Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Abg Put and his sons.
Sweet couple, emak and abah

Our son will join this group next year :-)Insya-allah.Unfortunately, we forgot to snap our raya photo together.

Dear readers,
Yes, again, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! I had wonderful raya this year, given that everyone was home.We celebrated our first day of raya at my husband's hometown- Yong Peng. Unfortunately, our lil' sister Yah unable to join us.I hope you had a great raya celebration in USA sweetie.I had so wanted to celebrate raya, surrounded by the love of dear siblings and relatives, alhamdullillah, tercapai juga.
I always began my Ramadan with big plans, you know- where to buy baju raya, fashion aper, duit raya bnyk mana nak tukar,decorating the house creatively and entertaining lavishly, buying or baking ten kinds of biskut raya, planning for raya menu, mopping the house and etc..YES, I love Hari Raya.
We started our day with our raya ritual- makan-makan, acara salam-salam&mohon maaf and acara memberi duit raya.Afternoon, went to Parit Medan to visit our relatives.Apeng and I giggled as we examined each relatives especially abah' sister in-law.Best sgt2. After that very interesting raya visit, I was so tired and went back to Yong Peng.The next day...,another interesting ritual and tradition we have in Johor during Raya is Marhaban.Sayangnya, Apeng tak dapat join sbb kaki tak baik betul2.Emak and other siblings were busy preparing for the foods.

All in all, our raya was great and praise to Allah for another Ramadan and Syawal next year.

Okeh, on 25th September, we went to Zuhri&Mira's wedding ceremony.Im officially 35 weeks :-) and yes Im still in a good condition.Oh ya, except I got diarrhea a few days before Raya so I rang the midwifes/gynae to ask them if this is normal as I never suffered with this for a few days. They said, nothing to worry about.Fuhhh lega.
Introducing..Brotherhood..some of the Jenans/SMSAH.
Dada and I.Pregnancy Diaries:
I am finding it so hard to bend down to pick things up from the floor. My husband has been helping and never complains , he keeps asking me if I'm okay and if I need any help.Thanks baby!!!
Oh ya,Im preparing the nursery now.Time for shopping guys!!!
Will update more on baby stuff later :-).


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Raya.Oh Raya!

Pregnancy Diaries: Week 33
The scan went really well, Baby K is fine and growing well, although they couldn't tell me how long the baby is.This week has been extremely hard, I have really felt it this week, I've had a lot of twinges and the braxton hicks seems to have been doing overtime. Im really not sleeping well and pepole have commented on how tired I look, so I decided I wanted to finish earlier than originally planned. Anyway, Im still fasting and yes, Im coping fine. Ok enough about my pregnancy.Let's talk about Raya :-)

We are so excited, harusla..nikan tahun terakhir diriku dan suami single mingle, lepas ni dah bertiga ..kann.. OMG how I miss jadi bf-gf ngn Apeng!Teringat balik masa kami duk kat Bukit Jelutong ada org nk hantar Jais ke rumah kami..sbb kami nampak mcm bf-gf kot...( ooh sila jgn muntah darah yerr..:p)Pastu each time jumpa pakcik guard..
"Bf kerja ke dik?"
"Today keluar..Bf mana?" apekan daya, life goes on kan.Takkan la nk ditakuk yg lama je kan.Although I have to admit, bestnya ...dolu2.Ok pasal raya.Mula2 Apeng suggest tak payah cari baju raya, reason?
" Kita buat baju raya tahun depan jela..buat skali ngn anak."
" ni tahun last kita together.Nak la celebrate"

