Sunday, June 28, 2009


Im praying to Almighty our marriage will be just like every beautiful love stories, princess married to the prince and were living happily ever after..and bla bla bla.
As I was sleeping ,my phone rang:
"Ye.Akak nak ckp ni, jgnla kacau suami akak.Kesianlah kami anak beranak ni."
"Haaa..????sape ni?"

I looked at my clock.It was 2.46am, Saturday night.

"Ya Allah,sape ni. ke?"

"Haaa??..Mcm ni, akak nk bgtau.Kami dah ada anak 7.Jgnlah kacau suami akak.Awak nak ape sebenarnya?"
"Haaa...???Salah number kot..ape ni?Mum, is that you?U buat lawak ke ape ni?Ke K.Fuz ni?"

I was so blur. I rubbed my sleepy eyes,I asked myself, am I dreaming?
"Akak diam je selama ni.Akak tau adik dah kenal more than 3 yrs.Dah nak kahwin pun kan."

What on earth is she saying??!!3 years...!??.
I woke up.I put away my blanket. I told myself to stay cool.

" Jappp ni salah number ni.You nak ckp dengan siapa? I baru je guna number fon ni..tak sampai setahun pun.(in fact tak sampai 6 mths!)Mcm mana u kata I text husband you 3 years?..U must be kidding.I dun even know who are you, and your husband! "

"Alah, org kalau dah buat salah takkan mengaku, itu akak paham.nnti suatu hari Allah balas balik semua...Abang ada bgtau awak kami ada anak ramai?Akak ni penat mengajar siang malam....bla bla bla.."
Saying that, tears filled my eyes,I was deeply touched.
"Chop, seryes ni..I guess you salah number.I dah kawin pun. Buat ape kacau suami org!"
"U duk Kg Hilir kan?"

You are talking crap!
" I duk KL.!"
OMG, where the hell is Kg Hilir by the way?Can anyone educate me?
"Ohh..mintak maaf..maybe silap tekan.Ke before ni ada org guna line ni"

"I have no idea.Tapi saya pakai line ni baru few months.Kalau before ni ada org lain yg pakai, saya tataulah.Im sorry about your husband but trust me, I have no idea what are you talking about."

and then she hangs up.

I feel sorry for her. On the other hand,I saw Obsessed last night .I wasnt expecting much from the movie.It was so right and full of cliches.The plot was beyond predictable. The best part, Ali Larter played crazy as well,she was so Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.Hmm, they could come up with a few more original plots.

All in all, yeahh was good. But, it could be a lot better.

p.s: sampai skang ni aku rasa mcm tak percaya ckp ngn org yg silap tekan number!Ada org buat april fool ke?
Pastu, Character Ali Larter tu..hmm sgtlah buatkan hatiku geraaam!:p

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hari Perkahwinan Aidil&Sari

We had a wonderful wedding experience in Kelantan.Yaa..beautiful wedding,an amazing trip and great food. Once again, it turns out that is it great having friends all over the place. Guess what, I was wearing baju kurung from day to night!! At the evening,went to Pantai Cahaya Bulan, had some celup-celup, sate ikan and etc. At night, went to night market at Wakaf Che Yeh together with the bride and groom and Hafez's family. . The night markets usually open around 6pm and are busy until past midnight.We stayed there for at least 2 hours. Sari and Hafez'sister wanted to find some stuffs.
And yes, yours truly still in baju kurung ( tahu perasaan melekit sgt2?eeee-uuuhh)

Tell you, we didnt book any hotels from KL *smile*. Hmm, we try to find around a place for lodging( and it was 130am!)Finally,we managed to find a place to rest our heads ,cost around RM85 per room. Not bad, but quite small and creepy( of course bilik lama kan)I forgot to snap any photos tho!

To Aidil:
Congrats.As usual, Semoga Kekal ke Akhir Hayat.
And to my dear Sari:
Diamonds are a girl's best friends. And I guess, you have one now!
Congrats babe! :p
p.s: Stay tuned for our next journey!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh, Pembantu Rumah!!

