Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dah habissss 44 Hari

Dear Kazim, confinement period is finally over!It seems like just yesterday we were taking you home from the hospital.I honestly cant believe my "44 hari pantang " has gone so quickly and you already seem to be getting chubbier cheeks.
Tapi mommy dah kuar rumah awal-40 hari dah gi Mid Valley.Tok Mi kata, ok Mommy kuarla.Guess where did we go... hmm Aunty Iza's lil princess-Ayra first birthday at Megakidz Mid Valley.
Oh, Mommy was there before, during Abg Rayyan's first birthday party 3 years ago.

Mommy met Aunty Leen and other friends at Ayra's party.Aunty Leen suap mommy makan kek tauu..And guess what, you were sleeping the whole time!You were just sleeping away in Papa's carrier when we got there.All I could do was just watch you.

Mommy really "heart" this photo because Papa was actually smiling and willing to pose.It isnt easy to see him pose like this!Yerlakan..not everyday Papa has to carry you like this!
They are my friends.No no sayang..this is not "real" Barney :p
Can you spot Aunty Hanis slurping ice cream?yes sayang, since caring her older child while pregnant takes a lot of energy,let her enjoy her "energy booster".
I bet you know both of them.Nanti Kazim besar boleh la swimming dengan Kak Amal& kak Iman..ok?The girls enjoyed and had fun .I can say, both of them were really sporting on that day.Bertuah Aunty Leen tau Kazim, ada anak "instant"

Presenting..the birthday girl;Ayra.Mommy wanted to hold her but..Ayra showed her fancy towards the chair more than Mommy!Ayra started to show her excitement by rocking it and was eager to get a hand on it.
After a few trials,finally!!Tapi tu pun kejap je Ayra nak ngn Mommy.

Aunty Hanis is pregnant with her second child.See, she's glowing!?I bet her second pregnancy brings an increased confidence in her own abilities,knowledge and experience.

Okeh, meet my dear friend,Aunty Anita.Kami bukan hanya kawan di blog ye.Mommy met her whenI was 14 years old, lama kan?pastu mommy and Aunty Anita dah lost contact, tup2 kami met again through blog! How amazing blog-world can connect people after..ermm 12 years ?It is interesting to see, especially if you go through the whole "ehh mcm kenal..sape yer." process then suddenly you see it is someone who you have forgotten the last decade. Mommy and Aunty Anita went to summer camp together..we were having fun.Actually, ada few peoples in the group tapi kami yang paling rapat.To be honest,it makes me feel a little bit guilty that I havent kept in touch but once the initial awkwardness has passed it is great to hear from her again.Tp skang, kita dah contact balik kan Anita?Kdg2 mommy berYM dengan Aunty Anita( and were sleeping at that moment!)
See the boy in the blue bodysuit?His name is Adzryl.Mommy was thrilled to see Adzryl but Adzryl was more interested in ..ermm Lala land!
Mommy knows you are still getting used to live outside,but trust me Kazim, we can be trusted to meet your needs.Lepas dah habis birthday party, we went to Combi, to check out your stroller.As usual, Papa still cant decide which one he wants either BugabooBee, Combi or Maclaren.If I convince myself that I need a light weight stroller then it will be a Combi.Seryes mommy cam mimpi sket2 Combi tu..:p

Im looking forward for our next outing( which I dunno when because Papa already back to work).I really enjoyed and had fun on that day(I hope you too!).And more than anything, I look forward to seeing all the ways you are Kazim, as only Kazim can be.
Last but not least,thanks to Aunty Iza for inviting us :-)

p.s: To our dearest sister;Cik Na.Happy ---- birthday pumpkin!takda wish list ke:p,Bf awak( Edward ) bg aper?:-)


Diella Mustafa said...

hebat!berjaya kuruskan bdn dlm mase 44hr..congrats!

n33za said...

tak nampak mcm mak beranak satu pon..jelessss!!

yaNa MaLeK said...

yeah fadd dah bis confinement...pasni leh la shopping n jalan2 hehehhe...
take care:)

Mohamad Faizal said...

i was there! i was there! (jakun)

Anonymous said...

congratz..oho..da kurus :)

blackrimmedyaris said...

Cik na sapa?

Pink Stilettos said...

Hey Fadd, thanks for coming walaupon belum habis pantang lagi! Tak dpt I nak pegang Kazim coz he was asleep the whole time. Tapi biasa la babies that age kan. Nanti one fine day kite jumpa k, I'll bring Kazim's present.

Speaking of which, thanks for ur present! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fadd,
I'm the owner of the unit opposite yours in st*r***g. Remember me? I need a favour from you.. That tenant of mine 3 bulan tak bayar sewa and tenancy supposed to end hujung bulan ni.. I cuba contact dia tak dapat. she been avoiding my calls. Boleh tak u tolong intai2 kan whether they are still there or dah cabut lari dgn duit2 i? uwaaa.. thanks!

The Queen Bee said...

goshhhh dear i look FAT!! sembab muka kuhh.. mencikk

wah u baru lepas pantang slim melim jeles aiii