I guess reason yg paling kuat:Sbb dia pun tak berapa nk boleh jalan sgt, and diriku pulak ..with my growing belly.I totally forgot to send my baju raya to my tailor :-(. Siap dah call bagai, tapi at last tak hantar jugak. Ramadan ni bz sikit sbb ulang-alik gi hospital..and with Apeng condition, seryes sgt lupa...Sampai nk beronline pon dah penat sgt. Now, Apeng dah jalan tak payah pakai tongkat! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Tak sia2 haku jadi statue aka penunggu setia kt tempat physio tu hari2 kan. And I can see, my husband is a tough guy, semangat dia kuat,..Im so proud of you baby!
Our raya preparation...
  • Kuih Raya- checked!
  • Baju Raya- checked!
  • Duit raya- checked!
  • Kemas rumah- ni 2 days before raya baru buat lagi sekali
  • Raya Menu- pun 2 days before raya baru nak pk nk makan aper.Tp mcm nak mkn ketupat palas...nyummm
  • Packing- ni tatau lg balik raya packing last minute punya
  • Pasang lagu raya hari2 supaya rasa excited nak raya- checked!
Other than that, mcm org lain jugak la kot preparation.This year, my Ummi will be celebrating Eidulfitri with my Abg Long in Dubai.Except for Abg Sam( the third in my siblings), dia raya sini je sbb my sister-in law pun pregnant and dah tak larat nk travel jauh2.As for us..hmm we'll see how.. Of course I cant go to Dubai..dah nak masuk 34 weeks ni.
Oklah, I tgh pk nk buka ape ni..mcm dah taknak masak sbb hari2 dah masak jadi Chef Fadd rasa nk tutup dapur sbb sgt excited nak raya! ( ok hint untuk you supaya kita lih date lg sbb ni last puasa kita jadi bf-gf :p)

Last but not least,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Im back!

First of all, here are the photos at Diah's and Hyda's wedding.I can imagine the wonderful times that Diah&Redza and Hyda&Barry will have throughout their long life together.Let us all hope and pray that your married life will be...hmm....hingga ke akhir hayat :-)

Few hours before Hyda's nikah.
and ..the hantaran for Hyda :-)

I’ve been trying for days to get a post written. Clearly, it’s not been happening. Too much is going on too fast for me to process and keep up. Tambah pulak kereta kami rosak, pastu kami guna public transportlah.thank god ada public tport!!!.Tp yg paling bestnya..naik bus Rapid KL..LRT or komuter biasalah bus Rapid KL dah lama sgt tak naik..Tp best wooo!!!:-)
The update on Apeng's pain and knee operation:
Alhamdulillah, Apeng's surgery went very well .My husband did great.He was out of recovery pretty quickly, too.Since we came back from the hospital, Apeng is more than happier.Anyway, The only down side was,Apeng got himself so worked up in the hospital that he could not fall asleep unless I was actually lying in bed with him ..erm, (baring sebelah sambil memicitnya sebenarnya).Once he fell asleep, I would delicately extract myself and try to get back to sleep too.Inevitably, he would wake in the night and get hysterical (and making this..Aaaah-Uh sounds).Solution?Kena la haku bangun dan memicitnya..tapi takpe, itu tugas isteri,bukan?

So, here goes my routine.


The update on my pregnancy:
Weeks 30-31
Although I've put on 11 kgs already, the bump is pretty heavy. I keep putting some lotion on and some pregnancy oil , but it's not really helping it. My heartburn is terrible, I only have to lean forward of lie back and it's there. I started taking water to bed with me, but then I end up going to the toilet 10 times a night (and that''s no exaggeration).
Ive also been having the odd Braxton Hick now and then.Puasa is good to me so far and I am coping fine, alhamdulillah.

Well that's all from me this week, I can't believe I'm heading towards week 32 next week(8 mths) - 7-8 weeks to go!!!!!Okeh, this is our baby's 3D scan.Apeng told me that our baby looks like him...ermm..suka la dia!

Thank you, all of you, for your good thoughts and wishes, your prayers and words of support during this challenging time. You helped me keep my flagging spirits lifted while we were in the hospital. Truly

Thanks guys.

p.s: Tomorrow will be my 32 weeks checkup....hmm Im officially in third trimester now!OMG.Cepatnya masa berlalu.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy As a Bee

Hi peeps,
I wont be able to update my blog..hmm due to..
Apeng@Aman just had his knee surgery and I have to take care of him 24/7.
I have to be his personal chauffeur for his daily physiotherapy session
( harusla takda time nak beronline di siang hari)
I shall blog about it later.

At the meantime, enjoy your puasa !!

p.s: I miss you guys!*wink*