Monday, December 21, 2009

7 minggu sudah

Dear readers,
Our babies are blessings and each one of them are unique and individual from their personality to their physical appearance.They grow and act differently at their own rates as well Ape yang ada kat dlm buku ke..internet ke..artikel just a guidelines.
Anyway here are the progress on Kazim( ooohh please, Im not comparing my baby with anyone else as all babies are unique and individual);
  • He makes his first smile at 6 weeks old.
  • He begins to make more cooing and babbling sounds.
  • Respond to the sound by turning his head towards it.
  • Spend more time awake during the day
  • Bring his hands together..mcm nk tepuk amai2.
  • dah pusing ke kanan dan ke kiri.
  • Dah boleh main2..make a funny face the he started to giggle.
Well I guess, at 7 weeks old age..itula yang patut dia buat.Next visit to see his doctor will be on this coming 28th December..By the way,Im worried about his eyes.During the last checkup, our doctor noticed his right eye seem to be out of sync.He told us,Kazim is still learning to use his eyes and strengthening his eye muscles, AND the good news- the coordination should be much improved by the end of three months.Perasan tak, mmg dari lahir mata kanan dia tak bukak..kalau bukak pun belah kiri je bnyk?Cuak jugak la.Hmm..tulah , hopefully next checkup nanti mata dah normal.

Gambar2 ni amik masa kami gi Arabian Nights Wedding kat Seremban.Hmm,yours truly mmg lerr tatau nak pakai aper, so hentam jelah baju ni.Mcm OK pakai jelah.Dah kata nak ala2 Arabian Nights kan?Lagi best,Apeng/Aman mmg tak ikut theme langsung tp laki mmg tk kesah sgt pon kan....Kami sampai pastu terus makan so mmg takda maknanya kami nak amik gambar khemah ke, pelamin ke..deco ke..huhuhu.Perut harus dijaga mehhhh:p.
Oklah, later update pasal birthday Qaseh.

p.s: To mrs-you-know-who-you-are, neighbour I ada je ni. :-)



CikChelsea said...

Kazimmmm! Dah lain dh muka awak, dah takde muka Encik Kamarulzaman langsung haha.

Pipi dah bam-bam, owhh sgt tak sabar tgu awak blk kg!

1st pic tu hemsem =D

m0mmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

wahh cepat je dh 7 weeks! n he look so different now. cuteness!!!

The Queen Bee said...

comelnye!!!! mcm rupa u pun ade!

Anonymous said...

wah,kazim da besar.muke ala2 arab la kak.hehe..

Drama Mama said...

haaa kazeem is getting more handsome each day! i didn't paid particular attention about the eyes coordination masa irfan dulu, tapi memang at this age they don't really see things clearly kan, nampak blurry still. so don't worry too much. :-)

Lea Shmea said...

awww i suka pic yg kazim yawn tu. adorable! :))

yaNa MaLeK said...

kazim dah besar...cepatnye..sangat comel with his mata like his parents:))

Mrs. Amie said...

comelnyaaa Kazim!~

amiza said...

hi fadd..congrats for the newborn baby..glad that u are breastfeeding him..all the best!!

Anonymous said...

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