Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update on Kazim

Ohhh tidak! lama la tak tulis ! Zaman kemalasan melanda (some of you were asking me, ..pregnant ke?) Jawapannya: Blom la sayang..:-)

Now Kazim dah 18 months! Dah besar kan? Cepat sgt. Nak tulis his milestones mmg tak terlarat sbb bnyk sgt! Macam2. BTW, yes I am so busy everyday now. Banyak aktiviti dengan Kazim sampai rasa mcm malas nak berblog cos I wanna give my 110% attention to him since I'm a SAHM.
I wanna cherish the moment every seconds with him! On top of that, Kazim's Daddy decided to enroll him in a playgroup at Kidz Sport & Gym at Empire since it is so near to our place! So lepas ni once a week la I gi Empire, eh eh chop..BUkan everyday ke I gi Empire selama ni??? Wahahhah! I wonder la kan IF KLCC dekat ngn my house..tatau la aper jadi :p

Perempuan dan membeli belah tidak boleh dipisahkan..ermm , bukan semua perempuan la kan? I je kot! OKlah layan dulu gambar Kazim ni k. We rented the costume semata-mata nak g Putra Dani's Birthday *smile*..and the birthday party was awesome! Best sgt!BTW We rented the costume at Costume 'N' Parties .
We find out this place is quite convenient for us to go and they have variety of choices too! Go and check out the place if you are interested k. to go darlings..see ya next time!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hi readers!
Last week was a heartbreak for me.
We went to Haven REstaurant at Look Out Point , Hulu Langat. Owh sooooooooo romantic la tempat ni, boleh nampak KL :-). Sesuai la kalau saper2 nak dating, or saja suka-suka macam kami. We had mee goreng mamak and pizza..hmm try la! Not bad at all:-)

BTW, masa dah nak balik tu,Kazim fell down and all of a sudden ( exactly I dunno what was happening, since he was running here and there and BAMM! ..) Is he crying, Is he moving?..YES! Pastu bila dah examine( at this point I tried to remain calm !)....alhamdulillah takda luka and he 's still moving. Once I’ve determined that except for a bump and bruise on his right forehead , we decided to take him to the hospital for a further examination sbb tgk benjol tu besar giller. Masa amik gambar ni benjol dah tak nampak sgt sbb dah letak ice :-)

Like I mentioned before, nothing serious pon except..err I was overreact?;p ehhhe..takut la sbb benjol tu besar sgt! Agaknya sbb ..large forehead kan :p OKlah, nite2 everybody, esok Kazim nak gi jab untuk 18 months :-)
Huh! Dah besar dah anak saya :-)