Monday, March 29, 2010

Nak sight seeing ape kat Bandung?

Bandung Part 2
Hari ke-2.We had buffet breakfast at our hotel. Food?Average, nothing special. Kazim and I were still unwell but we decided to tag along because, errr..we dont want to disappoint anybody!

OKEH, kat bandung ni boleh pergi bnyk tempat untuk bersiar-siar.Ada Tangkuban Perahu, Kawah putih,Hot spring Ciater, Sari Ater,Tea plantation, Strawberry park,Dago Park..Architecture gallery, museums ...Go ask your Supir! Usually if you wanna go to the Hot spring ,an extra IDR50,000 will be charge to your daily rate. ( Supir fees usually IDR400,000 perday from morning till night) Tapi kalau amik bnyk hari, igt! TAWARRRR laaa~

The only sightseeing we did was going to the Tangkuban Perahu. So, we went on a day trip to Gunung Tangkuban Perahu(also known as the Mountain of the Overturned Boat).If you are into volcanoes and trekking then this is closest you can get to a live volcano..
There's a legend about this one guy named Sangkuriang, where he falled in love with his own mother( ok..I know this sound nuts!but hey..just a legend!), Dayang Umbi. To anticipate her son’s propose, Dayang Umbi bid for conditional that Sangkuriang must designing a boat in a night. .

Entrance fee IDR5o,ooo= RM18/20 pp( tgk exchange rate mcm mana).

Here are a lot of locals selling some stuff for souvenirs.Name it-bags, key-chains,necklace,rings and..many more! They will follow us wherever we go...preaching us to buy whatever they were carrying.There was somebody explaining things to us and somewhere along the explanation he was trying to persuade us going to the other 3 craters located further down,where we can see the hot water springs.

They would say it's just a ermm..20-30 minutes walk...but we all know that's a bunch of's actually longer than that n we will need suitable shoes to track down the mountains. The person will sort of volunteer himself to take us down there.

Pastu bila dah sampai bawah diorang mintak bayaran.Ada yang kena tipu sampai habis IDR1 juta.So, careful ok.If nk gunakan diorang, harga sebut awal2 so that takder la kena pow kaw2 later.Lagi satu, kalau ada yg offer amik gambar pon kadang2 lepas dah amik gambar bagai, diorang akan pow jugak. Kesimpulannya, nothing is free peeps!Owh, masuk toilet pon IDR1000.Sediakan duit kecik kalau boleh sbb takut2 diorang kata takda change.

kt area ni bnyk stall2, so bargain betol2 ok.Kdg2 mmg kesian sbb dia duk ikut kita gi merata, so igt..tawar dan tawar.Mula2 beli fridge magnets kat stall tu IDR50,000 for 2.Tup2 org yg duk berlegar tu,jual IDR100,000 untuk 10 fridge magnets, see so cheap!So pengajarannya..SURVEY dulu!Ada satu bag letak brg2 tu my MIL kenan and ended up we bought it for ONLY IDR10,000! Giller murah kan.Lagi satu my husband bought the strawberries which cost IDR 100,000 for 3 boxes.Itu pon dah lepas tawar2 bagai nak rak, ditambah pulak kesian amat sbb duk mengekor dari awal sampai dah nk masuk kereta! Hebat kan teknik mereka, so mcm diriku yg cepat kesian ni..mmg la tergoda!

Pity my Kazim!My son was suffering from the common cold which babies tend to get from..err ( we suspected he got it from his dad who had fever a week before our trip!) or after the Pneumococcal jab ..Huhuhu.I have to say, this being the first time Kazim got this sick, it is so depressing when your child is poorly. Nonetheless,he can sleeps on his own at night; !Clap clap!

Spent there nearly 2 hours before proceed to our next location- MAKAN!Had lunch at Kampung Daun( and yes, I will blog about it briefly in our next post!)

till then..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bulan ke-5

Dear Kazim,
Yup, my son is 5 months old today!
Im so proud of you!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yok ke Bandung,Indonesia!

