Monday, December 15, 2008

Balik Kampung

Our home sweet home.
Woke up early to clean my house before balik kampung.We made a quick trip to balik kampung ... so quick in fact that we spent not even 4 days ( spent 3 days 2 nights only) in the hometown. Oh, I dont have time to get the compulsory balik kampung makan- nasi beriani/ mee rebus- makanan Johor.Once, Ummi told me "rumoh kecik takpo, asal besih.Bersyukur dgn apo yg ado"
Alhamdulillah.I am very thankful to Allah.
I do love my house, allthough we are renting this house.
Nice peoples,good location, nice area. Ohh..I just love this place!
We had planned to leave for Yong Peng on Friday morning but because of the kesulitan tidak dapat dielakkan, I only reached Yong Peng at 530pm. Our Pit stop -lunch at Chinese Muslim Restaurant somewhere in Seremban..again!!!:-0 .Hanim, layan jela yerrr :-),oh tp yg u masak sedap gak tau.
As we reached Y.Peng, everybody were busy.Wedding day kan, harus semua busy.
We slept at my sweet sis aka Cik Na's room that night.
Thanks sweetheart for letting us tumpang.


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