Thursday, October 23, 2008

Big bag VS Clutch -Latest Trends?

Jessica Simpson with the newest upcoming trend,a day with clutch!

Oversized cluches will be latest trend :-).Usually, ppl wear clutch bag to the function and that's what I do pun. BUT I love big bag!! Senang, campak je semua, walla~terus kuar,semua ada!

If you haven't 'tried out' this trend yet, imagine holding onto a bag with your hands the whole time you're walking around and trying to rush to your next destination. I can feel glomorous,clutching it TETAPI it is very inconvenient to have to hold onto a clutch while carrying other things like paperbags, or nak dig out wallet esp if you have kids! btul tak?

BUT, if kuar for fancy lunch ke, dinner ke and no need to go anywhere, I think clutches for daywear/ nightwear .. really stylish and elegant..but it requires a certain lifestyle...I love clutches too! BUT I agree, they can be very annoying to carry, yet I always go back to my oversized handbags :)
I loike ..this Collection!!!
Ohh.. i think I've seen them carried with everything, even jeans! I found a clutch with an optional strap, so if you got tired of carrying it you could pop on the strap and voila, shoulder bag,the strap is skinny so would fit in the bag easily.

Posh Becham with Jimmy Choo's Fold-Over Day Clutch.!

If am not mistaken la, all this clutch trend ni started in 1980's. This is due to the over-exaggerated of fashion.

'Dynasty' the 1980s television fantasy soap

As you can see, Clothes done in contrasting colours with imposing shoulder pads.(ala-ala pemain American Football kan?) Hair..was mm..enormous! Make up was insanely obvious. So the Q, how could handbags compete? By being clutch bags. And, Slim envelopes were ideal. So, are we back to 1980's fashion trend? ehhhe.

Example of Envelope Clutch by Bottega Veneta

Is this for real?????Burberry has launched an online waiting list for its metal spike clutch.Oohh.. I have to pass :).Naah thank you. Tak kira la 'limited edition ke, waiting list ke, Burberry ke! No .No! Anyway, tak kesahla branded ke, takda nama ke asalkan the 'items' kena dgn gaya, am i right peeps?

To put it in a nutshell, it comes down to the same basic question. It's either fashion or comfort. Just like high heels :-)



cikc said...

soalan cepu emas tuh..comfort vs fashion.comfort itu pentingsss..but sometimes nk pesyen2 gak..hihih...mcm high heels tu..i felt very sexy bila pakai..uhukksss ;p

The Mrs-Bride said...

i would still go for COMFORT.. *wink*

p.s. babe, u dok mana? i dok sri kembangan.. bosan2, drop by la my hse.. :)

dialicious said...

Hati2 pegang clutch..takot kene rembat sbb the way we hold it is kinda mengundang n memanggil2 org snap.heheh.Anyhow,i luv clutch but my pregnant wallet cannot push into any available clutch..:(

jetsetter said...

Cik Ye btol...mmg rasa sexy sgt!:)

Anita- haihh, meh la..i duk shah alam sygku..jomla

diah- Agree dear! Btol tu!..nak nak kalau wallet tu besau kan??heheh kang kalau wallet tak besar, tak muat bnyk benda pulak.haihh..payah payah.

calla_lily said...

I'm collecting clutches too!
But I only use it for dinners and parties. I can't fit my stuff in it. :)

shoe-addict-mom said...

babe, fashion VS comfort? can i go for both? hehehe..