Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sedappnya, ..Finger Licking good!

Some of the bloggers and friends (you know who -you- are) have left me feeling hopelessly no clue at all and inspired me to try it myself.I EVEN DREAMED ABOUT IT.
So I told my husband about it.
It's all started here--IN PARIS

It was 2 years back, masa tu kami tengah tunggu kawan dekat satu shopping mall.Then I saw this longgggggggg queue from a small booth.It was a Christmas Eve, and everybody went there to queue. We had this conversation:-
"Why everybody is queuing?Best sgt ke org beli....aper tu??? ",trus pegi jenguk..benda bulat yg sgtla kalerful.Dlm hati kata..cantikknya kuih ni :=)
BUT my husband didnt show any interest so I back off.Since he is the one who earning the money, so I cant say anything.
It is a Laduree Cafe small booth,and being said the real specialty is their macaroons which can make some peoples head over heals!!There was a very impressive selection of macaroons with over..err I dunno how many types of flavors actually, cuma tauu macaroons were rows of colourful kuih :=)
YUP, we didnt have a chance to try it.
I was dreaming eating macaroons on my bed last few weeks,Can you believe it???Giller boleh mimpi pasal ni...I knowwww it doesnt make sense Im still..err CRAVING at this time.Tp tula..baca sana sini pasal macaroons, mcm HOT CAKES giller! Mcm semua duk citer pasal benda ni..padahal I WAS IN FRONT OF THE LADUREE SHOP 2 YEARS BACK BUT WE DIDNT BOTHER TO BUY IT. Ye la, masa tu I have no idea Laduree tu fames :p

BUT anyways, my husband finally made my dreams come true yesterday.He brought back home 10 different flavors macaroons which cost him nearly RM80 ( I was like..WHATTT?????).Size pulak..ermm camm sekali ngap je. Besarla sikit daripada syiling 50 cen tu.Ada yg besar sikit lagi dalam RM18 sebiji.Tapi ni bukan Laduree,this one brand lain.
And of course we shared with our love ones--Apeng's sister and ..( know who you are)
My husband decided to pick a box containing 10 of them with the following flavours:-

The taste?
We ate together then we looked at each other
"ERmm..ok gakk la....manissss~"huhuhu---cewahh mcm takda perasaan kann??I bet the sweetness was more balanced with a cup of tea or coffee.Dont get me wrong,we kinda like it tho!
They are lightly crunchy on the outside, airy and slightly chewy on the inside and in many different flavors.Rupanya macaroon's Ingredient it just -almond, sugar and egg white ..Well, I guess it is French ways, they somehow construct the most elaborate yet delicate out of simplest.
The look absolutely delightful and colourful. When I tried the lemon flavour, I try to imagine and compare the taste of it to our local 'kuih' and guess what, 'kuih bahulu' pops out in my mind. Seriusly, mcm kuih bahulu yg rangup ye.At the moment, I love caramel flavour..yummy!Ok, yg caramel dan yg lain takla rasa mcm kuih bahulu:=)

my son has something better to taste!
Ini la FINGER LICKING GOOD!!!Kalah macaroons..:=)

we rarely see him not putting anything in his mouth---especially his tasty fingers
and this
andddddd this
haha haaa.. you can boast anything about those macaroons.. at the end of the day my fingers is the best!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kazim..Ohh Please!

Hi all,
Remember I told ya about Kazim and sleep training?
Well, Kazim is given breast or EBM at 630pm-7pm, then we give him a bath at 7pm-730pm, then put on his PJ and and yes, let him sleep by himself
.After that time, if he wakes up we won’t bring him outside the room even if he’s wide awake.Kalau bawak luar bilik pon, we make sure lampu malap.With this regular routine, it is easier for us to read his cues..We started to put him on a regular routine since he was..err 2 days old :-)Took me..err maybe a few days to establish the routine.As a new mom, I really hope my boy sleeps through the night. . ( ni I buat kat Kazim..huhuhu), Kazim is given cluster feeding( let say give breast at 7pm and 9pm and give him another at 1130pm), which means literally nurse him in his sleep, pick him up without waking him up and put him down when finished.
Kdg2 bagi EBM yg pumped masa waktu pagi ..dia minum punya :-)
He would tentatively wake up at 4am or 5am to feed (sometimes tak bgn pon)and then wake up fully at 7am.

During his growth spurts, his sleeping pattern has been all over the place. For instance, he would sleep from 730 or 8pm to 9pm ONLY!! and then wake up and won’t sleep until 12am or something ridiculous like that..pastu kdg2 bangun nangis2...yang mcm mengigau ke haper..pastu kdg2 nangis sekuat hati.. . I knew he wasn't hungry because he just finished his milk so it was ONLY a mixture of manjaness and wanting to be cuddled.Lepas dah kena angkat tu, bila dia dah tak merengek, terus letak balik. Pastu kdg2 dia merengek balik, pastu ulang siaran la benda yg sama sampai la dia tidur dengan sendirinya.Angkat letak..angkat letak..
...And then the next day he would crash and have a long day nap...gosh!
In addition to that, Kazim is nursing more frequently and I tell you..he is drinking A LOT!!!

So anyways, Kazim will be turning 6 months soon.
More updates on his weaning process later!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Im wordless
Oh many things in my head.
I will blog more on Kazim later.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kazim dan Sungai

Dear Kazim,
Remember this place;Tok Aki & Nenek Noe 's residence?
...You love taking a bath but does not like getting into the river. well, I must admit the water is freaking cold.Even Mommy only went in for..err few minutes only. This was your first trip to the river, you were not used to travel( I mean..err yg adventure punya--masuk hutan) as much as father & I do, so we were a bit anxious.BUT anyways,things worked out fine though, such a good boy!