I have a lingering thought that I wanna share with u guys. Average salary for maids is around RM400-450. Just recently, an article in The Star dated 9th June 2009,

BE PREPARED to dig deeper into your pockets for an Indonesian maid.Sin Chew Daily quoted Indonesia’s Ambassador to Malaysia Dai Bachtiar as saying that the minimum pay would be set at RM600 a month with the move to be implemented in September.

Dai Bachtiar had, in an exclusive interview, said this was still lower than what Indonesian maids in other countries were paid.

Indonesian maids in Saudi Arabia draw a monthly salary of RM900, while their counterparts in Hong Kong earn RM1,300 a month and get a day off each week.

Currently there are 10,000 Indonesian maids in Hong Kong, and some 30,000 in Malaysia.

Let's face it, maids are a necessity nowadays. Especially, if u have little kids and both of u are working. BUT, if there is a minimum wage set and the amount is quite high, it is gonna be a burden towards a majority of malaysian middle class workers.

Just a simple comparison will shows that the figure is ridiculous because full time maids normally will get free lodging and food. In fact, I personally haven't heard of any cases that will suggest otherwise. For example, a Malaysian worker at a supermarket, the average income would be around RM700-800 and u need to at least have PMR or SPM and speak a bit of English. Only, there is no such things as free lodging and food.

Do u know how much is the cost to rent a room and getting a proper meals per month?

Why do we need to pay our maids higher salary than our own Malaysian people that have basic education?

If they compare what they are getting with their counterparts in Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong, why don't they compare the salary and spending power of their employer as well?

When the ambassador make such statement and demand, u cannot simply pick and choose what u want to compare. That is irresponsible. In conclusion, a demand without a basic is just like asking a ransom without a hostage (sorry guys, too much watching movie).

Did u noticed, when things like this 'pop out' and become a hot topic suddenly in the media and papers there will be always sensational news about maids getting battered, locked in a room or did not get a proper meals? BUT, how about the story about maids that are properly treated, that joins us on our vacation or the best part, that we treated like our own family.

Mr. Apeng..

p/s Alhamdulillah, presently we still managed to live our life without a maid. My husband is the only one out working whille I'm bless that I have the option of working from home and in the same time fulfil my duties as a housewife.

The question is, what about people that don't have a choice?


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Posto Posto

Hi !!!
Ya Allah, this week is super duper bz for us.
Hmm, anyway I have few things in mind lately.
  • I miss my Diella..can we do tea or coffee ,babe??!The last was..BBQ at my place right?
  • Will have Jenan's trip another 2 weeks.My husband cant wait to see his friends.
  • Holy month of Ramadhan approaching soon.I havent ganti my puasa yet.Will do in July.
  • Need to visit Rinie
  • Fieza will be in KL soon.I cant wait to meet you!
  • Baju raya hunting soon.I dont want to celebrate my Eid Mubarak minus baju raya ..Even I know I will celebrating raya alone,my husband most probably will be working on that day.
  • Preparing for "Budget for 2009 duit raya".We wanted to honour the children( esp:Nieces+ Nephews) and allow them a taste of luxury.( even I know 1st raya will be alone!) But hey, raya kan sebulan!
Other than that, we have ongoing project to be finished. I tell you, it is tiring!
Will update soon regarding Perhentian Island.

p.s: Somebody asked me about hotel/hostel/budget accommodation, sorry sgt2 sbb last week away and sgt busy.Nak bukak internet pun tak sempat.If you still nak tau, I will blog about it, what do you think?Nnti leave me ur msg k.Muah


Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hi everybody!
Last 31st May, our family( sebelah husband) from Johor came to our house.Meriah sungguh rumah kami, sampai rasa mcm dlm cerita Cheaper By the Dozen :-)
My sister( husband's sister) surprised me with her "hot selling cupcakes".Oh dear, I love it so badly.Thanks sweetheart!Seryes sedapp giller! Sape2 suka silalah menenpah ye.I think part of the reason we get along with each other so well is that we are honest and upfront with each other. We don't hold grudges, and if something is bothering us, we talk it out.Right, Cik Na?Hmm:p

My mother-in-law, , loves to show her love through her cooking-and man.. she can cook!Thanks Emak sbb bawakan buah-buahan & makanan tu semua. My father in law on the other hand ..hmm loves sweetened Nescafe...Well, certain things about them has allowed me to connect with them.

