Monday, December 29, 2008


I will update on my part 2 journey soon.I have to attend few occasions, so..hmm I am BUSY!

p.s: Hanis, I minum starbucks ,tiba2 best la pulak..hahah
GEDIK sungguh!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Journey Part 1

Here at the train station.

Seriously, I have nothing to write. Rasanya dah tulis dulu2 abt trip to Paris,so tatau ape nak kata dah. Anyway, we travel everywhere by metro(train),reason?, it is cheap than others :-) The Paris Metro system was very efficent and extremely easy to use, there will be a metro stop just about anywhere you go!!
But sometimes, it is quite confusing as the stations have multiple entrances and exits.The most important thing is to make a note on the way in which station you went into.We bought the "one day pass" ticket for Euro18.50 pp( +-RM92.5). A great deal - it eliminates the need to figure out how much to pay for a ticket for any other ride you are likely to take.

So the journey to La Vallee Village (Metro stop at Val d'Europe, which translates to Valley of Europe) took about ..umm 2 hrs( termasuk tunggu train, tukar2 train, rest jap..itu ini) Takda ape sgt pun kt situ, sale (it's called soldes in French)
pun tak berapa best,ohh ya which reminds me, ada la Ferragamo/Bally shoes at RM400-RM800( harga ni memanggil-manggilku :p)
How I wish I can stay there after xmas (heard sale after xmas sgt best). At the La Vallee there many retail shops,some are expencive,some are average.
What your budget allows you ;-)

We had our lunch at the Chinese restaurant. We had plan earlier to go Disneyland Paris ( as I loveeee rides,minnie mouse..or anything about this fantasy world!) During our lunch, we had this discussion:
"hari ni tak sejuk sgt, bole je gi Disneyland"
"tp kalau nk gi Disneyland, satu hari tak cukup.And one more things, kita dah main most of the rides kan dulu."

"kalau camtu, jln2 cari pasal jela"

Next pit stop-- Sea Life.Marine life was the big inspiration to me :-) The best thing is, it is the biggest aquarium in the France region.Those who love to see unusual things within aquariums such as wrecks, will find the decorations in the tanks absolutely great.Tickets sell at Euro15 pp (RM75+-)for adults.And it is free for children aged 3 and under.

Next, we had our all-time fav ice-cream:Ben&Jerry.

As I said in my previous post, I love any decorations. So, I was so busy looking at all the Christmas decor. Then, went to supermarket.Hmm..this is a must do list for me.Going to supermarket.Finding anything yg pelik2.Mcm bole spend one day je kt situ.Paling suka, cari food yg pelik2.Seryess best.Satisfaction!Call me weirdo or anything..this is me!
Went to sight seeing at town.then headed straight to airport to take our shuttle back to hotel.Seriously,I had fun.Even though, I am not allowed to shop anything except foods , I had a very pleasant day.Yups, I keep on telling myself..again and again.It's really been bothering me!!
Maggie mee became our best friend during this journey.We had a very romantic dinner together at the hotel,menu?
maggie mee

nice huh?!:-)

Hmm, will update more on our next journey.Now, will you excuse me, I have a wedding to attend :-)
To be continued...

Saturday, December 27, 2008


As the purpose of this posting is to pass on my very positive experience of travelling to Paris.Let's start with my journey on my first day.Hmm,1050pm , I checked in for my flight for Paris and boarded it.Guess who I met? My idol!We had lil chats and guess what?

Alhamdulillah for everything.

"OMG, bestnya jadi you, bole travel sana sini"
"'s weird..bcos I wanna be YOU."
( If I were to be her -pretty face, rich..and the list goes on!)

So one thing Ive learned, to thank Allah for who I am.Rezeki masing-masing,kan? I wanna be her, and yet, she wished she was me!Bukan senang pun nak jd Camellia, bnyk benda nk kena pk, siapa tahu susah payah dia,btol tak?Kita nampak luaran saja.And yups, you have no idea what I've been through in my life.Thanks to Apeng who always be there for me.
Other than that,I was sleeping most of the time on board:-) .I only woke up at 630am(Msia time),watched "Aku Bukan Bujang"and had my breakfast.
Will let you know what happen next.

to be continued...
p.s: I love myself to the bits:-) Yippie!


Friday, December 26, 2008


Im back!!! Will update soon :-).
Now, I need to recharge*wink
Miss you guys..muah.

