Monday, August 18, 2008

Beautiful Diah's Tunang Day :)

The tunang was scheduled on 16th August 2008 at 830 pm. Redza's entourage came at about 830pm ( kan..?). The best thing, cepat je they all bincang. Sedar tak sedar,dah habis pun ceremony tu.I took my sweetest time nak posing2 :)

Look at her, cantik kan..

This is Redza's mom

I was there around 830pm,but luckily pihak lelaki tak masuk lagi. D has invited her close relatives & frens only.( thanks sbb I dlm list..heheh).
The idea is to make this more intimate event than the wedding itself.I guess so.
Ohh ya, my conversation with husband at D's house :
Me : D's fiance budak *STAR
B, u kenal anyone from *STAR tak?
*SBP/ boarding school
Apeng : Urmm..Husni, Abu bla bla bla
Me: I mean your age lar..
Apeng: Kenal, ada nama nickname Gajah, muka tak igt dah sbb dah lama.
Me: Ooohh..mcm mana kenal?
Apeng : Rugby :)
So, my husband went to salam Redza.Ntah mcm mana terkeluar la yg my husband tny dia sekolah STAR ke.Apeng tanyala kenal anyone from *Jenan,
Redza told him dia kenal Mat Red( oohh sungguh glamer ye kamu :p), Kamal..and... Aman..!!
Apeng : Ehh..aku la aman tu.Aku kenal budak sekolah ko jugak.Gajah, nyamoq..
Redza : Akula Nyamoq..
Rupa2nya dah kenal tp time skolah dulu.
Small world huh.

hantaran by both

The foods were yummy.Ada daging kicap, gulai yg kuning tu( Oooh D,I cant remember nama dierr) and many more!
Ada cup cakes ( tp tak amik gambar,lupa) ..exquisite, a pity to cut it :p!!
It was fun and I was enjoying every single minute to watch them to be knotted together as a engaged couple.
Congratulation !!
Ps : The traditional rules of etiquette suggests that guests invited to the engagement party should also be invited to the wedding :)


dialicious said...

Thank u so much sweetie for the coverage..hehe..U know one of my guyfrens asked me about u..pengacara tv ke?i said aman's wife..he was like..shittt..dah kawin!!hahah..I lurve all the pics.thanx 2 ur hubby.My eyes cant get off his lense that nite..I mean his camera's lense ok..hehe..If ur free,can u emel me our pic yg ber2,my pic alone&ramai2 to sikit2 je.thanx fad.muahs!

jetsetter said...

thanks dear..
*blushing tau*
hahah..anyway..hope you are happy always..

C!kPuanMuda said...

hi there,

owh.. semuanya cantik... 'pengantin' pun sangat cantik :)

redza said...

the "guyfren" that diah mentioned is manjit. huhu

jetsetter said...

thanks frens :)..
REdza..nice knowing u huh!
Cik puan Muda- aahh.she mmg cantik ..inside&out :)

Mrs. Amie said...

hi..mmm, another bride to-be..waalllahhh..u look nice..

The Queen Bee said...

dear ni ke event u tu jadi gadis dulang? :D


STAr tu sbp kat pahang ke tak silap i. and jenan tu pun sbp tah mana mcm penah dgr. i rasa i ade kwn2 disituu dolu

The Bride-to-be said...

dear, i didn't see you on my day! something came up izzit? huhuhu.. anyhow, yeah.. everyone looked niceee! =)

Ninie said...

hai fadd..congrats to ur frenz too..nice pic!

Muhadiela said...

saham naik lg ko nah...masih taste.huhuhuh.ape2 pon kite sume nampak mcm anak dara lg kan???hehehe

jetsetter said...

Queen Bee- Bukan yg ni I gadis dulang..:),Dear jomla gedik outing, kali ni mmg I seriously kluar ngn U.Jenan kt Kedah syg :),STAR kt Perak.

Anita - Aaarghh tu lar..BUT I nak jumpa U..serious!

Ninie- Thanks dear..:)

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

hey blog-hopping n suddenly came to ur page and caught my eyes on the entry...i know this lovely diah...waaa engage sudah ;)

jetsetter said...

Verde haizi- Izzit..what a small wrld huh..

dialicious said...

Hi Kak Zura..hehhe..wah..sampai sini rupenye dier..
famous la u fadd..haha