Anyway, it's not too late to congrats our sis again..and again.1st June was her convocation day. It might be a normal day for other peoples but it is definitely a big day for our family. Our lil sister is graduated !Yayyy~.
Ohh Yah, if you are reading this, you are our lil sister( still), tp kamu punya convocation , nun jauh di USA, tak tauulahh sampai ke takk kan :p.Tapi mana tau kan, sampai jugak kami :-)

Anyway, we decided to take the boys out since K.In was escorting Emak& Abah to Cik Na's Convocation.
It was a pretty entertaining movie, highly enjoyable.
Though, we didn’t see it in 3D.

7th June,met Abg Sam at the wedding. As usual, my husband and his brother had their "bonding moment". *smile*
And to be truthful, I love spending time with our family!

p.s: Alhamdulillah baby dah berat dlm 400 gms, Today dah buat detailed scan tu,TP ada lg yg taklih nak check sbb position baby.Today baby duduk, so nak tgk payah sikit.Tp doakanlah semua okay ye.Next check-up baru amik blood test dan sambung detailed scan tu lagi. mcm dah tau baby nnti lah I blog about k?:p
Jom main teka-teki -tekuk!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Should I?

Dear readers,
Some expectant moms(it's ME!) are eager to find out their baby's gender, while others are inclined toward wanting to be surprised once the baby is delivered.Should I find out our baby'
s gender?Or should we be delightfully surprised?In my opinion, knowing baby's gender helps us to plan ahead.From clothing and etc!
And for some maybe, if the baby is not the sex they would have chosen on their own, they’ll have time to adjust and appreciate.

Scenario A
"Eh, anak akak nak ngn you?" U dapat girl lah tu."
"why?ada pulak camtu."
"btol la, sbb anak I girl, dia tau dlm perut u girl sbb tu dia suka you."

Scenario B
" my anak boy, try u pegang.Kalau dia taknak ngn you, dlm perut u boy lah tu."

Scenario C
"ehh, u pregnant boy ke?"
"sbb pe?"
"sbb anak I girl suka kat you.Selalu bila baby girl suka you, you pregnant boy la tu!"
"tp hari tu..kalau boy suka I baru girl..ape ni??Lain org lain cara kah?"

"Belief that women carrying boys carry low and that women carrying girls carry high"
"If your face is round then you are having a girl, long and narrow means a boy."
" If you have an increased amount of acne during pregnancy then it means you are having a baby girl. "

I read somewhere, if I like to eat salty foods which means, I will having a boy.But having orange juice everyday, most likely to have a baby girl! In that case...can we have both? *lalalalala*

Hmm Im confused!*big Grin*
I cant wait for our next check-up!I hope this time, we can determine our baby's gender, it's kiling me!!
So baby, dont let your mommy down.Come on, dont be shy!Show it to us.
Well, it's fun to guess baby's gender base on the myths :-)

Oh ya,please help me decide which resort should we go. Here's in our mind:

Perhentian Island Resort
Arwana Beach Resort
Coral View Beach Resort
Senja Bay Resort
Bubu Long Beach Resort

Ke ada tempat lain yg best?Ada sape2 pernah pergi tak?This is honeymoon/anniversary/special ocassion trip, so husband taknak yg ala2 backpackers.Backpackers boleh buat lain hari yaaaaaa :p.Lagi satu, yours truly taknak tempat yg bising ngn 'night life ' sgt. Since Im pregnant, I cant stand noisy tu semua(ohh before pregnant boleh pulak terkinja2 kan:p) Hey come on, ppl change!Sometimes, you need to relax..kan.
Oohh sgt fussy sekali! :p

p.s: I wanted to update about my outing with my nephews( anak sedara sebelah apeng@aman)BUT my husband brought camera with him! So, takda photos I nak updatekan.Later yah.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Makan Trip

As I promised!
Dear readers,
We went to Penang for 3 days 2 nights short trip. It was a last minute planning. Hmm,but hey, it was a great journey cos my baby was not the one who drove the car :-)
First night,we stayed at Tune Hotel costed around RM67 pernite.
The hotel is one for the budget traveller. As my recent trip was quite a tight trip. This hotel is just nice for us to have our basic needs such as good location, average room rate, and nice bed.

