdo
Pusat Kazim dah tanggal tp hari tu mcm ada infection sikit jadi kadang2 dia agak moody sikit.Dulu myself tdo mati jugak la kan..sampai kdg2 org kejut malam2 mmg tak bangun la tp sejak ada anak ni..tahu pulak nk bgn malam.Pelik bin ajaib pun ada.Hmm..I guess it is a natural process..kan?
Thankfully Kazim is progressing quite well.These past 9 days have been amazing to say the least.
Motherhood is a learning process

I felt so happy and relieved," as the moment when my breasts started to produce enough milk to breastfeed Kazim.
"When I was breastfeeding Kazim, I felt so much love for him, just tonnes of love. I really bonded with Kazim.

Sori ye,gambarku tak boleh la nak letak bnyk2 ye,kenala blur kan sikit..nnti dah "pasang badan" barula bole reveal :p.Nantikan kemunculan I yer ( sila jgn muntah darah yerr..:p)nanti bila I dah "pasang badan" dgn ada mood ,I buat photoshoot ngn Kazim semua bagai ..skang taklih buat"proper" photoshoot lagi *wink* (.Cehhh camm artis plak aku ni)

Pasal pantang..alhamdulillah semuanya OK..mcm biasalah minum air periuk, makan pun kena jaga, pagi2 mandi rebusan daun aper2 tah, berurut, bertungku dan sewaktu dengannya...kalau tak suka pon buat2 je suka, bukannya forever kena berpantang pon kan?so im enjoying my confinement days very much!

Okeh, more stories on Kazim later!

My D-Day;Kazim Bin Kamarul Zaman

Dear beloved readers,
It's been 8 days since Aman/Apeng and I embarked on our greatest journey-the birth of our bundle of joy; Kazim Bin Kamarul Zaman.
Everything happened so fast that I can barely remember the details.
I was one of those first time mothers-to-be who had read multiple books on pregnancy and child birth, and had come to the conclusion - to keep telling myself that it was a bearable pain, that it was for a worthy purpose. And, as I kept reminding myself( like being told by my lovely sister Kak Fuz), millions of women had given birth in the past and continue to give birth “the natural way” – they handled the pain well enough. Of course I would too!
"Yes I can do it!"

I was wide awake on the night before and can only shut my eyes at slightly past 2am.Yes, I had a sleepless night that night(chat ngn a few ppl jugak sbb taklih tdo). Surprisingly Apeng/Aman was fast asleep at 10pm although for the past one week he's been sleeping very late unlike me. Yes, your truly has been sleeping like a princess during her pregnancy.

It was 5.45am, subconsciously I heard a "POP" sound.While I try to figure out where the sound comes from, I felt like peeing but the only different was, I cant control it.I was so astounded by the rushing of fluid.
"B..I rasa my water bag broke"
"hah? ye ker? You bukan kencing ke?"
"takk..tak..I rasa water broke.."

Dgn cepatnya Aman/Apeng terus bangun dan siap2. Kami pun siap2, nasibla bag hospital mmg dah siap lama pun, tapi bukan ada bnyk brg pon nak amik lgpun rumah kami kan dekat je.Suamiku terus ketuk pintu Ummi pastu Ummi terus datang tgk aku.Bila tgk, mmg sah-sah dia kata air ketuban yang pecah. Mcm sgt laju okayy dia mengalir...camm sungai pulak :p.Pastu sbb air dah mengalir bnyk sgt, Ummi pon sediakan kain batik tuk lapik.Seryes, mmg air tu mengalir camm ..rasa panas2 camtu.Tapi tak sakit la, it just air tu camm ada lendir2 sikit kot.Bukan la mcm air masak ke hape tu.Kami terus turun lif,Aman/Apeng terus amik kereta.
Immediately I called Abang Ha& Kak Fuz.

We stopped at the Emergency Counter.The nurse wheeled me in a wheelchair to the maternity floor where midwives happened to be.She checked me and said I was only 2cm dilated… and that I had 3-4 more hours.Fuhh, dlm hati,
"3-4 jam lagi ke???mak aii..lamanya nak that time tak rasa lagi sakit yg amat tu"
I just went into one of the delivery rooms, put on a gown and tried to get comfortable while my husband and Ummi were there to comfort me.
They hooked me up to the machine to monitor of the baby's heart beat and my contraction.
here..a view in my labor suite.

My husband decided to text our families and rang our emak.Later, Abg ha and K.Fuz came at 9am ++.I decided to call Diella,Leen and Hanim.Unfortunately none of them were available.So I told my husband to text them later.Mummy Noe sms-ed me:
"Zikir..doa bnyk2..Igt Allah.."

The contractions were ten minutes apart and still very bearable.
"Yes, I am in pain, but that's okay. I'm coping with it."
A back rub or a positive words of encouragement will help you calm down. Apeng/Aman comforted me and kept my mind off.I couldn't have made it without him by my side.The two things that kept me going were my doctor, who was so utterly kind and gentle with me, and my husband, who stood there holding my hand and comforting me like a real troop.
Moments later, my husband gently helped me to rub my back, do what ever he can just to make sure I was okay, surprisingly, the pain was minimal.He did everything he could with such love and uttered no complaint.

