Sunday, June 21, 2009

Posto Posto

Hi !!!
Ya Allah, this week is super duper bz for us.
Hmm, anyway I have few things in mind lately.
  • I miss my Diella..can we do tea or coffee ,babe??!The last was..BBQ at my place right?
  • Will have Jenan's trip another 2 weeks.My husband cant wait to see his friends.
  • Holy month of Ramadhan approaching soon.I havent ganti my puasa yet.Will do in July.
  • Need to visit Rinie
  • Fieza will be in KL soon.I cant wait to meet you!
  • Baju raya hunting soon.I dont want to celebrate my Eid Mubarak minus baju raya ..Even I know I will celebrating raya alone,my husband most probably will be working on that day.
  • Preparing for "Budget for 2009 duit raya".We wanted to honour the children( esp:Nieces+ Nephews) and allow them a taste of luxury.( even I know 1st raya will be alone!) But hey, raya kan sebulan!
Other than that, we have ongoing project to be finished. I tell you, it is tiring!
Will update soon regarding Perhentian Island.

p.s: Somebody asked me about hotel/hostel/budget accommodation, sorry sgt2 sbb last week away and sgt busy.Nak bukak internet pun tak sempat.If you still nak tau, I will blog about it, what do you think?Nnti leave me ur msg k.Muah



jue said...

hi fadd..yeah jue here..i yg tanya about accomodation kat rome n italy and how to travel if any halal food semua lah..wld be a bonus if u cld blog abt ur expereince!ok tq

f.i.e.z.a said...

cant wait to see u too fadd! =)
just call me if nak anything from kch k..

DaZzlingLilLy said...

tak lama lg dh nak raya kan..i pon nk kena start wat preparation for raya jgk..

Diella Mustafa said...

i miss u too, kinda bz with my baby lately.die dah nak merangkak die dah tak ddk diam ssh nak bergrk.we'll find 1 sweet day to have a tea/dinner together yah.dah lame tak chill n release tension di samping luahan perasaan.hahaha.i'll b free this coming weekend.kalo awak free jom la kite hang out.

jetsetter said...

Hi there!I will blog about it okay.:-)

Set the date babe!

Dazzling Lily,
Itula, nk tempah baju lg kan.Nak itu ini lagi.Harus la vogue the vazz kan?

Babe,we should cari tempat cozy so that we can seat n talk lah camtu.Then qaseh can join jugak.Ke nak cuti-cuti Msia?;p

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

i so want to b ur niece cannnn aaaaa heheheheh