Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A day With ...THEM! :-)

Dear Kids,
We love you so much :-)
Pn.Hanim & En.Syauqi,
Thanks for the day-outing :-). Lain kali sila plan lagi.
Yours Truly.

The Call to write :Love or Rebound?

Getting married is once in a lifetime decision for many people. When people wish to get married, invariably all of them expect a full life together.
Some ask me, why did I get married at the age of 23? Love? Lust? Rebound?
To answer that Q, let me tell you that, I am so lucky, I am married to the guy that I love most..and there are few other reasons why I chose him, vice versa. As a muslims, I'm sure many of us aware " Panduan Memilih Pasangan dlm Islam".

Rasulullah s.a.w pernah bersabda, “Seorang wanita itu dinikahi kerana empat; kerana hartanya, kerana keturunannya, kerana kecantikkannya dan kerana agamanya. Maka hendaklah kamu mengutamakan yang beragama, nescaya kamu berbahagia

We are not in a western countries, marrying somebody for tax purposes.( ive read this somewhere) maybe it is a wise financial choice in terms of tax breaks( for that person).

Kami tak pernah plan to get married that early.Jodoh dah sampai ..jodoh, ajal maut ditangan tuhan ..sgt 'cliche' kan?.I am so lucky, my husband somebody yang pk about future. Married at 23( husband 24), 2yrs honeymoon year and then bla bla bla...

The Qur'an says: "Your wives are a garment for you, and you are a garment for them." (2:187) So a husband and wife complete each other .

I'm quite envy towards my friend, who already ada 4 anak( triplets+extra sorang) at the age of 26! Imagine when the anak2 masuk Uni, she's only 40's or maybe 50's, and masih ada kudrat nak jalan-jalan honeymoon dengan husband! And , maybe some of us still struggling besarkan anak-anak maybe at primary/secondary school at that age.Look at the bright side! Lucky her sbb dapat Mr.Right. Some r not that lucky, bertahun tunggu jodoh,tak sampai2 jugak. BUT kena igt, jodoh tak sampai depan mata, usaha+tawakal :)

Back to my story, Ive talked to my husband's friend a few mths ago.Let me address her as Mr.X. He told me that ,he met few gals that end a long term relationship and jump into a brand new relationship.Some people find that the quickest way to stem the tide of emotion is to jump into another relationship and it is called rebound.

This is the scenario :
Mr.X : Let say apeng/aman taknak kawin time tu, pastu ada org ajak u kahwin,u nak tak?Org tu dah stable, semua ada.
Me : I nak kahwin dgn dia!
Mr. X : Tp apeng/aman taknak kawin time tu. dah ada org ajak u kahwin ni.Dia bagi u semua benda. Org tu syg u tau. Bukan ke perempuan selalu kata " marry someone who love you most, bukan you love most"
Me : I shall wait.
Mr X : nak jadi andartu kah?

* then takkan nak main kahwin je ....semata-mata sbb taknak dilabel kahwin lambat, or semata-mata taknak org kata" ehh umur dah makin bnyk, tak kahwin2"..kann?? BUT AGAIN as i said earlier, I am so lucky because he wanted to marry me!

The qur'an also says "And of everything we created a pair, that happily you may remember." (Qur'an 51:49)

What will you do if you are in this situation ? Ive met few ppls yang kahwin dengan org yang mereka tak suka or not in love-(rebound) but ended up, the marriage turn well! In fact sgt bahagia! BUT ada jugak, seumur hidup mengungkit! Ada saja tak kena.

Sometimes, having an immediate relationship takes your mind off your ex, correct?Instead of reminiscing about the past and wallowing in what might have been, you are actually out there enjoying life.You no longer feel bored and lonely. Your self-esteem is soaring high.
You feel desirable and confident again. Somebody likes you! And being liked always feels great.
I dunno how to describe this. But ada jugak org yg kes nya sebegini:
Me : mm..kenapa kahwin dgn dia.kata tak suka..?
Y : sbb..org yg I nak taknak kahwin. Takkan nk tunggu sampai tua kot. So, sementara org dah nak..go ahead jela.Plus dia baik.
* maybe sbb jodoh takda and they can't get married.
Well,it's not wrong tho.
Good things about this, sometimes,you are happier than ..anyone else who basically "kahwin sbb cinta".New love -life,new environment.

