Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Movie Day

It was an interesting movie-bole layan la :-).
The story tells of two childhood friends; Los (Hans Isaac) and Faun (Adlin Aman Ramlie) who come to Kuala Lumpur to make a living. Together they have a gift to help people find their misplaced belongings. They soon become well-recognised and are seen on TV.

Everytime I go to see a Afdlin Shauki movie,I have high expectations.Mmm,but what I hate in this movie.."mcm ada sumthing missing". What I love most?"The BrokeBack mountain Scene"
By the way, the comedy behind it is absolutely hilarious with a combination of slapstick and intelligent humour.This investigative comedy introduces something fresh to the Malaysian industry, as we don't normally see this on the big screen ( but please, it's nothing like Hollywood-ohh pls dont compare)
Last but not least Malaysia Boleh!
p.s: Thanks Baby for taking me out :)


Anonymous said...


sukala sling bag u tu. mana beli?


p/s: baru plan nak tgk los and faun weekend ni!

jetsetter said...

hi Shahi
( Im sure this is ur name ),
Thanks for dropping :-)
My sling bag?Ohh.thanks dear.
Kt KL pun ada this bag :-)
I love sling bag jugak, nak nak bila tgk wayang.Rasa cam senang nk jalan :-)

CikChelsea said...

mana beli?
butik LV lorr
hihih :p

(tlg jwbkn bg pihak)


n33za said...

u're at cineleisure today?me kat ikea n curve jerla..till hubby kene call up,potong btol!hehe

jetsetter said...

I kat OU :-).Jauhnya u jalan dear!Mehla rumah I lain kali..

Wah wah, pandai sungguh kamu ye ;p

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

i wanna watch that bride war jugakkkkk!!! bile ek release???

Anonymous said...

i love ur sling too..mind sharing how much?4k is it?so lovely...u beli kat oversea ke kat kl?

jetsetter said...

ano- hi there!thanks cos u like my sling :-)*blushing.
I bought overseas dear:-)
Sini rega mahal sikit.