Thursday, December 24, 2009

Selamat Bercuti Semua!

Dear Kazim,!
Im writing again ( yaaa..obviously because you cant write to me yet!:p).Mommy has a few plans.Remember I told you last night, Papa will be away on this coming New Year and..he might be away on Christmas Day? ( dont celebrate Christmas sayang... we do not celebrate Easter or halloween or thanksgiving - which aren't christian per se. Allah has given us two better ones- Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Mommy just loves the holiday season. The decorations are beautiful, the songs are catchy and gifts are always fun to give and receive. Mommy need to educate you about other religions in a respectful and honoring way.

I have to make it very clear to you which part of the holiday is "just for fun" as part of celebrating and which part we hold sacred.
But anyways,Im looking forward to celebrate New Year's Eve with you!Im a fireworks junkie since..FOREVER!but I dont think we can go out and watch the fireworks just the two of us. In that case Mommy will lights the candles and open the sparkling juice at home.Then,we will watch Chick-flit movies together ( since you cant choose anything yet:p)Papa and I have our own tradition;either makan-makan kat luar or makan-makan/bbq di rumah.I loves to throw a garden party, then set up the barbecue sbb mommy tak suka jalan semua jammed.Lagi baik duk rumah kan.

Since you are still a little boy,I think it's necessary for us to talk and get to know each other closer.Mommy will read you a story books,listen to the mozart and dancing together.This year, we will exchange gifts on New Year's Eve with families.We used to exchange gifts but only during Family Day( our family sebelah Papa kat Yong Peng) We loved it so much!We missed it so much too...Anyway here are the rules;Rules no.1- hadiah kena bawah RM10, rules No.2- Tak aci cari barang kt kedai RM1.99 ke..RM2 ke RM5 ke..Taklih!:p( well it just for fun!!So kena la creative kan.)..hmm aper ye?And Im still thinking what should I get for my husband.Any idea Kazim?And yes, Im still thinking what should we get for Cik Na's belated birthday :-)

So, let's go for gift hunting!
Shall we?


p.s: Happy holidays peeps!
Kami balik Yong Peng today!Nanti update later!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Selamat Hari Lahir;Qaseh Ixora!!!!

Dear Kazim,
Last week, we went to Qaseh 1st birthday party. Since u were sleeping most of the time when we were there, let mommy tell u a story of what happens. Papa was working on that day therefore Papa couldn't accompany us to the birthday party. Initially, Mommy plan to take a taxi but a thousand thanx to Aunty Yana(Mommy panggil Kak Yana ), for her willingness to pick us up and bring us along to McDonald's in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. merci beaucoup :)
On arriving there, the host of the party, Aunty Diela and Uncle Nazri greet us with a big grin and smile on their face. Qaseh looks the part as the princess of the day, so cute with her pink shoe and white hair clip.
Food was served immediately once all the guests has arrived. It's "makan time". Thereafter, a cake was brought to the centre of the area and Qaseh with her parents blow the candle and cut the cake. The 'Happy Birthday' song was sang by all of us and it must be a soothing melody to U since U are fast asleep. :)
While waiting for Papa to pick us up, Mommy spent the time chit-chatting with fellow guests.

P/S A million thanx to the host (Diela & Nazri) for inviting us to the party. Don't forget to invite us again next year and hopefully Papa will be around next time.

Mommy,Aunt Diella& Qaseh
Qaseh cant stop walking!
WE..are the mothers!!!

and..the birthday girl


Monday, December 21, 2009

7 minggu sudah

Dear readers,
Our babies are blessings and each one of them are unique and individual from their personality to their physical appearance.They grow and act differently at their own rates as well Ape yang ada kat dlm buku ke..internet ke..artikel just a guidelines.
Anyway here are the progress on Kazim( ooohh please, Im not comparing my baby with anyone else as all babies are unique and individual);
  • He makes his first smile at 6 weeks old.
  • He begins to make more cooing and babbling sounds.
  • Respond to the sound by turning his head towards it.
  • Spend more time awake during the day
  • Bring his hands together..mcm nk tepuk amai2.
  • dah pusing ke kanan dan ke kiri.
  • Dah boleh main2..make a funny face the he started to giggle.
Well I guess, at 7 weeks old age..itula yang patut dia buat.Next visit to see his doctor will be on this coming 28th December..By the way,Im worried about his eyes.During the last checkup, our doctor noticed his right eye seem to be out of sync.He told us,Kazim is still learning to use his eyes and strengthening his eye muscles, AND the good news- the coordination should be much improved by the end of three months.Perasan tak, mmg dari lahir mata kanan dia tak bukak..kalau bukak pun belah kiri je bnyk?Cuak jugak la.Hmm..tulah , hopefully next checkup nanti mata dah normal.