Bandung Part 1
A week before jalan-jalan tu, kami dah bgtau Kazim yg kami semua nak jalan-jalan.Pastu mmg siap2 bgtau flight pagi pastu nak kena kuar rumah awal, paling lambat kul 7 pagi.Alhamdulillah, Kazim yang kejutkan kami bgn tidur..huhuhuhu. So, mmg Kazim dengan muka ceria dah tahu yang dia kena mandi awal giller ...zappp..zusss zaaaaaaaaaaaz kami pon siap. Kami mmg purposely pilih flt yg paling awal dr KL utk memaksimumkan masa terhad yg kami ada utk shopping dan jalan2. Maklumla, kami pergi cuma 3 hari 2 malam. Kira pack la itinerary kami.

Mula2 kami nak naik bus je dari KL Sentral-LCCT tetapi memandangkan rombongan Cik Kiah kami ada 'org lama' dan seorang 'org baru' maka kami pon meminta jasa baik Kamal untuk menghantar kami ke airport. (Kamal ni single lagi) -> Apeng/Aman yg suruh promo nih. :)
Our journey to Bandung took about 2 hrs. Lega sbb our flight tak delay. Masa dalam flight, myself dah siap2 sumbat boobies kat Kazim pastu dah siapkan dummy.Masa ni myself dah rasa cam tak sedap badan.Apeng/Aman pulak baru je baik dari demam.Takut jugak kalau2 virus dia merebak kat kami pulak.

Masa dalam flight ni..mmg mencabar sbb Kazim cam tak duk diam.Last2 I sumbat je dummy and bila dia sucking tu takda la telinga dia sakit ke aper kan. The only downside is he cried when I try to pull the dummy off. Mesti dah seronok menghisap dummy la tu.
We reached Bandung around 11am( waktu sana). Sampai je, our complimentary shuttle dah pon ada. Make sure that you have confirmed it with the hotel. Just a simple phone call will suffice. Based on my experience, the hotel staff is more responsive towards phone call compared to emails. Don't ask me why because until now it still baffles me.

We stayed at Grand Seriti Hotel- kami amik package je terus ngn air asia. Internet booking selalunya IDR798,000 (RM289 per nite) ,tapi kalau nak try your luck,boleh call je diorang terus sbb kadang2 ada promotion. I'm pretty sure u guys know how airasia system works. So, if u can, plan and buy ur ticket as soon as possible to get the best deals. It doesn't work for us because of Mr Apeng/Aman attachment to work.
Speaking of our hotel, it was quite nice place to stay there.The staffs are friendly. The restaurant food is just average tho.Tapi takper, our hotel is close to Rumah Mode(the famous factory outlets which I will blog about it in our next part).Pengangkutan di Bandung pulak mcm mana?

To find your way around in Bandung, there are 4 modes of transportation. Angkutan, taxi, driver/supir and rental car. I'll discard the last option since I have no experience whatsoever. Anybody that have an experience feel free to share it here. Sharing is caring. *wink* So, lets start with the cheapest mode of transportation and weigh in with their own pro and cons.

ANGKUTAN - Bandung's version of bas mini. No aircond, thin seat padding, stuffy, overcrowded(tin sardin), all the similarities are there except its not a bus, its a VAN. This is not just an observation but an actual experience. But, not in this particular trip though. :) If I remember correctly, its a flat rate charge. RP2000 each time you jump in. Can't remember whether you pay on the way in or on the way out though. There is a unique way to tell the driver to stop at your destination, just shout "KIRI! KIRI!".
Pro - cheap.. recommended for a group of boys for the experience.
Cons - imagine bas mini, not suitable for babies and old folks.

TAXI - Blue Bird is the only recommended taxi company if you plan to use it. How to differentiate it from others? Search for the brand BLUE BIRD at the lights on top of the taxi. Its a big company that operates all over Indonesia. I've heard that they have a stringent process in hiring a driver. You pay what is shown on the meter although a few thousand RP as a tips doesn't hurt either.
Pro - affordable, comfortable ride.
Cons - waiting time ( depending on the place, time and weather )

DRIVER/SUPIR - depending on the number of people that you travel with, a car that will fit all of you will be provided. Basically, you have your own car and a driver at your disposal. So, all the decision making of where to go and what to do is yours. If you have a good driver, he will give you a suggestion like where is the best factory outlet, food joints or shop that gives good value for money at Pasar Baru. A little bit of research and surfing the net should provide you with a basic idea of what to do and where to go. Hopefully this entry will help as well. :)
Pro - comfortable, convenient, recommended for anyone travelling with babies and old folks, tailor made itinerary.
Cons - a bit pricey.We paid our supir IDR950,000 for 3 days..approximately RM350.We gave extra IDR50,000 for the tips.