I watched TV, read book and everything that I could to keep my mind off.I've told my husband that I was so hungry ( sbb smalam mkn mihun yg sikit saja pastu pagi tu tak sarapan pon) So my husband asked the midwives whether I can have a chocolate bar just to get some energy. She came to me and said,
"You can drink water only"

Dlm hati, mak aii aku rasa nk pitam dah kt sini dia suh minum air ??Ok ok..paham diorang buat ape yang patut tapi..seryes mmg lembik sgt masa tu..Aman/Apeng tanya kalau Milo boleh ke tak, tp dia kata tu pun tak boleh sbb takut kalau jd aper2, dan perlu c-sect perut kena kosong at least 6 hrs.
" B, kalau tau mcm ni, td before dtg sini I breakfast dulu"

The contractions started to build up a bit by 11pm.The intervals between them got shorter. I tried standing up and wiggling and moving my hips, I couldn't walk about because I was hooked up to the damn machine which was monitoring my baby and I was still leaking.
Time ni dah 9cm dilated, Ya Allah,rasa jalan kt satu highway yg takda toilet pastu nk poo-poo sgt campur sembelit pastu kena tahan dulu .Yerlakan kalau 9cm mcm mana nk teran pon so, nak menahan tu..adoiiii..tak tergambar "pleasure" nyerr.Tp dlm kepala otak ni taknak any drugs pon so nak taknak kena tahan la.Pusing kanan kiri menahan sakit, lakiku pulak mmg tak habis2 duk picit-picit,berjam dia berdiri kt situ.Kesian sgt2.
Pastu ade rasa nk kencing sgt2, teruslah bgtau misi tu,
"I want to wee-wee"
"i"ll bring container for you"
"I prefer..hmm...I wanna go to the toilet"
"tak boleh..nnti u beranak kat toilet..I bawak bekas lah, u kencing sini."
Ayyo..mmg ussah sgt2.Mula2 skali boleh pastu kali kedua nak kencing tu..dah tak boleh dah, so misi tu masuk tiub tuk kencing.Ngilu jugak la rasa.

My Apeng/Aman was really positive and was really good, he was talking to me and keep asking me to take a deep breath with each contraction. I was so touched.
By the time I finally reached the crucial stage – full five fingers dilated, pretty ready to start pushing – it was almost 12pm++
I started pushing with guidance from the midwife. Very slow progress was made as I was so tired from lack of sleep and not eating properly and was emotionally a wreck and I ached.
The “bench” suddenly became shorter as the part under my backside was made to fold under, my legs were suspended up in the air with stirrups, tied to two poles that suddenly appeared from nowhere.
The doctor was ready.
I tried so hard.All of them(doctor and midwives cheered me on as I began to grasp what PUSHING was all about.
The baby still wasn't coming out.
Masa ni, yours truly dah rasa nak pitam sbb campur lapar campur rasa nk pitam.Mcm lari merentas desa tanpa makan dan minum pagi tu.Dah rasa ada burung2 pon yang terbang kat atas dahi ni.

Then again..I worked incredibly hard for almost 1 hour!!Nasib baik doctor pon tolong jugak kuarkan Kazim.

Suddenly, a “whoosh” – and then, oh what relief, when Kazim's head came out, he was awake and crying loudly.they laid him on my belly,Kazim lay there and looking up at me.
"Im sorry Kazim, Im so tired.."I whispered to him.

And then, just I seemed to be drifting off into a surreal sleep, the afterbirth pains began.After being stitched up, I really wasn’t feeling like I was there at all. Everything seemed a blur and all I needed was a cup of Milo and some rice..or pasta..or nasi kerabu..or what so ever food!
I was so tired by this time, that I was actually struggling to keep my eyes open, I even asked my husband in the room not to talk to me because I wanted to sleep.

It's an unbelievable experience to see your child emerge from the womb after carrying them for nine months; literally un-believable.I've known he was in there; seen him on ultrasound and felt him kick. As my child has emerged; crying, skin wrinkled and wet and with eyes blinking in the bright lights; I've felt totally and completely overawed.

I wanted natural childbirth, and that's what I've been lucky enough to have-alhamdulillah, due to the fortunate combination of hassle-free labours and a supportive environment. It wasn't until I started to read about natural childbirth that I found out about the many advantages of letting your body do what it is designed to do.

But out he came eventually...a beautiful 3.20 kg baby boy, Alhamdulillah.My Apeng/Aman recited Azan andQamat into his ears.
Kazim- a few minutes after he was born

I stayed at the hospital for 1 night, as usual my husband was there. Tp nak tdo mmg lerr tak boleh.Yerla my V sakit sgt2.Semua2 lah sakit.
Myself after 6 hours of the "battle"
Masa ni my V sakit giller...sampai nk wee-wee pun takut sgt.Apetah lagi nak poo-poo.So nurses ni akan dtg check dah wee-wee ke belum.Adooiii...tak sangka yerr.."sedap"jugak bersalin ni!Patutttt lerrrr ramai yg beranak kannn :p
It is offcial, we are now the proud parents of Kazim.Amik gambar kena gedik2 sikit..muka tahan sakit la katakan.
Nonetheless, Im so thankful to Almighty-Allah for this easy delivery of a healthy baby Kazim.Syukur. Alhamdulllah.And also,thanks for all your( guys out there-friends, bloggers, families) prayers and well wishes.

Finally home sweet home,myself after getting discharged

Again and again, million thanks to my baby Apeng/Aman for being there for me and making the whole things easy for me.I love you very much forever and ever.
I have to admit, Im a bit tearful while writing this entry. My wish and hope, Kazim inherits my husband's best quality,Insya-Allah.

Truly, I am blessed among women!
p.s:More stories on Kazim..later!