Friday, November 14, 2008

Walk In Closet

Ever since ,Im small, I wish to have THIS!
Well, one day..I wish! :-)
At the moment, Im busy designing our house, let see if I can turn this :

Living hall

Dry and wet kitchen

Dining area

and of course our room :-) into our dream house :-)

wish me luck peeps!



cdalan said...

wowee..thrill thrill ni.

updet updet k

The Mrs-Bride said...

wahh.. GOOD LUCK babe! :D

jetsetter said...

k.shida- mmg sgt thrill! giller nk jd Eric Leong wannabe pulak???peluh2 ni.
anita- thanks.usaha tangga kejayaan kan??

f.i.e.z.a said...

ni apartment kat KJ tu ke?waaahh cant wait to see how its look like after d deco.hehe.
all the best!

miss spoilbrat said...

wahh.. i love the walk in wardrobe. jgn lupa update tau ;)

..She's sO €iRa.. said...

wah dear, pindah mane tu?

Mrs. Amie said...

good luck! what else? i'm in love with the wardrobe.. lagi besar, lagi cool!yeay!

probably ur neighbour said... this sterling @PJ?

jetsetter said...

hey neighbour!
Urmm r u staying there?