Monday, March 29, 2010

Nak sight seeing ape kat Bandung?

Bandung Part 2
Hari ke-2.We had buffet breakfast at our hotel. Food?Average, nothing special. Kazim and I were still unwell but we decided to tag along because, errr..we dont want to disappoint anybody!

OKEH, kat bandung ni boleh pergi bnyk tempat untuk bersiar-siar.Ada Tangkuban Perahu, Kawah putih,Hot spring Ciater, Sari Ater,Tea plantation, Strawberry park,Dago Park..Architecture gallery, museums ...Go ask your Supir! Usually if you wanna go to the Hot spring ,an extra IDR50,000 will be charge to your daily rate. ( Supir fees usually IDR400,000 perday from morning till night) Tapi kalau amik bnyk hari, igt! TAWARRRR laaa~

The only sightseeing we did was going to the Tangkuban Perahu. So, we went on a day trip to Gunung Tangkuban Perahu(also known as the Mountain of the Overturned Boat).If you are into volcanoes and trekking then this is closest you can get to a live volcano..
There's a legend about this one guy named Sangkuriang, where he falled in love with his own mother( ok..I know this sound nuts!but hey..just a legend!), Dayang Umbi. To anticipate her son’s propose, Dayang Umbi bid for conditional that Sangkuriang must designing a boat in a night. .

Entrance fee IDR5o,ooo= RM18/20 pp( tgk exchange rate mcm mana).

Here are a lot of locals selling some stuff for souvenirs.Name it-bags, key-chains,necklace,rings and..many more! They will follow us wherever we go...preaching us to buy whatever they were carrying.There was somebody explaining things to us and somewhere along the explanation he was trying to persuade us going to the other 3 craters located further down,where we can see the hot water springs.

They would say it's just a ermm..20-30 minutes walk...but we all know that's a bunch of's actually longer than that n we will need suitable shoes to track down the mountains. The person will sort of volunteer himself to take us down there.

Pastu bila dah sampai bawah diorang mintak bayaran.Ada yang kena tipu sampai habis IDR1 juta.So, careful ok.If nk gunakan diorang, harga sebut awal2 so that takder la kena pow kaw2 later.Lagi satu, kalau ada yg offer amik gambar pon kadang2 lepas dah amik gambar bagai, diorang akan pow jugak. Kesimpulannya, nothing is free peeps!Owh, masuk toilet pon IDR1000.Sediakan duit kecik kalau boleh sbb takut2 diorang kata takda change.

kt area ni bnyk stall2, so bargain betol2 ok.Kdg2 mmg kesian sbb dia duk ikut kita gi merata, so igt..tawar dan tawar.Mula2 beli fridge magnets kat stall tu IDR50,000 for 2.Tup2 org yg duk berlegar tu,jual IDR100,000 untuk 10 fridge magnets, see so cheap!So pengajarannya..SURVEY dulu!Ada satu bag letak brg2 tu my MIL kenan and ended up we bought it for ONLY IDR10,000! Giller murah kan.Lagi satu my husband bought the strawberries which cost IDR 100,000 for 3 boxes.Itu pon dah lepas tawar2 bagai nak rak, ditambah pulak kesian amat sbb duk mengekor dari awal sampai dah nk masuk kereta! Hebat kan teknik mereka, so mcm diriku yg cepat kesian ni..mmg la tergoda!

Pity my Kazim!My son was suffering from the common cold which babies tend to get from..err ( we suspected he got it from his dad who had fever a week before our trip!) or after the Pneumococcal jab ..Huhuhu.I have to say, this being the first time Kazim got this sick, it is so depressing when your child is poorly. Nonetheless,he can sleeps on his own at night; !Clap clap!

Spent there nearly 2 hours before proceed to our next location- MAKAN!Had lunch at Kampung Daun( and yes, I will blog about it briefly in our next post!)

till then..


CIK NANA said...

ish, best2...
hubby berkenan nak gi bandung, tapi Na lak tingin nak gi kk..
end up Nana menang!!

Anonymous said...

hi sweet family..u pakai baby bjorn carrier yg mana ek.bagus tak?

Xylene said...

Hello.. nice meetin both of you @ the Blogger & Bride 2be gathering!!

Nice Nasi dagang!! ehheeh eventhough dah kenyang dpt rsa sikit from my fren.. mmg sedap!

About Bandung Trip.. hehehe terkenang lak masa i pegi dulu.. Best kan?
Always had a good memories 'bout Bandung..


ederq said...

fadd! sedap okay nasi dagang kau! termimpi2 ni. haha

Drama Mama said...

bestnya! i pun teringin nak gi bandung gak! sebab nak sopping! hahaha

poor kazim! kalau anak sakit memang la mak bapak depressed.

yunz_02 said...

hi there! bestnye trip u ke bandung. i should read more after this. wait for ur nxt post.. hehe.. anyway, can i follow u and feel fre to visit mine ya.. :)

kazim's cute nyer.. :)

Anonymous said...

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jetsetter said...

ano - Baby Carrier Active, so far no regrets.

ano - thanx for the compliment. maybe, u can write down some question and i'll try to answer it.