Friday, November 28, 2008

Love this!

Taken took me by a surprise! What I thought was going to be a mindless action flick turned out to be quite entertaining!!!!!
And please , watch this movie before you board to Paris!
Please be careful when you are travelling alone or under age-there's a bunch of nasty ppls who turn young girls into drug-addicted prostitutes.Stay away from the stranger!
I should remind myself over and over again!



CikChelsea said...

Puan Fadd,
anda telah diberi anugerah
sile la dtg ambik di belog saya :D

Ninie said...

hi dear...u got award from me...take it @ my blog yaa

The Mrs-Bride said...

dear, thanks for the wish!! insyaAllah ur time will come soon.. *amen*

p.s. u've been TAGGED!! sila baca kt blog i okeh.. :D