Friday, March 26, 2010

Party buih bersama anakku

Dear readers,
This is my latest obsession! Yeahhh bubblesssssssss :p
Activity : Blow the bubblessss 101
Venue :Tok Aki & Nenek's residence
Equipment:Bubbles liquid ( Got it from cheap, OR make urself!)
So macam mana nak buat buih-buih itu?
  • Sunlight( or any dish washer liquid)
  • Water
  • Few tablespoons of Glycerine ( can get it from Ace hardware or DIYshop...)
How to prepare:
Mix together detergent and water, add glycerine-stir well :-)

Err..actually bnyk je benda boleh buat bila main dengan buih-buih ni tapi kali ini saya memilih untuk bersuka-ria sambil mengenal benda2 around us bersama buih.
How did I do?
Well, when I blow the bubbles towards a tree, Kazim's eyes will be attracted towards the bubbles and then towards the tree. I will tell him a brief description about the tree. "Pokok tu warna kelabu/grey. Kat pokok ada dahan, ranting dan daun. Daun warna hijau/green." Then, when I'm facing a different direction, towards something else, I'll just keep telling him a brief description about other things. By doing this, Kazim can learn about shapes and colours too.Remember to use the simple words commonly used in baby's everyday life.For me,when I say SIMPLE words ..I berbahasa loghat BESUT..huhuhu.Jgn terkejut yer one day Kazim kata
"Mi..nok make bulih?"( Mommy,nak makan boleh?)
"Mi, Kazim suko make budu, Nok lagi lah"
Selalunya I akan amik masa 30-45 minutes buat aktiviti ni, sbb lama-lama pon baby akan tired.We have to slowww down so that our fun time will be more clearly !

Memangla Kazim takkan jawab balik aper yang yours truly cerita tu( at his age, he can only "ohhS "aahhhss" or gagaga) tapi one thing for sure, babies;they can understand us.In fact ,babies are brilliant!
I must say, this Bubbles 101 activity( I call it 101 sbb bnyk lg boleh buat dengan buih2 ini) beneficial both of us.
  • Expand Kazim's vocab and my ability telling a story *big grin*
  • Fun and easy learning process; anywhere pon boleh- kat rumah, masa mandi-manda dan sebagainya.
  • Able him to understand more about everyday language skills.
  • Create a bonding moment
  • AND many more!
Ni sebahagian je I put here, aperpon remember to TALK WITH not AT your baby..ok :-)

Updates on Kazim:
My baby boy smiles at every face he sees in the know, I always SO excited to wake up in the morning nowadays!Kepala Kazim masih lg tak tegak dalam kata lain senget, semoga lepas ni he can hold his head up.One thing my boy;Kazim does seem to enjoy is mirrors! Especially when I hold him and we stand in front of a mirror together. He will look at the reflection of me with such an intense stare! And all sudden..he is laughing!Ohh ya, he is a drool machine!So paham2 la berapa bnyk towel nak kena basuh.Every day is exciting with him! I am just waiting for that moment when he does something so surprising! Literally... every day is something new!

Apart from that..emm.. nothing else is new.

Next, I will blog more about our 'FUN' time and sleep routine!



Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

darling, teringat plak i masa our maternity photoshoot dulu with EOG, kitorg siap beli the bubble gun konon2 as photography props! beli kt TOYRUS siap beli yg refill air buih lagi dlm botol besar! membazir sungguh sbb lepas tu i terjumpa ada org jual kat gerai2 tepi jalan murah gilerrrrr!! (well, cap ayam jer la tapi ok what kan tak penting pun brand2 ni). haihh..

lets play bubbles next time! i bawak the bubble gun okeh!! :D

DaZzlingLilLy said...

bestnyer mommy kazim ni rajin betul main2 dgn best plak tgk u main2 bubbles tu..hehe

zahra said...

bley tak nak tau mana u beli carrier sling tue?? cantik lah...merah lah tue

hanee said...

hehhee..kazim just like rayyan..or rayyan just like kazim..asik kuar je air liur tu sambil sembur2..haiyoo...hehe..but still fun kan?