Thursday, December 4, 2008


When I was a kid, my birthday was a second best to Raya.Though it was not as elaborate, it was a day set aside special just for me :-).(I celebrated myself because my family didnt celebrate birthday.We are from kampung and so far, nadaa celebration :-)

I can still remember arwah ayah & umi bought me a bicycle,it really was nothing spectacular but to me at that time, it was the most beautiful bike I had ever seen :-) ( considered it as my birthday gift, kami org kampung, birthday semua ni takda ye )
nak taknak, buatla sendiri ( bnyk tgk tv so nak la gak merasa birthday party mcm mana)

How ?
I bought candles myself (satu kotak around 80 cents)- , and then cucuk candles kat tanah liat yang dah dibuat ala2 kek kat blakang rumah and..lalaallaaalalala..nyanyilah lagu happy birthday :-)
Masa tu rasa kek birthday yg cantik tu mahal sgt!!
So sweet kan?I was the only girl so main la sorang2!
2 of my brothers were overseas and 1 was in a boarding school.Another 1 brother was at home -still in Primary school( that explain why, I am sooo rapat with abg ha.) tp dia laki, so takda la main benda2 camni :p

Now, Im married to the man of my life.The problems is..he will always ask what I wanted for my birthday! Im hoping for surprise tho.
"you nak ape birthday you?"
"you bgtau la aper..I tatau aper"
"gimme idea pls"

Dgn malu-malu kucing usually I will always say
"tak payah la.."
"tak kesah la..u bgla ape u nak bagi.I ok jerrr"
"Ala..tak payah pun takpe "
( in other way bg la aper2)hahaha,double meaning.

Ended up, I got nothing.Which remind me..I didnt get this year birthday gift and last year birthday gift. Pity me! I think because of my ayat
"ala..tak payah pun takpe"

Hati kering sungguh suamiku.

My birthday will be coming soon, 4th February 2009 ( lambat lagi actually), and he already asked me.Hmm..just now I had a chit-chat with neeza.. coincidently, my husband and his husband mintak leave for our birthday :-)
I guess it is the sweetest things in our life, kan neeza?
This things startled me!
My husband provides me food, shelter,clothing, holidays..bla bla bla..
Aper lagi yang tak cukup??Semua bestt~
In fact, more than enough!
He is not forced, however, to spend beyond his capability and I am not entitled to make unreasonable demands :-)
My rights also extend beyond material needs, as I have the right to kind treatment,kan?
Everything I wanted, everything I needed. Everything I thought I would never find.

IF you are reading this right now, if I say
"tak payah la, means seriously TAK PAYAH"

But If I want something I will directly kata :

"Iwant this..I want that..bla bla bla"

"can I have....bla bla bla"

And for you la to judge bole ke tak,keh? Kalau tak mintak tak dapat kan? :p Baik terus terangkan? You told me earlier, I have to ask for it kan?Bcos you cant read my mind. Kang kalu u bagi hadiah as surprise, kalau I tak suka mcm mana pula kan?

But deep inside, I will always remind myself that you had given so much in my life and I will always remind myself where I came from.
"Ada org seumur hidup nak mkn pun payah ,nikan pula nk celebrate birthday"
Your love for life has always brought a richness to our lives.

With you by my side, anything is possible.
I love you with all that I am and ever hope to be

If I were granted just one birthday wish, it would be to see you and me happily ever after:-)



CikChelsea said...

owh sgt romantik kakakku...
saya sampai lenguh pp sebab asik sengih sorg diri di depan laptop..gagaga :p

The Mrs-Bride said...

ohh.. this is the sweetest entry!! :) :)

Ayu said...

Saya slalu sggah blog ni, jgn marah ye.. Ikut link kt blog org lain. This post ni sgt lah typical me. N other women too, i guess. Sgtlah benar. Kenapa xboleh surprise kan? Surprise sgtlah mengujakan, murah pun xpe kan.. Better than asking us what we want.. Nway, gudluck utk b'day kali ni, n smoga kekal happy dgn Mr Hubby slama2nya.. : )

dialicious said...

Ala..comelness!i could imagine u were singing alone on the tanah liat cake..sgt touching key!kelaka la u ni fadd.hihi
Aman is one lucky hubby;p but its normal for a guy who takes directly of what we say.Sometimes kite segan tp die betol2 percaya je!hahah.Dat shows dat Aman is not a womanizer n he doesnt have many girl frens.Mcm my fiancee pun x pandai surprise2 but he got some ideas fr my bestfrens.haha.
If u really2 want sumthing 4 ur bday,u gotta really tell the product code,size and color of the stuff.Men x pandai double2 meaning.hihi.
But if u dun expect anything then jez ckp xnak.Sbb kalo ckp bagilah ape2 mungkin nanti jd pembaziran.hehe
Nway,u r a perfectly sweet wifey!

f.i.e.z.a said...

sweeeettt like sugar laaa faddd.u're soooo lucky!nuff said. :)

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

fadddd, u ni sgt lar creative tau. i tgh bayangkn u tiup lilin kt cake tanah liat itew. patut lah now u rajin organise suprise2 party ni..kirenye qada' yg dolu2 tak celebrate ek

n, we r in the same boat die. everytime bday hubby tanye nk ape..sure jwb tak payah kn. and diorang pun dgn lurusnye take our words (mungkin ini angakara mereka housemate kot...hahaha)

but then again u r rite...they provide us everything 24/7... so apa lar sgt birhtday tu, considering that takyah tunggu bday...every single day we are blessed with love and needs (memandangkn kami ni hsewife kn).... so wat mroe can we ask for

The Queen Bee said...

sweetnye u!

for me birthday i pun segan nak mintak2. i just nak dia volunteer sendiri bagi hadiah. tak payah la kite hint2 kan. kalau dia bg lebih bermakna. ;)

i masa kecik2 plak WAJIB ade birthday. kalau takde tu rasa mcm tak best. maybe sbb i pun dibesarkn di kl.

schazwany hameed said... sweet la u ni!!

u suke part u tiup lilin tu..hehee

comel je u ni la! ;)

jetsetter said...

Shaz- U know why I dont call u Wani :-)..heheh Nway, thanks tau zaman kanak-kanak.