Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gedik Outing :)

Went to Pavilion on Friday,31st July with D.We had this gedik outing ( no spouse) yaaa beda beduu~D wanted to find a gift for her husband ( his birthday is around the corner)

After jalan-jalan cari pasal, we stopped at Charles &Keith store( this is the 2nd store) .Charles & Keith opened its first Malaysian store in Sabah.It was crowded!!!
For those who doesnt know, the label started out in Amara Shopping Centre, Singapore, 12 years ago with only five staff members.Now,the company has 1,280 staff members in 130 stores in 20 countries spanning South-East Asia, Australia, Asia and the Middle East, as well as manufacturing plants in Malaysia and China.Well, I've been told by the salesgirl while belek-belek the shoes :)

Remarked as one of the most marketable ladies fashion footwear and handbags retailer, Charles & Keith develops and produces a distinctive line of trendy designs dedicated to the young and trendy female.The price range is very affordable( oohh..I mean this)


mOmmy of Triplets said...

arrghhh...everywhere on sale but i'm stuck at home dlm pantang sambil mengejar2 hArith and athirAh

The Queen Bee said...

heyy bila nak gedik outing no spouse dgn i plakk? :P

sila la yerr ajakkk kuuu.. hiihiih

nice catch!

Ninie said...

wahhh cantiknya ..suka la ur new heels tu!how much ya..if u dont mind.. :)

jetsetter said...

mommy- yups, takpe nnti bila kids dah besar u sopping habisan tau :)

queen bee - jom fashion show..on ke??kkekek

Ninie- kalau u nk tau rega kt situ camm range rm89.90 above..I ada TERBeli satu rega RM89.90.Yg tu my fren got from spore around..urmm..RM98 camtu.Aper2 pun kasut2 situ tak mahal, lg murah dr Nine West/ Aldo :) Good news huh!

The Bride-to-be said...

babe, cantik shoes iteww! :P

p.s. i'm sure by now u dah dpt my invite kan.. dpt tak? dtg okeh! bertahun i x jumpa u!! hehe..

dialicious said...

yeah..C&K is sooo cool.Comfortable and affordable kan.When i saw the opening at pavillion i became so exhilarated coz in Sabah the price is way too expensive starts at RM130!!In Spore during sale we can get a pair only for RM30 after converted.damn cheap kan..dahla design die unique2 and colorful..hehe

Muhadiela said...

mak tak dpt beli 1 psg pon hr tuh nahhh...sakit plak mase mak try2 tuh.tkt menggelecet plak nnt.mak bleh pakai wedges je skang nih.kaki mak dah mengembang.huhuhu.