Thursday, August 14, 2008

Acne Problems

i think, mine worst dari gambar tu :(

When I was younger(and Im still young :p), this was a big problem for me, and one thing I discovered was that jibes were more common than sympathy or advice :(

I hate my skin so badly.I tried so many remedies,name it..semua dah try. But I am so lucky because I never try to squeeze my spots! Believe me, I know the temptation but this leads to scarring. As I said before, I had incredibly bad acne, believe me, you dont want to see me :) Yups, ask any of my frens- No-g,Dayang, Diella,Syefa,Fieza,Baya,Wawa..I bet they will agree with me.

Just like everyone else, I tried everything, cried, went through depression, stayed home etc.Malu sangat, god knows how bad it was.Macam-macam I heard- dirt cause acne la, chocs la, itu lar.But actually both don't cause acne ( according to my doc)

Ive tried...
The cheapest way :

Kulit kayu manis +bedak sejuk
( ni mmg setiap malam pakai )

Gamat+bedak sejuk
(mmg bau tak best, tapi nk cantik try ajerla)

Bawang putih ( letak kt spots)
(ni mcm pedih2, tp sbb gatal tangan, letak jugak)

Acne care
Clinique Blemish Treatment

( ohh my god, I could honestly say that I have even spent tens of thousands of dollars on acne care, name it.Any skin care yg baru I will go and buy.) Mcm skin care hunting dah..
As I said earlier, I had tried various things ,drpd murah sampai yg mahal. And, the worst part is I had started to let my zits control my social in I'm not going out tonight or tomorrow or bila-bila laaa because I have a pimple and Im embarrassed. It became a painful, agonizing, self-esteem shattering cycle.

All didnt work on me,I then went to see dermatologist.He did the analysis and found that I had a hormone imbalance.Basically everyone has male (testosteron) and female (estrogen) hormones.
It is the male hormones which cause acne and ada disease process in ape follicle tah.Okay lecture over :p
And surprisingly, it doesnt cost me that much:
facial wash RM10,
toner RM20,
facial cream RM45 ( big size )
And this can long about..urmm 3 months..or more.

And now, I am back to normal..alhamdulillah.

So everyone, pls pls, dont be sad, it just a temporary period only.Once your hormonal changes dah okay, you will be back to normal, believe me.
Ingat, dont you ever try to squeeze your spots, habis tinggal parut, nanti lagi teruk.I hope my experience will be beneficial :)


mOmmyoftriplets said...

so case i yg mmg dah tinggal parut ni nk buat mcm mane?

nway ur skin is so ever gorgeous now babe!

p/s: i pun dulu rajin tau letak kayu manis tak jadi pape pun =(

jetsetter said...

Muka u mana ada parut yg teruk tu.Itu parut aa..bole ilang maaa..takes time sajaaa..:p
Haiyyah, mula mcm jessica alba,org dah tak tgk zits u okay:)

Retail Therapy said...

hahah...blushing u tau!

masalahnye dh lame sgt parut2 ni =(

Pink Stilettos said...

r u serious??

ur skin cam flawless giler skang, it's hard to believe u had really bad acne when u were younger! sebaik la u tak gatal tgn picit2 ek. tgn i gatal kalau jerawat dah masak. huhu.
tapi i byk chicken pox scars :(

p/s: bad male hormones!! ;p

The Queen Bee said...

which dermatologist u pegi? i nak recommend kat my hubby lah. he has acne since forever. haha.

tp skang kurang sikit.

ainA said...

which dermatologist u jumpe?
i had the same problem as urs :(
da 2 years smpi skang still having the same prob :(
da tak larat nk try mcm2 skin product tp result still the same and sometimes even worse..
help me help me

pet said...

halo, i still have the acne problem smpi skang. which dermatologist u jumpe eh. maybe i bole try i pakai himalaya pasal itu je yg paling sesuai ngan my skin.

jetsetter said...

ana,Queen Bee & Pet.
I went to Chang Skin Clinic ,Jln Pudu,mmg dekat ngn bus station tu mula2.Then lama2 tu I went to Ting Skin Clinic kat Jln Imbi.Not so far dari pavilion!
Go there..Im sure you will satisfied!

Sarah said...

if you berani, you go to a plastic surgeon and ask for chemical peel on your face. parut you will hilang and kulit pun halus mcm baby. but be warned... imagine your whole face luka and then dia akan terkupas lepas tu. i saw some women did it and she said sakit jg la buuut after that she looks soooo much better. no more lobang and she looks 10 times more younger hehe.

Anonymous said...

so skrg u rase any side effects x?
series berminat dgn ur recommendation