Friday, November 28, 2008

Love this!

Taken took me by a surprise! What I thought was going to be a mindless action flick turned out to be quite entertaining!!!!!
And please , watch this movie before you board to Paris!
Please be careful when you are travelling alone or under age-there's a bunch of nasty ppls who turn young girls into drug-addicted prostitutes.Stay away from the stranger!
I should remind myself over and over again!


Movie of the Day

I watched Madacasgar 2:Escape to Africa with my beloved apeng last wednesday,(not bad huh.)

This time, Alex, Gloria, Melman and Marty try to fly back home to New York. Unfortunately, they end up crash-landing somewhere in Africa.The action comes as fast as the laughs do, forcing us or viewers to immerse themselves in the spirited fantasy world of Madagascar.
There's no need to go back to the zoo; Alex and friends should be allowed to run free forever :-)

I had a great day ,thanks to you baby.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Aktiviti Petang

Ever flown a kite ? Well, that’s most of us isn’t it! I read somewhere , an excellent ways to gain a feel for aerodynamic forces is to fly a kite :-)

When flying kites was still a popular past time among children ( obviously ramai kanak-kanak di sana ) I feel the excitement with unpredictable winds, as this helps the kite go really high. (Tp yang terbangkan layang-layang itu adalah lakiku :p, takda la effort aku sgt!)
This is our "bonding moments", much like watching DVDs, Akademi Fantasia/ Sehati Berdansa on Saturday or..Awan Dania :-p
Muchas gracias to Syauqi and Hanim. Few reasons to say thank you :-
1. Ajak kami join sama ur "bonding moments"
2.bawa kami naik kereta kamu, supaya kami takyah drive :-) and the car..cantik menawan tertarik mmg the BOMB :)
3.Bawa kami jalan-jalan .. sampai park/playground, mcm overseas !I loikeee~
4.Sediakan kami dinner...ya-be-da-bedu!
*I love the dessert so much.Yummy sedapp okeh!

Like any other hobby, flying kites is also an art, requiring dedication from a person.

Living Life is, in a way, like flying a kite.

*Tiba-tiba teringat Benjamin Franklin, bole?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Selamat menunaikan Haji

This December, my lovely Aunty Zai & Uncle Najeeb, my brother and wife :Abg Sam & K.Zah and more than 2 million Muslims from around the world converged on Saudi Arabia to participate in the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to the holy site of Mecca.
To both of you :
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Hope everything goes well and yups, pls pray for us too :-)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hatiku berbunga :-)

Each time we had our date, hatiku berbunga :-)
Few mths ago, apeng and I decided to set aside once a week as our date night.( tak bole nak letak hari ape bcos of his working schedule tak tentu ada ke tak) and we have "pizza night" on Saturday ( while watching reality shows; AF,Sehati Berdansa...)
You may ask why gedik sgt nk buat "date night" after marriage. Mmm..It helps us to discover more of each other, understand each other’s dreams, share ideas about betterment of career (obviously his career..heheh). After marriage every couple feels that they understood about each other very well. .(tp kdg2 bnyk lg yg tak paham..) We talk from our heart which you may not be doing in everyday routine. Then we will understand we are missing ‘something’.
TP..ckp benda2 camtu kat rumah pun boleh kan?Takyah la nk kuar2.
BUT..this is our way :-) Saja suka-suka.Tukar2 environment.
You don’t have to go out nak buat benda2 camni kan,kt rumah pun boleh...dining on a candlelit dinner alone in the house,will be a great idea... romantik kan?Ok per..
The dinner itself is more comfortable and save cost!
Urmm, time bf-gf uptown jela, no fancy place yer :p ( ohh no offense..I love going to uptown, in fact skang pun pergi )What I mean is..masa bf-gf , apeng taknak bawak gi fancy places sbb dia taknak mbazir kot..hehehhe. Ntah la, apsal ek, sampai skang pun aku duk pk kenapakah...( ke sbb kalau tak jadi kahwin rugi??)Bole pk camtu?hahahha
So,ape2 pun setiap org ada cara mereka.Terpulanglah :-)
p.s:Thanks baby :-)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rayyan's Sports Day

I am trying my best to be a good aunty :-), at least I am trying!
I tried to attend his sports day, mm some more..seronot! Tp rupanya kejap je, sampai2 Rayyan dah dpt pun his trophy! Semua mcm his age, tp ada jugak yg 2 yrs kalau tak silap.

