Monday, November 3, 2008

Ingat , Perlukah?

Ohh I am so lucky because my husband has a good memory ...he always remember our special dates!( my husband kata dia mmg igt date, lain je dia lupe)..What is diff btw me and him??- I can remember what I did or spoke on a particular day or anything happened in few years back, remember every detail, including the words they had spoken and the people I met.
How lucky I am!

"igt tak kita pernah gi sini dulu?"
"bila kita gi sini?"

"eh, kita pernah jumpa dia kan"
"ada ke?"

" dia kata bla bla bla"
"ye ke?"
"kan u dgr jugak"
"ada ke?ckp pe?bila?"

mmm..Grrrr :-p

My husband or men ;they are better at storing a seemingly endless cache of facts or figures. And my husband always help me in anything ( my husband is very good in decision-making ..hence everything always fab-u-lous!!!) He helps me ..almost in EVERYTHING- He guides me anytime.Taking care of me. .., so this how we complement each other -I will always be his PA and remind him over and over again.That's part of my duty as a wife kan ?

Baby, here are the occasions, I urge you to remember, and plsss :-)

( whom we talked to)

What did ppl say ( sbb selalunya bila remind balik you will ask me back- " ha..dia ckp camtu ke?")


AND Im sorry..I was wrong about you...Well peeps, my husband igt semua our special dates :-) my bad!

p.s: I always admire the way you love me and fulfill my dreams. I love you so badly,and thanks for loving me.


cikc said...

wuuuu...jiwang..jiwangan...kekekek :p

shoe-addict-mom said...

haha.. men are born to be like that kot Fad. and, women are meant to remember the biggest or even the smallest things! u stay in subang? i go to subang a lot, coz my bro stays there. so, when to meet up?

shoe-addict-mom said...

babe, give me ur email add. we can 'chit-chat' there (in private)! hahahaha...

f.i.e.z.a said...

fad, he's so lucky to have u to spend his life with.. =)

haneebee said...

When 2 people complement each other, than the life will be perfect. =)

Pink Stilettos said...

u've been tagged, babe!

The Mrs-Bride said...

awww.. this is so sweetttt! :D

cdalan said...

this is ssooooo true. but there are events that men INGAT ok!

n again.

not all men are from mars,
and not all women are from venus.

i've read this somewhere..

btw, lucky u! n aman too!