Here are the photos.Enjoy!

Our bedroom

But anyways, we chose to hire Supir for our 3 days 2 nights holiday.Why?First of all sbb kesian kt MIL,takkan la nak suh naik angkutan kan.Kalau naik taxi pon nak kena menunggu jugak so nanti masa terbuang pasal nak tunggu taxi jer. Kami nak jimatkan masa pastu dan mudahkan gerak ke mana-mana. Masa kami gi tu, tgh musim hujan2 so kalau nak tunggu taxi or naik angkutan, agak payah sikitla.Lagipon kami mcm nk kejar masa sbb kami hanya ada 3 days je.So kena gunakan sebaik mungkin.Kalau 5 days ke mcm tu, tak kesah la kan tapi kalau ada org tua takkan la nak suh org tua susah paya pulak kan.So bila ada supir ni takdala terkejar2 sgt.Lagipon kalau ber-holiday dgn kami, kami akan try our best cari the best foods or their signature dish, the best spot to lepak, sight seeing yg best dan of course-acara shopping pon harus ada- ni adik kami Cik Na kata bagus acara bercuti merangkumi semua- Bersiar,Makan dan shopping!

Lepas dah dapat bilik, terus letak barang pastu kami pon terus turun balik sebab perut dah lapar sgt.Pilihan pertama untuk hari itu adalah masakan padang- Restoran Simpang Raya. Ok,pasal tempat makan ni pon I akan briefly citer next post ok.Dah habis makan2 tu kami pon suh Pak Teddy( nama supir kami) hantar terus ke Pasar Baru( inilah tempat jual kain, telekung,kain lace,kad kahwin dann sebagainya)
Rasanya sampai nak tutup kami kat sana.MIL sungguh seronok sekali! Lepas tu rasa camm tekak dahaga lagi terus beli avacado juice.Harga sana murah ..dlm IDR8000( RM3) kat pasar baru.

Tapi kesian sgt Kazim sbb badan dia mula dah rasa tak sedap, mcm dah nak demam camtu( tapi kami bawak PROGESIC (his medicine) sbb kalau aper2 jadi kami akan bagi).Tambah lagi myself pon dah rasa tak sedap badan.Masa ni rasa nak balik je terus sbb badan dah lemah. Lepas tu kami terus suh Pak Teddy bawak ke mana2 factory outlets dulu before dinner.So pergila kami ke Grande.Hmm harga sini mmg lagi murah dari tempat lain.Choice limited tapi yg pastinya lagi murah la sbb yours truly dah compare :-)

Zup zapp zupp..dah habis situ malamnya kami dinner kat D Cost Seafood( I will blog about it later k) Then after that beli ubat for myself pastu terus balik hotel.Masa ni aku dah rasa nak pitam pon ada, rasa nak balik rumah sendiri pon ada..arghhhh tak sukanyaaaaaaaa bila berjalan sakit ok! Hangin satu badan. Balik je terus lap2 badan Kazim, tukarkan baju then zaaaaaaass dia terus tidur! Hmm nampak sgt dia sgt penat!

Okeh part 2 menyusul kemudian.
I have to get ready for Dani's birthday and Diah's Wedding gathering.
See ya!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Party buih bersama anakku

Dear readers,
This is my latest obsession! Yeahhh bubblesssssssss :p
Activity : Blow the bubblessss 101
Venue :Tok Aki & Nenek's residence
Equipment:Bubbles liquid ( Got it from cheap, OR make urself!)
So macam mana nak buat buih-buih itu?
  • Sunlight( or any dish washer liquid)
  • Water
  • Few tablespoons of Glycerine ( can get it from Ace hardware or DIYshop...)
How to prepare:
Mix together detergent and water, add glycerine-stir well :-)

Err..actually bnyk je benda boleh buat bila main dengan buih-buih ni tapi kali ini saya memilih untuk bersuka-ria sambil mengenal benda2 around us bersama buih.
How did I do?
Well, when I blow the bubbles towards a tree, Kazim's eyes will be attracted towards the bubbles and then towards the tree. I will tell him a brief description about the tree. "Pokok tu warna kelabu/grey. Kat pokok ada dahan, ranting dan daun. Daun warna hijau/green." Then, when I'm facing a different direction, towards something else, I'll just keep telling him a brief description about other things. By doing this, Kazim can learn about shapes and colours too.Remember to use the simple words commonly used in baby's everyday life.For me,when I say SIMPLE words ..I berbahasa loghat BESUT..huhuhu.Jgn terkejut yer one day Kazim kata
"Mi..nok make bulih?"( Mommy,nak makan boleh?)
"Mi, Kazim suko make budu, Nok lagi lah"
Selalunya I akan amik masa 30-45 minutes buat aktiviti ni, sbb lama-lama pon baby akan tired.We have to slowww down so that our fun time will be more clearly !

