Friday, June 5, 2009

Makan Trip

As I promised!
Dear readers,
We went to Penang for 3 days 2 nights short trip. It was a last minute planning. Hmm,but hey, it was a great journey cos my baby was not the one who drove the car :-)
First night,we stayed at Tune Hotel costed around RM67 pernite.
The hotel is one for the budget traveller. As my recent trip was quite a tight trip. This hotel is just nice for us to have our basic needs such as good location, average room rate, and nice bed.

The room was comfortable,clean and well-designed and comes with air-conditioner,hot shower,hair blower BUT not spacious.

Anyway, we were generally pleased with the accommodation, however this room is not recommended to anybody with kids( seriously really small)..I have to be honest as a place to rest our head, I had no complaints as we paid RM67 ONLY :-) Great hotel at a budget price with lots of facilities nearby.

Of course, my MILO will always be with me!Oh ya, MILO is my bantal busuk :-)
My husband is very good handling this lil girl.
Next day,checked-out at 10am and had breakfast in town. We decided to try roti bakar and roti canai at one of the hawker stall which we've seen in TV(tepi jalan dan longkang and just a few blocks away from our hotel)
I tell you what, boleh tahan jugak!..Eating out at the hawker stalls is a way of life for Penang-ties.
"K.Fuz rasa kt hotel tu ada momok.Time K.Fuz mandi, ada tangan kt tingkap.Ingat abg ha yg main-main, sekali bila pikir2, takkan tangan abg ha boleh capai dari luar!"
(Ohh, dulu2 I thot momok=monyet:p)
"Aih, no kidding mehh?"

My husband, my brother and K.Fuz experienced the same dreams.And they felt something was not right about the hotel.Weird.
Alhamdulillah, nothing happen to me.Bak kata orang, tidur mati!

Roti bakar
Telur separuh masak( Best sgt cicah dgn roti)
Milo tarik kurang manis

Lunch: Nasi Kandar.
Fish head curry was available but I was not keen to try it even though it is considered a delicacy(to some people... maybe!)

Seriously sedap! the food was fresh and always delicious.We had ayam+nasi putih+bendi+kuah campur.Finger licking good!
Disebabkan Tune Hotel dah penuh, kami terpaksa bermalam di hotel yang lain.
We finally found this hotel. Costed RM100 and the room was spacious.The reception staffs are friendly. On my stay, they allowed me to check-in early and late check-out (1pm).

Laksa is a MUST NOT missed in Penang.
SEdapp..Kuah pekat.Although, yours truly cheated-I didnt eat the laksa anyway(I only eat the kuah) I admit it, I'm addicted to Penang Laksa oopsie..Penang Kuah Laksa :p

Next, we headed to Batu Ferringhi.Well,Batu Ferringhi comes alive at night so we decided to stay.Our dinner-Char Koaw Teow.Dah malam sikit, K.Fuz ajak makan Sup Hameed pulak.Layankan ajerr...
After all that laksa,charkoaw teow and sup+bread( arent you glad that you get to eat all this stuffs?:p)we went on jalan-jalan naik kereta.
Jadi,memang kami MAKAN..MAKAN..DAN MAKAN!

Anyway, pagi esok dah nak balik.Kami sarapan di warung Line Clear Nasi Kandar,dekat ngn pasar.Pastu kami siap2 nak balik sbb abg ha dah janji nak makan tengah hari rumah kawan baik dia masa MRSM.

After lunch we wanted to leave..but got stuck after eating fruits, unfortunately I did not take any photos cos I was engrossed listening to their story! ;p ..Lama jugak lepak situ sampai dah tertidur kat situ(ooh sungguh tak malu sekali aku ini!)

We arrived at home sweet home at 10pm.
Of course! We had a blast 3 days 2 nights vacay..
Total damaged for the whole 3 days 2 nights=
RM450 :-)

Pregnancy Diaries:-
  • Alhamdulillah, I didnt have any sicknesses.
  • I guess our baby is moving now.
  • Less evening sickness and Im feeling so healthy right now.2nd trimester is the best, right?
  • My next check-up will be on this coming 11th June.

p.s:Weekend planning- going to my aunt's place and attending Mika's aqiqah.
This 17th June will be our 3rd anniversary.I dunno WHERE to celebrate yet!!Was thinking..hmm an island and..not so far.. Perhentian???Pangkor? Hmm..
...let see what's his plan!
Stay tune!


f.i.e.z.a said...

g penang ni tingat plak ngan baya kan..dlu aku skettt lagi nak ikut dia blk penang sbb tiket blk kch dah abis.last2 x g jugak sbb my mum insist suh balik.heheh..
btw, u look healthier+bahagia sangat2 =)

DaZzlingLilLy said...

sedapnya tgk laksa tu pagi2 camni..i yg dok dkt ni pun tak penah lg sampai makan laksa janggus tu

dialicious said...

Eh..cantiknyer dlm Tune Hotel tu.mcm x percaya sbb kt KL luar dia sgt 'flat'.d 2nd hotel tu namanye apa?quite spacious n cantik.D last time i visited Penang susah nak cari hotel below rm100.Nway Fadd..ur bump sgt kecik comel..tcare hottie!

Anasfadilah said...

wah! sampai ke balik pulau makan laksa :)

best la baby dalam tummy makan laksa,sup hameed,nasi kandaq :)

Siti Fatimah said...

hi salam kenalana... ;)

Lyzza said...

Ohh..i silap hantar at ur other post? whats the name of the spacious RM100 hotel that u were staying in Png? thx

jetsetter said...

Hi all!
Thanks for the lovely words.I love ya all!
Urmm ramai yg tny hotel aper yg lg satu is B-Suite Hotel.
Tgkla..kdg2 ada promotion tau.I guess skang ada jugak.
Kalau tak promotion/discount rega akan RM135 camtu.Not bad huh!Weekend tauu.

yaya said...

I memang teringin nak check in kat hotel tune tu coz bangunan die dr luar cam menarik, tapi bile dengar cite hantu tu rase takut plak...

mummy anne said...

i think tune hotel sume naunted larrrr.... yg kat kl pon same,i heard that the building was a hospital dulu, byk weird things happened.. scary do!!!

kak Jah said...

Hi dear..came across your blog and noticed you wrote you ate half boiled egg.Just an advice.. it's best during ur pregnancy (esp the early stages) to not consume under-cooked food i.e 1/4 or 1/2 boil eggs, undercook steak/fish and raw food i.e sushi and oyster..not good as the may cointain bacteria that are harmful to u and unborn baby.. remember and take care ya? make sure all the food you take are well done. enjoy ur pregnancy!

jetsetter said...

Hi Kak Jah!
Thanks sbb being so caring!
My husband ate the telur :-)
By the way, thanks sbb beri ingatan!

p.s:Nice knowing ya!

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

aaaaaa...ur bump sangat cute ok!
tak nampak cam pregnant...lucky u! ;D

senioritasara said...

hi dear...nice blog.yummmm teringin dgn itu laksa...