Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hi everybody!
Last 31st May, our family( sebelah husband) from Johor came to our house.Meriah sungguh rumah kami, sampai rasa mcm dlm cerita Cheaper By the Dozen :-)
My sister( husband's sister) surprised me with her "hot selling cupcakes".Oh dear, I love it so badly.Thanks sweetheart!Seryes sedapp giller! Sape2 suka silalah menenpah ye.I think part of the reason we get along with each other so well is that we are honest and upfront with each other. We don't hold grudges, and if something is bothering us, we talk it out.Right, Cik Na?Hmm:p

My mother-in-law, , loves to show her love through her cooking-and man.. she can cook!Thanks Emak sbb bawakan buah-buahan & makanan tu semua. My father in law on the other hand ..hmm loves sweetened Nescafe...Well, certain things about them has allowed me to connect with them.

Anyway, it's not too late to congrats our sis again..and again.1st June was her convocation day. It might be a normal day for other peoples but it is definitely a big day for our family. Our lil sister is graduated !Yayyy~.
Ohh Yah, if you are reading this, you are our lil sister( still), tp kamu punya convocation , nun jauh di USA, tak tauulahh sampai ke takk kan :p.Tapi mana tau kan, sampai jugak kami :-)

Anyway, we decided to take the boys out since K.In was escorting Emak& Abah to Cik Na's Convocation.
It was a pretty entertaining movie, highly enjoyable.
Though, we didn’t see it in 3D.

7th June,met Abg Sam at the wedding. As usual, my husband and his brother had their "bonding moment". *smile*
And to be truthful, I love spending time with our family!

p.s: Alhamdulillah baby dah berat dlm 400 gms, Today dah buat detailed scan tu,TP ada lg yg taklih nak check sbb position baby.Today baby duduk, so nak tgk payah sikit.Tp doakanlah semua okay ye.Next check-up baru amik blood test dan sambung detailed scan tu lagi. mcm dah tau baby nnti lah I blog about k?:p
Jom main teka-teki -tekuk!



f.i.e.z.a said...

lemme guess.its a girl =)
guess je kan.. ;P

Anonymous said...

is it XX or XY?hoho..saspen2 ;p.have u buy anything for bb sis?really need idea on that matter ;)

DaZzlingLilLy said...

baby girl???...

Diella Mustafa said...

kalo gal bleh gang ngan Qaseh...heheh

shoppersjoint said...

lemme guess
what ever the baby gender is
mesti cute nyer~ worry not!

coz babies are angels send from heaven:)

jue said...

hi fadd.. suka baca ur blog. notice you selalu travel.. can you suggest where in rome and venice can get cheap and affordable accommodation for 5 ppl? around around 50USD or less per night shld be good. thanks. hope to hear from you soon! take care