Gambar2 ni amik masa kami gi Arabian Nights Wedding kat Seremban.Hmm,yours truly mmg lerr tatau nak pakai aper, so hentam jelah baju ni.Mcm OK pakai jelah.Dah kata nak ala2 Arabian Nights kan?Lagi best,Apeng/Aman mmg tak ikut theme langsung tp laki mmg tk kesah sgt pon kan....Kami sampai pastu terus makan so mmg takda maknanya kami nak amik gambar khemah ke, pelamin ke..deco ke..huhuhu.Perut harus dijaga mehhhh:p.
Oklah, later update pasal birthday Qaseh.

p.s: To mrs-you-know-who-you-are, neighbour I ada je ni. :-)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dah habissss 44 Hari

Dear Kazim, confinement period is finally over!It seems like just yesterday we were taking you home from the hospital.I honestly cant believe my "44 hari pantang " has gone so quickly and you already seem to be getting chubbier cheeks.
Tapi mommy dah kuar rumah awal-40 hari dah gi Mid Valley.Tok Mi kata, ok Mommy kuarla.Guess where did we go... hmm Aunty Iza's lil princess-Ayra first birthday at Megakidz Mid Valley.
Oh, Mommy was there before, during Abg Rayyan's first birthday party 3 years ago.

Mommy met Aunty Leen and other friends at Ayra's party.Aunty Leen suap mommy makan kek tauu..And guess what, you were sleeping the whole time!You were just sleeping away in Papa's carrier when we got there.All I could do was just watch you.

Mommy really "heart" this photo because Papa was actually smiling and willing to pose.It isnt easy to see him pose like this!Yerlakan..not everyday Papa has to carry you like this!
They are my friends.No no sayang..this is not "real" Barney :p
Can you spot Aunty Hanis slurping ice cream?yes sayang, since caring her older child while pregnant takes a lot of energy,let her enjoy her "energy booster".
I bet you know both of them.Nanti Kazim besar boleh la swimming dengan Kak Amal& kak Iman..ok?The girls enjoyed and had fun .I can say, both of them were really sporting on that day.Bertuah Aunty Leen tau Kazim, ada anak "instant"

Presenting..the birthday girl;Ayra.Mommy wanted to hold her but..Ayra showed her fancy towards the chair more than Mommy!Ayra started to show her excitement by rocking it and was eager to get a hand on it.
After a few trials,finally!!Tapi tu pun kejap je Ayra nak ngn Mommy.

Aunty Hanis is pregnant with her second child.See, she's glowing!?I bet her second pregnancy brings an increased confidence in her own abilities,knowledge and experience.

Okeh, meet my dear friend,Aunty Anita.Kami bukan hanya kawan di blog ye.Mommy met her whenI was 14 years old, lama kan?pastu mommy and Aunty Anita dah lost contact, tup2 kami met again through blog! How amazing blog-world can connect people after..ermm 12 years ?It is interesting to see, especially if you go through the whole "ehh mcm kenal..sape yer." process then suddenly you see it is someone who you have forgotten the last decade. Mommy and Aunty Anita went to summer camp together..we were having fun.Actually, ada few peoples in the group tapi kami yang paling rapat.To be honest,it makes me feel a little bit guilty that I havent kept in touch but once the initial awkwardness has passed it is great to hear from her again.Tp skang, kita dah contact balik kan Anita?Kdg2 mommy berYM dengan Aunty Anita( and were sleeping at that moment!)
See the boy in the blue bodysuit?His name is Adzryl.Mommy was thrilled to see Adzryl but Adzryl was more interested in ..ermm Lala land!
Mommy knows you are still getting used to live outside,but trust me Kazim, we can be trusted to meet your needs.Lepas dah habis birthday party, we went to Combi, to check out your stroller.As usual, Papa still cant decide which one he wants either BugabooBee, Combi or Maclaren.If I convince myself that I need a light weight stroller then it will be a Combi.Seryes mommy cam mimpi sket2 Combi tu..:p

