Wednesday, October 8, 2008


una grande famiglia felice ( one big happy family)

Yay~ while waiting for la mia meta( my other half) back from his work.I am so busy browsing my sis' blog and guess what Ive found? Mia famiglia! This picture was SUPPOSED to have me & husband !! But we were late..dammit!~
Hey, Im so lucky,I am part of them now! yups,one big happy family!


cikc said...

jgn sedey2 akak ku syg
nt awk posing la lawa2 dgn hubby awk
then kite super imposed saje la
hihih =P

~LIZA~ said...

family besar ni best.. meriah :D

dialicious said...

alamak..xnampak muka pon..kecik2 je..heheh..sbb dh ramai sgt org kot

shoe-addict-mom said...

ramainyaaaaaaaa!! best best! everytime raya, sure meriah..

cdalan said...

u r tagged!

cdalan said...

u r tagged!