BUT, getting married as a way to get even with someone ,only hurts the ones who love you and yourself.
AND, love alone is not a good reason to get married. Marriages succeed when there is a strong foundation of companionship built by the couple. A strong foundation for marriage includes compatibility, trust, and communication.Tak kesahla org tu rebound ke..love at the first sight ke...ONe thing I believe, cinta berteraskan agama itu adalah penting :-), pray Allah to make it a blessed marriage.

Love is a movement towards unity, towards oneness, and since God is One, "the closer the heart is to Oneness, the stronger the power of love is within it."

And somebody asked me, what IF..he is the right guy..love me and bla bla..BUT at last 'putus di tengah jalan"

My answer for this : We never know what happen next, what can we do, try our best to substain the r/ships and give our best. Berdoa bnyk2, semoga Allah sentiasa tolong.

At least IF ape2 jadi, kita dah usaha+tawakal, btul tak?IF tak lih jugak..ada hikmah la tu.(paham-paham jela)

p.s: Anita, I teringat Lagu 'Cinta" time summer camp :p

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big bag VS Clutch -Latest Trends?

Jessica Simpson with the newest upcoming trend,a day with clutch!

Oversized cluches will be latest trend :-).Usually, ppl wear clutch bag to the function and that's what I do pun. BUT I love big bag!! Senang, campak je semua, walla~terus kuar,semua ada!

If you haven't 'tried out' this trend yet, imagine holding onto a bag with your hands the whole time you're walking around and trying to rush to your next destination. I can feel glomorous,clutching it TETAPI it is very inconvenient to have to hold onto a clutch while carrying other things like paperbags, or nak dig out wallet esp if you have kids! btul tak?

BUT, if kuar for fancy lunch ke, dinner ke and no need to go anywhere, I think clutches for daywear/ nightwear .. really stylish and elegant..but it requires a certain lifestyle...I love clutches too! BUT I agree, they can be very annoying to carry, yet I always go back to my oversized handbags :)
I loike ..this Collection!!!
Ohh.. i think I've seen them carried with everything, even jeans! I found a clutch with an optional strap, so if you got tired of carrying it you could pop on the strap and voila, shoulder bag,the strap is skinny so would fit in the bag easily.

Posh Becham with Jimmy Choo's Fold-Over Day Clutch.!

If am not mistaken la, all this clutch trend ni started in 1980's. This is due to the over-exaggerated of fashion.

'Dynasty' the 1980s television fantasy soap

As you can see, Clothes done in contrasting colours with imposing shoulder pads.(ala-ala pemain American Football kan?) Hair..was mm..enormous! Make up was insanely obvious. So the Q, how could handbags compete? By being clutch bags. And, Slim envelopes were ideal. So, are we back to 1980's fashion trend? ehhhe.

Example of Envelope Clutch by Bottega Veneta

Is this for real?????Burberry has launched an online waiting list for its metal spike clutch.Oohh.. I have to pass :).Naah thank you. Tak kira la 'limited edition ke, waiting list ke, Burberry ke! No .No! Anyway, tak kesahla branded ke, takda nama ke asalkan the 'items' kena dgn gaya, am i right peeps?

To put it in a nutshell, it comes down to the same basic question. It's either fashion or comfort. Just like high heels :-)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Letter To A Friend

Dear Leen,
I miss you so much. When you are in Singapore, we stayed in touch constantly and met up with each other whenever it was practical to do( the last was..mm..Hanis birthday, right?).
I feel truly honored to have met you. You are a beautiful, warm, intelligent, and kind woman. I am mesmerized by your smile. Whenever we are together, you give me so much of your attention and time that I cannot truly believe I deserve it. For the love and friendship that you have shown me over the ..mm..(mths, maybe..ehheh), I can only express my deepest thanks.
I will always love you, you will forever be in my thoughts, and I will always be here if you need me.
Yours Truly :)

Weekend without Husband :-)

mmm..I love makan-makan! Last weekend, went to K.Ita's house for Raya Open house.( Org sini celebrate raya sebulan kan..) The foods..were super-duper yummy and bnyk sgt!!! She ordered semua the best! Kuih-muih jugak ada, air semua bagai ada. The best part, I ate almost EVERYTHING!! heheh..Mula-mula mkn kt luar, pastu masuk dlm makan lagi, pastu turun bawah mkn lagi..huhuhuhu. Melantak habis!