Oh ya, Rayyan is 3 yrs old by the way.. And the parents are not pushing him to attend school. saja suka- suki nak suh dia kawan-kawan. Activity pun cam main-main, pastu blaja colouring, benda2 budak-budak :)
For me, young children grow rapidly, both physically and mentally, and thrive on learning new skills and gaining experience. A good start in life provides a good foundation for the rest of their life and the more they can learn, the better skills and development they stand to have.

Ada country kt Europe, they provide free early learning for 3&4 yrs old,am I right?
Takpela Rayyan, janji u had fun, cukupla. I am so proud of you!

I love you
You love me
we're a happy family
with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
won't you say you love me too

Moksu loves you!

Walk In Closet

Ever since ,Im small, I wish to have THIS!
Well, one day..I wish! :-)
At the moment, Im busy designing our house, let see if I can turn this :

Living hall

Dry and wet kitchen

Dining area

and of course our room :-) into our dream house :-)

wish me luck peeps!


My Bro'sNew Bundle of Joy :-)

K.Fuz chose to give birth at Annur Hospital, Bangi. . Her water broke that night and she started having contractions. Although,my lovely K.Fuz was initially against delivering her baby by C-section, she really wasn't left with an option.
Abg ha& K.Fuz welcomed baby Zahra on 9th November at 11.55 am :-)

I dunno y BUT Im so happy..and excited!

K.fuz doing great and now is out of Annur Hospital . She’s never been happier and healthier. She is absolutely radiant and enjoying nesting.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Diella's Day

Earlier, we had lunch at Mid Valley.
I had plan to surprise Diella since..hmm..HER BIRTHDAY!!But some of our friends couldnt make it bz bz.Syefa just got married, hana too bz with her studies or wutsoeva :p, Maslin went for honeymoon, shifting new place bla bla nak taknak, buat jela. This what I call - Emergency Duo Celebration- Belated birthday+baby shower. Since Diella EDD will be next month so I guess I should shower her with something :-).
I bought some food ,dessert, and some deco thingy, just to surprise her.
I am sorry dear, I wish I can make...lg bagusss . Hopefully lain kali eh, and I promise! :-)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I had a great weekend. Enjoying every moment .No need to go mall to have fun, right?This one marvellous!

I have nothing to say , let the pics tell you :-).
Oh by the way, Jenan won that day: 6-1 :-)

p.s: Im busy and tired,later! :-)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthday Celebration~

Okeh, went to Aunty Nor+ Uncle 's house to celebrate their birthday. Urm, foods were not that good ( ni aunty ckp keh) Ohh, party ni actually sedara mara saja so I have to kaburkan pic aunty sbb dia actually pakai hijab ( ni kt rumah and dia malas nk gi amik tudung )...But then again, this couple sgt romantik! Siap ada birthday dance lagi :-)
Malas nk amik gambar bnyk2, my husband was sooo bz with his food :p
To Aunty+Uncle:
Happy Birthday both of you!
* i need beli face powder baru lerrr, yg ni asyik minyak je muka..yuckss.Any idea ape yg bagus?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Ingat , Perlukah?

Ohh I am so lucky because my husband has a good memory ...he always remember our special dates!( my husband kata dia mmg igt date, lain je dia lupe)..What is diff btw me and him??- I can remember what I did or spoke on a particular day or anything happened in few years back, remember every detail, including the words they had spoken and the people I met.
How lucky I am!

"igt tak kita pernah gi sini dulu?"
"bila kita gi sini?"

"eh, kita pernah jumpa dia kan"
"ada ke?"

" dia kata bla bla bla"
"ye ke?"
"kan u dgr jugak"
"ada ke?ckp pe?bila?"

mmm..Grrrr :-p

My husband or men ;they are better at storing a seemingly endless cache of facts or figures. And my husband always help me in anything ( my husband is very good in decision-making ..hence everything always fab-u-lous!!!) He helps me ..almost in EVERYTHING- He guides me anytime.Taking care of me. .., so this how we complement each other -I will always be his PA and remind him over and over again.That's part of my duty as a wife kan ?

Baby, here are the occasions, I urge you to remember, and plsss :-)

( whom we talked to)

What did ppl say ( sbb selalunya bila remind balik you will ask me back- " ha..dia ckp camtu ke?")


AND Im sorry..I was wrong about you...Well peeps, my husband igt semua our special dates :-) my bad!

p.s: I always admire the way you love me and fulfill my dreams. I love you so badly,and thanks for loving me.