Monday, December 22, 2008


U ask me where I wanna go,so here, let me confess:
  • Beach
  • camping
  • backpacking..bole?!
  • waterfall....
  • theme park?
  • OR maybe Bali ( cos we love anything about Bali)
I reckon we should go somewhere..hmm with spa/massage?:p
The whole day, we were at our new house, tunggu org itu, org ini dtg. I have to settle everything before off to somehere. Finally, I am satisfied with all my hard works.Yay~Anyway, we had our dinner at Thai restaurant, as I was so eager to try this place.
"kita ni cari makan jauh2, kt Shah Alam bnyk benda kan"
"tula, try jela.."
But yet, I dont fancy here. Our food was so-so,frustrated.OR maybe kami silap order kot, should have order something else!BUT This restaurant had a nice atmosphere, night.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Saturday

I believe a wise wife will learn to love sports if her husband does :-) I don't know about you all, but when I met my husband he was a big football watcher and footballer too..and of course he is so good! He's a huge football fan!!And what I've learned is try to get interested in whatever sport husband likes, football of course! Now trust me, in the beginning I thought I would die it was so boring... but now that I've learned the rules and have favorite footballers ( Guess who aa..)... I actually really enjoy watching it with him.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Be grateful of what we have ! I wonder how this guy feels when this sort of things happen.Alhamdulillah for everything!

p.s: Been watching every episodes.
Now he's getting better after the surgery :-)

Those Memories~

I miss those memories. Spending time with my precious friends.By the way, Im so excited, my darling Diella,has given birth to a baby daughter.Yippie~
Will update SOON :-)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Permaisuri dan Jenaka :-)

...hahahahaha..You go Queen Rania!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Girls..Gedik Day Out :)

Don't you love girls days filled with pedicures, lunch and a massage ??I wish!
Hari ini hari gedik outing bersama kawan-kawanku :-). Dah lama plan ngn Leen nak kluar, tp selalu tak jadi. Ader je tak kena.
Had this conversation with Leen last night:
"Dear, nak gi kuar tak?laki u kerja kan"
"nak..!!!JOM!mana ek nak gi?"
"JOM gi Sunway Lagoon.Main2 air !"
"Hmm..bole gak..I nak gi Scream Park...kul bape?I pg sok dah ada kt Subang Parade, nnti u bgn u gimme a call lar"
"Ha..ok..I bgn je I call u!"

And on the same night, I had yahoo chat with Hanis:
"Jom tgk movie sok..Wednesday!"
"Citer aper?I hantu DVD/download, so semua dah tgk"
"wild child??"
"ala..dah tgk....Urmm..Leen ajak Sunway Lagoon,nak gi?"

After I had finished my workout, Leen called me:
"dear, nak gi Sunway Lagoon tak?"
"I tak kesah..sape lagi ni?Hanis?tanya Hanis mcm mana"
"Urmm..nnti I call Hanis"

Earlier, I had packed :-). I have everthing in my gym bag.Kata nak gi Sunway Lagoon kan?Mcm pocket doraemon.
  • swimwear
  • sunblock

So, Leen called again and told me that she wanted to eat Traditional Javanese Food at The Curve.We had to cancel our Sunway Lagoon trip due to some circumtances. Hanis was at OU that time, so we have to wait for her.

Finally!Hanis pun sampai. My perut.."kriokk" already!
Then, Leen wanted to survey for some furniture items at IKEA. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but, I love IKEA,yups.There's something about this brightly-lit, Swedish store chock full of stylish-yet-simple goodies at really great prices.And..of course all the decor!
Bila dah jalan-jalan cari pasal tu, Hanis ajak ke Starbucks.Urm, knowing Hanis, she loves coffee too badly.But this time I have to pass,cos I dont like offence yah,(wah dgn jujur sekali I kata tau !)* pernah la minum free zaman dolu2 time Diah kerja part time situ..heheh

We had our routine "gedik photo",susah btol sbb takda org nak amikkan.

I had fun.So many things to catch up with Leen. When Leen was in Spore, I always plan to meet her, go there and meet her! She is the strongest most selfless person I know! We love to talk about career and our future plans. Thanks Leen.Love you.Being out in the lovely gym today, I was able to think a lot about my future plans ;p *wink
Thanks to Hanis who came all the way from Cheras. We talked, laughed and shared so many things!Yet I discovered that we had many things in common. Even though Hanis had known me only mm..(in a short time),she treated me as a"friends forever"
It is not juat a Girl's day out, it's more than that :-)
p.s: Next... "spore day trip" maybe or lingerie hunt :p??


Kenduri Yong Peng

Here are the photos at Yong Peng. Apeng's bro finally got married on 13th December 2008 at 11am :-) The nikah was held at Masjid and the reception was at..Dewan Org Ramai (kot;p)

Semua berjalan lancar.Yours truly and my husband's lil sis,bz je amik gambar.Org tgh nikah, kami kt blakang bz bergosip.Ader je cerita kan? I was so hungry that morning so I cant concentrate :p So, after nikah, kami terus gi mkn. After that semua org balik sbb nk siap2 tuk sanding ptg pula.

230 petang, acara sanding.Kami dah tertidur kt rumah pun.Bangun je lakiku suh siap nak gi Dewan. Sampai sana, kami bergambar and mkn beradab lagi.Tp best gak duk meja pengantin, pastu mkn sesuka hati, bole?Pastu, kami balik utk prepare untuk esoknya :-)