To K.Ita & Family,
Thanks for inviting me! Im sorry husband cannot make it..nnti nxt time I bawak dia keh?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Differences between wife & girlfriend
Wife is a HARIMAU, girlfriend is HARI HARI MAU
And some says: Wife is like TV, girlfriend is like Hand phone (HP)
At home watch TV, go out bring HP.
No money, sell TV. Got money change HP.
Sometimes enjoy TV, but most of the time play with HP.
TV free for life but HP, if you don't pay the services will be terminated
TV is big, bulky and most of the time old, but hand phone is cute, slim,curvy and very portable at any time.
Operational cost for TV is often acceptable, but for HP is high and oftendemanding,
Most important, TV got remote but HP don't have..
Last but not least,
TV do not have virus, but HP yes.. have VIRUS, once get it, HABIS LA..

so better choose TV
Upgrade to LCD or Plasma TV (Slim and Chun)
Less maintenance too especially they are easy on the electricity bills.
Is good to be safe than sorry.
credit to the person :-)

I read this somewhere.
Enjoy peeps!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

datuk Bollywood?;-)

Im quite shocked!
Maybe because when Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam said the reason ,he suggested that Shah Rukh Khan should get a' Datuk' from Melaka was because Shah Rukh Khan has helped promote Melaka as a tourist destination through his films 1 2 Ka 4 and Don hence attracting visitors to Melaka...
MELAKA 12 Okt. – Penganugerahan Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM) yang membawa gelaran Datuk kepada pelakon Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan adalah berdasarkan sumbangannya mempromosi negeri ini melalui filem lakonannya yang ditonton jutaan peminat seluruh dunia, kata Ketua Menteri, Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam....

Melaka will be well-known ?This menggalakkan org dtg beramai-ramai ke Malaysia-increase economy,btol?
*Parameswara( the founder of Malacca) must be proud of this-sbb SRK mempromosikan Melaka...:p! Parameswara, himself carried trade in Melaka.Within a short period of time, news about the town of Melaka begun to spread all over Malaya, Sumatra, Java and India which resulted in a large number of traders coming to trade in Melaka.
I don't blame Shah Rukh Khan for accepting the award. Thanks to him sbb datang buat film kt Malaysia.( plus Im a big fan of him too!!-My old time fav- Kuch Kuch Hota hai & Mohabbatein
:-) .Nangis wokeyyy.

From the coast of Ipanema
To the island of CapriAll the way to Kuala Lumpur
I will follow you wherever you may be
From the moment I first saw you
Knew my heart could not be free
Have to hold you in my arms now
There can never be another for me

* Rhythm Divine by Enrique Iglesias
mcm badan laki-ku kan?*perasan me!

So, are we awarding this guy 'datuk' for mentioning Kuala Lumpur in his song Rhythm Divine? :p
AND, are we awarding Manchester United boss sbb letak nama Malaysia kt billboard Old Trafford?
Oh ya, George Clooney & Zeta Jones pun berlakon kt Malaysia dulu kan?
*rolling eyes
Well,mungkin ada hikmah to award Shah Rukh Khan as a DATUK..kan?
who knows...:p
Im thinking this scenario :
Fella A :Tell me about this 'Datukship"
SRK : I got the opportunity to shoot 1 2 Ka 4 in Malacca and Don there and am really honoured by their awarding me a Datukship.
Fella A : Ohh..where exactly Malacca? I should go there too!
Hah..kan dah menggalakkan cuti-cuti Malaysia.
Am i right, peeps?
*rolling eyes
oops betta get going,cannot get Datuk by sitting in front of the pc!
housewife ada jadi Datuk ke?hehehe

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Call to write: Ex???

