Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A day With ...THEM! :-)

Dear Kids,
We love you so much :-)
Pn.Hanim & En.Syauqi,
Thanks for the day-outing :-). Lain kali sila plan lagi.
Yours Truly.


mOmmy of Triplets said...

We luv u too aunty fadd and uncle apeng!!!
mOmmy been wanting to write about our outing together tapi since we dont quite like the new temporary maid, mommy doesnt have much time coz we are very clingy with mommy when papa goes to work.
swimming pool umah aunty bes lar! playground die pun bes!

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owhhhh dating ngan triplets ek...must be fun!

dialicious said...

bestnyerrrrr fad!!cumellll sgt sgt okeh..anak siapakah ni?

shoe-addict-mom said...

fadd, wanna babysit my 2 kiddos?? hahhaa.. sure u tension tahap tarik rambut punya? keh keh keh