Thursday, August 14, 2008

I dont care!!!

Im writing this because I miss my mom so deeply .Fyi, my mom stays at my brother's house since last week and I cant bear in mind she's apart.I hope she will coming back soon!!And yesss I want her to stay with me forever~ I dont care what ppl say.ooohhh yes, I am a baby..yes I am childish , and yes I am married ( but it's not the reason for me to stay away from her kan?)
Ummi never fails to give me her best in what ever she does...not just for me but for my 4 other siblings too......Ummi never once put herself before anyone of us including arwah ayah...),she has gone thru alot in her life and I can assure you that all my siblings truly feel deeply for her...hence we would do anything to make her happy...She's the loveliest person ,at least to me.
Much love :)

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