I didnt know where to start. I have a beautiful life. Happily married. Happy.Happy.Enough to say.No doubt.
I met this one makcik at my yoga class yesterday.

makcik : ooo..dah kawin ke?First love ke?sbb kawin muda!

Me : urmm..saya tatau first love mcm mana! I just want to marry him!

makcik : Ohh..ada ex tak?( im not sure why she asked me about this) Ni husband kenal lama ke?

Me : Ex?Scandal..ape2 la nama..semua ada. Yups few past before him, but not that serious.... Dgn husband 3 yrs kenal tp...mmg pernah broke up!basically, Im married to..my ex!

makcik : haaa...?

ape lagi nak kata?yups,i am married to my ex-bf. We broken up few yrs ago-time tu BF-GF la.( i cant remember few times ke tak) BUT yess..we are happier than before!

After all, kami belajar from mistakes. Urmm .( And heyy.. im not flirting around when i am still his GF!all the scandalous..teman tapi mesra ,flirt buddies, apply bila i am single ONLY!when im back to him..means im ONLY with him! nadaaa with someone else!) ..! Reason broke up: I was busy with classes and he was busy working ..Maybe rasa nk " have a break,have a kit-kat.."
Bila pk balik, we may have missed performing these three important things – affection, apology and action. When you know it’s your fault, forget about pride and hug him or her instantly. Apologize for your actions and promise not to do the same thing again, right?

Someone told me that keeping relatinships stronger do not depend only on the good things, but also on how bad things have changed you to become a better couple.

Lack of communication is one of the most important causes that could destroy a relationship. This is because men do not think the way as women do, and vice versa..kan? Because of this, we may think differently of the actions..
Regardless of how long you’ve been together, it is important to schedule a “quality time” that you and your partner could talk things out. You may disagree about hundreds of things during a conversation, but at least you know what the other likes and dislikes. *wink-talking through experience ni!!

*and plsss dont make assumption( as makcik2 kepochi) that "our broken up" disebabkan each of us ada affair.again, I am flirting when I am single ONLY!!

But, good things, after broken up, we analyze ourself. We started to love each other more n more! And the feeling yg mcm..I could not describe! and ..., I know that he is the one! Vice versa. I cant stop thinking about him, day..night..mana2 saja. vice versa.Kalau kuar ngn org lain pun sure teringat kat si dia....kalau ada org knalkan kt sape2 pun, bila kluar ngn org tu, sure cerita about him....the main topic- mmg pasal dia saja. Kesian org tu jadi listener pulak!
Bila dah broke up tu mcm rindu melampau pulak. Well, cliche' je bunyi kan- kalau jodoh tak ke mana?

One thing that you must understand is that it will take some effort to turn things in the right direction in your relationship. Any and all relationships take some nurturing to keep them healthy and happy. Always remember to stay calm. Arguing or raising your voice is not an option

Till then..
I love him so badly.
Now and forever.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


una grande famiglia felice ( one big happy family)

Yay~ while waiting for la mia meta( my other half) back from his work.I am so busy browsing my sis' blog and guess what Ive found? Mia famiglia! This picture was SUPPOSED to have me & husband !! But we were late..dammit!~
Hey, Im so lucky,I am part of them now! yups,one big happy family!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celebrating Eid

OMG.I cant believe Im blogging today....during hari raya!

Last night was fun. All the masak-masak thingy, date with Mr.Tv( ada bnyk drama kat tv, tatau mana nk tgk dah!) .I loveeee Raya eve so much. Apeng & me celebrated Raya at our house.

This morning,we went for the morning Raya prayer.Then ,we had some photography sessions at our place with Ummi & my bro's family.( thanks to them, sbb dtg all the way from Bangi )

12.45 pm, husband off to work -He'll be back on 4th October !!. Although we missed family in Yong Peng & Besut very much, we thank Allah as we still managed to have a very pleasant Hari Raya....yay!!~

And now, this happy girl is surfing the internet during Hari Raya!! :-)

Selamat Hari Raya peeps!
Sorry for all wrongdoings.