Friday, August 29, 2008

Many More

Ya Allah.I have so many things to blog about.Meanwhile..enjoy the photos :) .Zaman kemalasan tgh melanda :p

Tadaa....the handsome boy.

Will update soon..VERY soon :)


Monday, August 18, 2008

Beautiful Diah's Tunang Day :)

The tunang was scheduled on 16th August 2008 at 830 pm. Redza's entourage came at about 830pm ( kan..?). The best thing, cepat je they all bincang. Sedar tak sedar,dah habis pun ceremony tu.I took my sweetest time nak posing2 :)

Look at her, cantik kan..

This is Redza's mom

I was there around 830pm,but luckily pihak lelaki tak masuk lagi. D has invited her close relatives & frens only.( thanks sbb I dlm list..heheh).
The idea is to make this more intimate event than the wedding itself.I guess so.
Ohh ya, my conversation with husband at D's house :
Me : D's fiance budak *STAR
B, u kenal anyone from *STAR tak?
*SBP/ boarding school
Apeng : Urmm..Husni, Abu bla bla bla
Me: I mean your age lar..
Apeng: Kenal, ada nama nickname Gajah, muka tak igt dah sbb dah lama.
Me: Ooohh..mcm mana kenal?
Apeng : Rugby :)
So, my husband went to salam Redza.Ntah mcm mana terkeluar la yg my husband tny dia sekolah STAR ke.Apeng tanyala kenal anyone from *Jenan,
Redza told him dia kenal Mat Red( oohh sungguh glamer ye kamu :p), Kamal..and... Aman..!!
Apeng : Ehh..aku la aman tu.Aku kenal budak sekolah ko jugak.Gajah, nyamoq..
Redza : Akula Nyamoq..
Rupa2nya dah kenal tp time skolah dulu.
Small world huh.

hantaran by both

The foods were yummy.Ada daging kicap, gulai yg kuning tu( Oooh D,I cant remember nama dierr) and many more!
Ada cup cakes ( tp tak amik gambar,lupa) ..exquisite, a pity to cut it :p!!
It was fun and I was enjoying every single minute to watch them to be knotted together as a engaged couple.
Congratulation !!
Ps : The traditional rules of etiquette suggests that guests invited to the engagement party should also be invited to the wedding :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Congrats C.W.Lee!!
Good Luck for the final.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I dont care!!!

Im writing this because I miss my mom so deeply .Fyi, my mom stays at my brother's house since last week and I cant bear in mind she's apart.I hope she will coming back soon!!And yesss I want her to stay with me forever~ I dont care what ppl say.ooohhh yes, I am a baby..yes I am childish , and yes I am married ( but it's not the reason for me to stay away from her kan?)
Ummi never fails to give me her best in what ever she does...not just for me but for my 4 other siblings too......Ummi never once put herself before anyone of us including arwah ayah...),she has gone thru alot in her life and I can assure you that all my siblings truly feel deeply for her...hence we would do anything to make her happy...She's the loveliest person ,at least to me.
Much love :)

Acne Problems

i think, mine worst dari gambar tu :(

When I was younger(and Im still young :p), this was a big problem for me, and one thing I discovered was that jibes were more common than sympathy or advice :(

I hate my skin so badly.I tried so many remedies,name it..semua dah try. But I am so lucky because I never try to squeeze my spots! Believe me, I know the temptation but this leads to scarring. As I said before, I had incredibly bad acne, believe me, you dont want to see me :) Yups, ask any of my frens- No-g,Dayang, Diella,Syefa,Fieza,Baya,Wawa..I bet they will agree with me.

Just like everyone else, I tried everything, cried, went through depression, stayed home etc.Malu sangat, god knows how bad it was.Macam-macam I heard- dirt cause acne la, chocs la, itu lar.But actually both don't cause acne ( according to my doc)

Ive tried...
The cheapest way :

Kulit kayu manis +bedak sejuk
( ni mmg setiap malam pakai )

Gamat+bedak sejuk
(mmg bau tak best, tapi nk cantik try ajerla)

Bawang putih ( letak kt spots)
(ni mcm pedih2, tp sbb gatal tangan, letak jugak)

Acne care
Clinique Blemish Treatment

( ohh my god, I could honestly say that I have even spent tens of thousands of dollars on acne care, name it.Any skin care yg baru I will go and buy.) Mcm skin care hunting dah..
As I said earlier, I had tried various things ,drpd murah sampai yg mahal. And, the worst part is I had started to let my zits control my social in I'm not going out tonight or tomorrow or bila-bila laaa because I have a pimple and Im embarrassed. It became a painful, agonizing, self-esteem shattering cycle.

All didnt work on me,I then went to see dermatologist.He did the analysis and found that I had a hormone imbalance.Basically everyone has male (testosteron) and female (estrogen) hormones.
It is the male hormones which cause acne and ada disease process in ape follicle tah.Okay lecture over :p
And surprisingly, it doesnt cost me that much:
facial wash RM10,
toner RM20,
facial cream RM45 ( big size )
And this can long about..urmm 3 months..or more.

And now, I am back to normal..alhamdulillah.

So everyone, pls pls, dont be sad, it just a temporary period only.Once your hormonal changes dah okay, you will be back to normal, believe me.
Ingat, dont you ever try to squeeze your spots, habis tinggal parut, nanti lagi teruk.I hope my experience will be beneficial :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


This time, I've been completely obsessed with mm..SHOES lately.I know..I sounds crazy * drooling*. Raya, wedding(Anita, urs coming), birthday( aaarrghhh so many!!) are coming so at least I got a good reason to shop.

Here's a confession.I honestly think I have a slight tendency toward ehmm....SHOPAHOLIC :).Okeh, let see my latest obsession :

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Platform T-Straps

Ohh look at the design..Obviously, I love these shoes. They are a work of art... tp rasanya I cant wear..heheh



Metallic Dior I.D Mule

Gee..I got so many things to blog about, meanwhile, I have to accomplish my 'mission' ..later guys..later...:)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gedik Outing :)

Went to Pavilion on Friday,31st July with D.We had this gedik outing ( no spouse) yaaa beda beduu~D wanted to find a gift for her husband ( his birthday is around the corner)

After jalan-jalan cari pasal, we stopped at Charles &Keith store( this is the 2nd store) .Charles & Keith opened its first Malaysian store in Sabah.It was crowded!!!
For those who doesnt know, the label started out in Amara Shopping Centre, Singapore, 12 years ago with only five staff members.Now,the company has 1,280 staff members in 130 stores in 20 countries spanning South-East Asia, Australia, Asia and the Middle East, as well as manufacturing plants in Malaysia and China.Well, I've been told by the salesgirl while belek-belek the shoes :)

Remarked as one of the most marketable ladies fashion footwear and handbags retailer, Charles & Keith develops and produces a distinctive line of trendy designs dedicated to the young and trendy female.The price range is very affordable( oohh..I mean this)