Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sedappnya, ..Finger Licking good!

Some of the bloggers and friends (you know who -you- are) have left me feeling hopelessly no clue at all and inspired me to try it myself.I EVEN DREAMED ABOUT IT.
So I told my husband about it.
It's all started here--IN PARIS

It was 2 years back, masa tu kami tengah tunggu kawan dekat satu shopping mall.Then I saw this longgggggggg queue from a small booth.It was a Christmas Eve, and everybody went there to queue. We had this conversation:-
"Why everybody is queuing?Best sgt ke org beli....aper tu??? ",trus pegi jenguk..benda bulat yg sgtla kalerful.Dlm hati kata..cantikknya kuih ni :=)
BUT my husband didnt show any interest so I back off.Since he is the one who earning the money, so I cant say anything.
It is a Laduree Cafe small booth,and being said the real specialty is their macaroons which can make some peoples head over heals!!There was a very impressive selection of macaroons with over..err I dunno how many types of flavors actually, cuma tauu macaroons were rows of colourful kuih :=)
YUP, we didnt have a chance to try it.
I was dreaming eating macaroons on my bed last few weeks,Can you believe it???Giller boleh mimpi pasal ni...I knowwww it doesnt make sense Im still..err CRAVING at this time.Tp tula..baca sana sini pasal macaroons, mcm HOT CAKES giller! Mcm semua duk citer pasal benda ni..padahal I WAS IN FRONT OF THE LADUREE SHOP 2 YEARS BACK BUT WE DIDNT BOTHER TO BUY IT. Ye la, masa tu I have no idea Laduree tu fames :p

BUT anyways, my husband finally made my dreams come true yesterday.He brought back home 10 different flavors macaroons which cost him nearly RM80 ( I was like..WHATTT?????).Size pulak..ermm camm sekali ngap je. Besarla sikit daripada syiling 50 cen tu.Ada yg besar sikit lagi dalam RM18 sebiji.Tapi ni bukan Laduree,this one brand lain.
And of course we shared with our love ones--Apeng's sister and ..( know who you are)
My husband decided to pick a box containing 10 of them with the following flavours:-

The taste?
We ate together then we looked at each other
"ERmm..ok gakk la....manissss~"huhuhu---cewahh mcm takda perasaan kann??I bet the sweetness was more balanced with a cup of tea or coffee.Dont get me wrong,we kinda like it tho!
They are lightly crunchy on the outside, airy and slightly chewy on the inside and in many different flavors.Rupanya macaroon's Ingredient it just -almond, sugar and egg white ..Well, I guess it is French ways, they somehow construct the most elaborate yet delicate out of simplest.
The look absolutely delightful and colourful. When I tried the lemon flavour, I try to imagine and compare the taste of it to our local 'kuih' and guess what, 'kuih bahulu' pops out in my mind. Seriusly, mcm kuih bahulu yg rangup ye.At the moment, I love caramel flavour..yummy!Ok, yg caramel dan yg lain takla rasa mcm kuih bahulu:=)

my son has something better to taste!
Ini la FINGER LICKING GOOD!!!Kalah macaroons..:=)

we rarely see him not putting anything in his mouth---especially his tasty fingers
and this
andddddd this
haha haaa.. you can boast anything about those macaroons.. at the end of the day my fingers is the best!



Lea Shmea said...

so.. in actual fact, biasa je la rasa dia eh? hehe. but seriously, mmg mcm semua org been talking and craving for it right now. and kazim semakin comel and gebuuu. sukee! <3

Ella said...

Comelnya kazim.
i suka sgt gambar last kazim ketawa.

btw - kt sini dpt makan donut like J-Co or Big Apple jelah..

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

i love u too! ;)

Anonymous said...


kazim is superrrr adorable:)

DaZzlingLilLy said...

masa baca blog verde pasal macaroons ni i punya lah imagine camna lah agaknya rasa macaroons ni..kaler dia nampak menarik..ala2 mcm dorayaki pun ader..entah bila pun taktau i akan dapat merasa..hehe..kazim nampak makin chubby...cute!

Mrs. Amie said...

wow weeee! i beli made in malaysia jer babe! hahaha.. kazim cute as always ;)

miSs inTerpReted said...

i pon suka the caramel flavour!! strawberry's nice too. :)

zazaa said...

org cakap if budak2 suka isap jari dia budak baik. :-)

Anonymous said...

i love kazim's hair.hehe

rizqaisya said...

babe.. i heart kazim more than the maccaroons.. hehehehe