The room was comfortable,clean and well-designed and comes with air-conditioner,hot shower,hair blower BUT not spacious.

Anyway, we were generally pleased with the accommodation, however this room is not recommended to anybody with kids( seriously really small)..I have to be honest as a place to rest our head, I had no complaints as we paid RM67 ONLY :-) Great hotel at a budget price with lots of facilities nearby.

Of course, my MILO will always be with me!Oh ya, MILO is my bantal busuk :-)
My husband is very good handling this lil girl.
Next day,checked-out at 10am and had breakfast in town. We decided to try roti bakar and roti canai at one of the hawker stall which we've seen in TV(tepi jalan dan longkang and just a few blocks away from our hotel)
I tell you what, boleh tahan jugak!..Eating out at the hawker stalls is a way of life for Penang-ties.
"K.Fuz rasa kt hotel tu ada momok.Time K.Fuz mandi, ada tangan kt tingkap.Ingat abg ha yg main-main, sekali bila pikir2, takkan tangan abg ha boleh capai dari luar!"
(Ohh, dulu2 I thot momok=monyet:p)
"Aih, no kidding mehh?"

My husband, my brother and K.Fuz experienced the same dreams.And they felt something was not right about the hotel.Weird.
Alhamdulillah, nothing happen to me.Bak kata orang, tidur mati!

Roti bakar
Telur separuh masak( Best sgt cicah dgn roti)
Milo tarik kurang manis

Lunch: Nasi Kandar.
Fish head curry was available but I was not keen to try it even though it is considered a delicacy(to some people... maybe!)

Seriously sedap! the food was fresh and always delicious.We had ayam+nasi putih+bendi+kuah campur.Finger licking good!
Disebabkan Tune Hotel dah penuh, kami terpaksa bermalam di hotel yang lain.
We finally found this hotel. Costed RM100 and the room was spacious.The reception staffs are friendly. On my stay, they allowed me to check-in early and late check-out (1pm).

Laksa is a MUST NOT missed in Penang.
SEdapp..Kuah pekat.Although, yours truly cheated-I didnt eat the laksa anyway(I only eat the kuah) I admit it, I'm addicted to Penang Laksa oopsie..Penang Kuah Laksa :p

Next, we headed to Batu Ferringhi.Well,Batu Ferringhi comes alive at night so we decided to stay.Our dinner-Char Koaw Teow.Dah malam sikit, K.Fuz ajak makan Sup Hameed pulak.Layankan ajerr...
After all that laksa,charkoaw teow and sup+bread( arent you glad that you get to eat all this stuffs?:p)we went on jalan-jalan naik kereta.
Jadi,memang kami MAKAN..MAKAN..DAN MAKAN!

Anyway, pagi esok dah nak balik.Kami sarapan di warung Line Clear Nasi Kandar,dekat ngn pasar.Pastu kami siap2 nak balik sbb abg ha dah janji nak makan tengah hari rumah kawan baik dia masa MRSM.

After lunch we wanted to leave..but got stuck after eating fruits, unfortunately I did not take any photos cos I was engrossed listening to their story! ;p ..Lama jugak lepak situ sampai dah tertidur kat situ(ooh sungguh tak malu sekali aku ini!)

We arrived at home sweet home at 10pm.
Of course! We had a blast 3 days 2 nights vacay..
Total damaged for the whole 3 days 2 nights=
RM450 :-)

Pregnancy Diaries:-
  • Alhamdulillah, I didnt have any sicknesses.
  • I guess our baby is moving now.
  • Less evening sickness and Im feeling so healthy right now.2nd trimester is the best, right?
  • My next check-up will be on this coming 11th June.

p.s:Weekend planning- going to my aunt's place and attending Mika's aqiqah.
This 17th June will be our 3rd anniversary.I dunno WHERE to celebrate yet!!Was thinking..hmm an island and..not so far.. Perhentian???Pangkor? Hmm..
...let see what's his plan!
Stay tune!