The cold of the water slaps you hard but if you stay longer in the water, the cold will eventually leave you...believe me!The sound of gushing water really made my day!
OK..we'll try again later OK..say, when you are 6 months,huh?
I geddit Kazim! ..OK OK..
I treasured being your mom walau kdg2 rasa ..hurmm susahnya ada you kalau nak buat aktiviti hutan ni..TAPI takper, there's always a way macam mana nk handle the situation. Plus, I can see you..err..mcm suka je aktiviti hutan2 ni..kan kan?
OK..will do again OKEH!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bayi Tong Sampah,,,tak habis2 ke???

Im so emo right now.
read here

What does one do when you are pregnant and then nine months later gives birth to a baby girl or boy that you definitely do not want? Well, I would think one would just sign the baby over for adoption! Bukan nyerr main suka hati ko je buang sana sini mcm buang sampah pastu kalau anak u lahir je dah maninggal, kebumikanla dgn cara yg betol.
Teringat masa my makcik urut( masa lepas bersalin) tengah2 syok urut tu, sekali ada phone call.Bnyk kali then I asked her
"Wan tak angkat ke?takperla..angkat jela"
" budak2 yg dtg nk urut ni.Dah beranak luar nikah, ni nak urut kasi cantik balik la perut.Tahu pulak takut perut besar..nanti org tahu dia dah beranak"
"Berapa org yg datang?"
"smalam 2 org.."
"La...hari2 ada ke??"
"Hmm....bukan tu je,yang kali kedua mengandung luar nikah pon ada.."

I was so shocked! Rupanya, mmg ramai yg dtg urut dengan dia..especially student2 Uni kat Malaysia ni.Ada tu family mmg tatau langsung.Ada jugak I tanya mcm mana family tatau kan, so this makcik kata, this budak bgtau family, dia kerja overseas so mmg la setahun tak balik Malaysia. Tp tulaa...makcik ni kata perut mereka2 ni semuanya tak pecah dan kulit cantik mulus, dlm erti kata lain, no stretch marks,tak boyot..tak besar..mmg leper je mcm tak pernah beranak .huhuhu..oh lg satu, makcik ni bgtau, mostly diorang ni tak koyak bnyk sampai kena jahit(no need episiotomy)..huhuhu.So healing process tu sgt la cepat bila tak berjahit,
Yang perangai macam bohsia tu...mmg tentu2 dah tak dapat diselamatkan..tapi yang ni yang dtg kat makcik ni semua2 nya highly educated.And of course yang ada duit ( mmg la kena ada duit sbb nak urut2 kan pakai duit..huhuhuhu)Kerja bagus2..kerja dengan syarikat minyak ternama malaysia la..kerja dgn bank2 la..dan sebagainya..

I will never understand how any mother can take the life of their own child especially taking one that you gave birth to. That baby did not ask to be conceived but since she/he was she/he did deserve the chance of a life!! Kalau dah buat dosa mengandung luar nikah jangan la ditambah pulak buat dosa buang anak!! Seek for help!!

Okay..Im so emo right now.Oh dah petang..dah gi main2 ngn my son pulak.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nak makan kat mana di Bandung?

Hi peeps!
We never thought that our trip to Bandung will end up being a culinary adventure. We went to a few good restaurants, all recommended by the friends,locals and of course our Mr.Nice Guy,Pak Teddy aka our Supir . And oh myyy..! We had so much food!!

Our first day at Restoran Simpang Raya.We had nasi padang.
Sedapppp~ makan 4 orang kami habis IDR210,000 dalam RM78 camtu..murahh kann.Memang berbaloi2.Gambar tak sempat nak snap sbb ..ermm lapar sgt2. Gulai otak lembu sedapp tau cara dia masak.Selalunya kalau mkn otak lembu, mkn goreng kunyit biasa je..Perggghh sedapppnya gulai dierr!

Pastu malam tu pulak kami mkn kat D'Coast Seafood- btol kata Sue motto kedai ni MUTU LIMA BINTANG HARGA TEPI JALAN. Kami order kepiting telur masin, Ikan gurame bakar ( tp ni pedass sgt~ tp..layan je sbb ok gak), sayur kacang( pon pedass tp sedap),

The second day we went to the Kampung Daun Restaurant in ..umm somewhere in Kampung Daun..( yeahh the Village called Kampung Daun okeyyy..huhuh). Getting there was somewhat confusing because Kampung Daun is not in the city centre.
Sampai je kat sana..tgk the place..cantikkkk~Bila otw back from Tangkuban Perahu tu, we singgah sini.
So, enjoy the photos!

My boy dah seronok tidur..
kat sini pon tempat makan


Sup bontot
Nasi Timbel
Our lunch
Ayam Madu

Okey, this one malam tu after dah gi ke sana kemari, kami makan kt Pak Chi Met.Urmm..actually food dia ala2 mcm yg lain jugak, ada ayam bakar(mcm Wong Solo), Ikan gurame, sotong dah sebagainya..harga kt sini pon ok laa..OR if nak senang masa kt Pasar Baru tu, makan je kat foodcourt..mcm2 ada including Pak Chi Met tu.Try Warung Ampera- Paru goreng...ohh myyyy so yummy!

Ni gambar masa kami breakfast kat hotel.

I guess that's all for now
Till next!