Memangla Kazim takkan jawab balik aper yang yours truly cerita tu( at his age, he can only "ohhS "aahhhss" or gagaga) tapi one thing for sure, babies;they can understand us.In fact ,babies are brilliant!
I must say, this Bubbles 101 activity( I call it 101 sbb bnyk lg boleh buat dengan buih2 ini) beneficial both of us.
  • Expand Kazim's vocab and my ability telling a story *big grin*
  • Fun and easy learning process; anywhere pon boleh- kat rumah, masa mandi-manda dan sebagainya.
  • Able him to understand more about everyday language skills.
  • Create a bonding moment
  • AND many more!
Ni sebahagian je I put here, aperpon remember to TALK WITH not AT your baby..ok :-)

Updates on Kazim:
My baby boy smiles at every face he sees in the know, I always SO excited to wake up in the morning nowadays!Kepala Kazim masih lg tak tegak dalam kata lain senget, semoga lepas ni he can hold his head up.One thing my boy;Kazim does seem to enjoy is mirrors! Especially when I hold him and we stand in front of a mirror together. He will look at the reflection of me with such an intense stare! And all sudden..he is laughing!Ohh ya, he is a drool machine!So paham2 la berapa bnyk towel nak kena basuh.Every day is exciting with him! I am just waiting for that moment when he does something so surprising! Literally... every day is something new!

Apart from that..emm.. nothing else is new.

Next, I will blog more about our 'FUN' time and sleep routine!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Jom main Bola

Dear readers,
As you can see my ticker, Kazim will be turning 5 months soon.yuhuuuuu~meaning he will start on solid foods another a month!..goshhh time flies so fast!
Again..he grows up really fast, that I tend to forget that every day with him is really, really precious - and that I should really write everything down so that I will always remember and I can cherish every moment!So, I google-ed and did some findings for some more ideas for our little guy activities. .This is one of my favourite.
Easy and it's fun!

Equipment: Ball( beach ball)
Bought it from TESCO
Venue :Nenek & Tok Aki 's residence

Put him on the ball and sing a song( any nursery rhymes..I guess) Pastu ke depan dan ke belakang..OR side to side.
Row, row, row your boat
Gently Down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.
Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream
and if you see a crocodile,
don't forget to scream

Then, let the ball be his "boat"Again..roll the ball..

Apparently, he preferred more in water.
I hope my little guy had fun ( because I had!)..I know Im not the best or even a supermom but at least..Im trying..
In the next entry, I will blog more on our 'bonding moment'..later!


Sunday, March 21, 2010


Dear friends,
So, this is my final decision

After reading reviews over reviews (and yes..we goggle-ed it too)about this Bumbo and Bebe Pod, ermm..I was completely sold!
That's it.
Mission accomplished!
WE gonna borrow the Bumbo seat from our nephew since he doesnt use it anymore, and IF the bumbo doesnt fit well on Kazim we gonna buy the Bebe Pod.
BUT anyways,
I did some comparison shopping on these last night,well the major complaint I've heard about the Bebepod is,it is easier for the baby to slip out of it ..err maybe because it's kinda spacious..and I guess it is true cos when I put Kazim in, mmg mcm ader space pon.tapi nampak mcm stable je sitting position tu.


*big grin*

p.s:Goshh.. baby hanif, will send ur gift soon...i was super bz..sorry sweetheart.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hi all

Dear readers,
Kami mengalami kemalangan pada 14th March masa nak balik KL dari Johor,alhamdulillah kami semua selamat.Kereta je yang teruk, skang kt workshop Batu Pahat.
okeh, nanti dah habis trauma,
Will blog about:-
  • Kazim first visit to Sungai
  • Stephanie's birthday
  • Bandung trip

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tak sedap badan

Dear readers,
We are kami semua tak sihat..batuk2..sakit tekak..hmm nantilah update k...