Im looking forward for our next outing( which I dunno when because Papa already back to work).I really enjoyed and had fun on that day(I hope you too!).And more than anything, I look forward to seeing all the ways you are Kazim, as only Kazim can be.
Last but not least,thanks to Aunty Iza for inviting us :-)

p.s: To our dearest sister;Cik Na.Happy ---- birthday pumpkin!takda wish list ke:p,Bf awak( Edward ) bg aper?:-)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Aku Penternak&Pemerah Susu

agak-agak sedap tak kalau makan ngn cornflakes?:p
Dear readers,
YES I am a milkmaid!
My milk didn't come in until the 4th day,the doctor told me that the milk will come in a couple of days.hmmm..took me few days before I could visibly see that my milk was coming in. I made a point to nurse exactly whenever Kazim wants on both sides for at least 5 minutes each (night and day) on the first day of his life,this help to stimulate my boobies,also to ensure Kazim will receive his full quota of colostrum.
During my confinement days, I ate white turnip almost everyday!Lucky us, my husband 'sister;Kak In is a pediatrician, she advised us to add turnips in my diet as these vege can increase milk supply.All this while, Im aware about fenugreek seeds and fennel or Organic Milmaid Tea which have been used for centuries as a remedies to increase milk supply.
How to cook ?
Hmm mumsy made a home-made-white turnip-soup.Yummylicious!
Mcm makan..hmm..sup sayur sedap( walau lobak putih ni pahit tp kalau kena cara masak..seryes sedapp nk mati okehh)

Kalau fenugreek seed, mkn jugak tp letak dlm nasi dagang jelah..ok perr kan:p.Other than that,air rebusan/air akar kayu is a must!
Now, I dont think I need anything because I have too much breast milk.Oversupply breast milk sometimes can create problems to the mother or baby.Alhamdulillah susu ni cukup untuk Kazim dan harap2 cukup la sampai Kazim 2 tahun..amin!

p.s: This week ada aqiqah Adzryl(Anita'son), hmm tatau la boleh gi ke tak tp sgt teringin, pastu ada wedding kwn suamiku week ada besday Qaseh( which Im looking forward, she's my lil princess!)
dan yang paling happening lusa besday adindaku Cik Na..hmmm..dah besar rupanya adik kami yer..dan pandai 'cair' ngn Edward Cullen mehhh!Kalau nak Edward as gift tak dapekk nak nolong dik nun!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

40 hari

Dear readers,
Hari ini dalam sejarah..cewahh:p,Mumsy approved kluar rumah hari ke-40...(patut pantang 44 hari kann) tp sbb tday-Sunday 6th ader besday Iza's lil princess-Ayra, nakk jugakk im off to mid valley...dah lama okeeh tak gi mid val...okeyy. Tapi Mi kata makan still pantang yea aper2 pon..jalan pon kena slow2:p..Senang citer after gi besday Ayra dia suh balik trus!Wakakak.

balik kang i update..wohoooo

p.s: selama ni kalau kuar( raya haji,hospital trips dan aper2) mumsy ada but today dah dpt aproved dia tak ikut lerrr:p


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Geram pon ada TAPI..

Dear readers,
Last night Kazim ..hmm sgt clingy! ( ohh.. he is only a month old so I don't think they are really even "clingy" at that age,he feels comfort around us, I guess).Tp paling geram tiba-tiba smalam dia taknak Apeng/Aman pegang dia.Bila yours truly amik, dia diam..then bila Apeng/ Aman amik dia balik, dia nangis balik yg sampai menjerit2 tu, sumpah suara Kazim kuat sgt....ayoyo..Kitorang try 2-3 times, mmg sah-sah dia taknak ngn Apeng/Aman smalam.I can't even let my husband hold him without him crying and reaching out for me..tak ke melekat namanya tu?My husband sampai tukar baju sbb dia rasa baju tu bau sabun kuat sgt.Igt ke si kecik ni tak suka that bau sabun tu.

Geeeerrramm sgt2 okeh, tapi bila tgk muka Kazim kesian la pulak.Tolong la jgn buat I camni Kazim!I found it impossible to get anything done - either having a shower or going to the loo.. Nasibla smalam bukan nak terpoo-poo ke hape. All this while,Im trying my best to make him feel loved,safe and secure.
Pelik bin ajaib sungguh, tiba2 smalam dia jadi camtu.Selama ni, Kazim preferred to sleep with his papa rather than me!Kalau Apeng/ Aman yg tdokan..seryes cepat je..kalau ngn yours truly, bercinta alamatnya!
However,I need to accept the fact that during this clingy phase, Kazim has more intense needs for some reason.This behavior is very common but hopefully does not last long.

Oklah, off to Lala Land now!
Nak mimpi Hermes Birkin sat..:p

More stories on Kazim later!