Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear readers,
Im 13 weeks now .

My first trimester was really a breeze except for the emotional changes -insecure, feeling like crying but dunno why. and etc..Even though I enjoyed my first trimester of pregnancy,not so much sicknesses, I can say. I guess that's why I call this the honeymoon trimester:) (Knock on wood, I don't want it to end!)
My second trimester was not all fun and games though. Smalam after entertain my husband's friend, ptg tu balik dah muntah pastu dah lembik. Other day, kuar settle kan hal yg berkaitan, balik tu after solat Azar, rasa blackout then bila mkn muntah.

Oh, and BTW I have been getting EXTREME evening sickness and I found that raisins and crackers really helps ease my stomach. Thank god!
I began to feel more tired than usual and at odd times during the day.Unlike,in my first trimester .. But lucky me, the headache is totally gone.Alhamdulillah..

Anyway, I have been around a lot of pregnant women while growing up and could never understand the whole carrying low or high. This whole logical guess of the babies sex doesn't seem important, but I wish I could tell if I was having a boy or girl. :-) It's kinda fun you know,guessing your own baby's gender.

Well that is my story for now.
Have a great day all!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tributes To Our Moms

Dear Moms,
Happy Mother's Day.!! 10th May..right?
Im wishing all mommies who are reading my blog now * smile*

I miss my mom so badly now.Biasa la kan, kalau ada je masalah, aku mula la rindu Mi kan :p.BUT seriously,I miss her. Anyway, Im so lucky, I still have Mummy Noe to listen and she's my shoulder to cry on. Ever since my Mi left to Dubai, Mummy Noe called almost everyday just to say 'hi' and asking about my pregnancy journey. I know, I am lucky. At least. I have someone to talk. Even though I see her often, I miss her very much.Tambah pulak, hormon tak menentu so I need "org lama" punya tips especially about pregnancy. She's has been tremendously awesome! Mummy Noe carikan food yang I really wanted to eat ( since my Mi is not around), ohh ya, same goes to my dear friend Hanim. Giller tu, carikan Etok!:p

There was one day, I was crying because I miss Mi so badly.Deep inside,I know, I have to handle everything myself. Ive been taught to be independent since small.:-)

Hmm, it's true, there is no one like a mother.

Who else must juggle all the jobs necessary to raise a family in this day and age?At any given time, a mother may be called upon to be a cleaner, maid,PA, secretary, shopper,teacher,caretaker and the list goes on! Sometimes a mother must perform all these jobs at once.It's clear that the mothers are the original multitaskers.

Happy Mother's Day Moms.
Including to my husband's Emak @my mother in law.
Eventhough, we are not talking everyday or even seeing each other often, we would like to express our deepest love to you. We may adore each other or perhaps disagree all the time ( yeah this msg goes to My Mi too.Sometimes we argue , maybe we need to get ideas across, and get things done)
but what ever it is,
YOU ARE STILL OUR EMAK. You hold a very special place in our heart
No one can replace you.
"Aman is my husband, but he is still your baby boy.I promise that! I wont take him away from you."
Thanks for giving birth to a wonderful man!
I am so lucky, Emak.

How can we honor them or even thank our moms for the gift of life and unconditional love?
So this Mother's Day, give Mom that extra hug, and kiss and let her know just how special she is and that you appreciate all she has done for you.

Ohh ya, Mother's Day can be EVERYDAY huh!!! :-)
Pregnancy Diaries:

  • I lost appetite! I just dunno what to eat.
  • Ada rasa nk mkn lamb walau tak berapa nk telan ( tp ni bukan craving kot sbb I love lamb sgt2)
  • Malas dah kurang sikit. Tp after Zuhur harus mengantuk amat.
  • Perut dah tak rasa bloated sgt dah.Gassy pun dah kurang.

Well, yg lain-lain mcm biasalah, wait and see another few weeks.Tgk macam mana.

p.s: Dear husband, can we celebrate Mother's day since Im a mommy to-be? *wink*


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Night Out

We attended Birthday& Anniversary Dinner at one of the hotel in Shah Alam.Nothing much to say except I was having fun with Anis all-night-long :-) And yeah, my lovely husband was the one who took all our photos.hehehe.

Pregnancy Diaries:
  • Tahap kemalasan sgt teruk now ni.Awful!
  • Ive lost my appetite. Tapi kalau tak mkn nanti loya.( Nausea and vomiting are first trimester event, yeahh will over soon* big grin*) In order to minimize my nausea, I will eat before Im hungry,and yeahh eating small but frequently.About 6 times perday.This one to keep my blood sugar levels even.And of course, Im avoiding trigger foods and substitute alternatives as needed.
  • Im gaining weight!! YES.Good.Good.
  • I can feel waistline expansion( it's a good sign* happy me*)

That's all peeps.Will update anything else later.Have a nice day!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bundle Of Joy

Yay! Here are the photos at Leen's place. Entry ni sebenarnya agak nak jeleskan Hanis& Iza sbb Leen buat tart sgt sedappppp, pastu roti sosej yg sungguh marvellous.I should have taken the photo but I was busy looking at Baby Asif. Sorry gals :p
Anyway, Asif is good as gold.Well-behave I can say. So adorable :-)
Leen's princess

Iman sang me a beautiful song by Agnes Monica.She swept me away!
I wish her dreams will come true.You know sweetheart, Aunt Fadd will always support you.
You have no idea Leen, I miss you so badly.
Look at him.He is such a baby-mellow,externally smiling and consistently demanding. And yes, his cues are easy to read.

Iman such a princess to me. Aunt Fadd cant stop thinking about you now.
Aima& Cobain's bundle of joy.Congrats guys.We love Asif too * smile*
Pregnancy Diaries:
A mix of excitement and sheer terror washed me over.I still stared at my belly in disbelief.
It seemed like , I just got married last week and were talking about honeymoon and the next, I was at the hospital, waiting for my prenatal check-up.
OMG! I cant wait to meet our baby :-)
As I've told you earlier, I didnt have the morning sickness.Hmm..I was so wrong! Now my body's on this wild, hormonal ride. Drowsy,sleepy,headache ...hmm I can say my constant companion now.
BUT Im still lucky, without vomiting ( or maybe not yet)
And yes, I need to pee exactly every 15 mins.

Anyway, I just had my monthly prenatal check up on 17th April.
Alhamdulillah, everything went well.
At 11 weeks old, our miracle was already so perfectly formed, yet so small, just 5.52 cm.The moment, I saw our baby at the monitor, all the inconveniences and frequent urination, hmm they just melted away.It doesnt matter anymore.
" This is going to happen, Im going to become a mommy!!!And my husband is the happiest person now. He just cant stop counting days* smile* "

Im praying everything will goes well.

p.s: Indahnya dunia, dilayan mcm puteri!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ladies Night..oyaaay!

Dear readers,

Im glad that Im typing again! Yeaaayyy.Let's talk about my ladies night at MATRADE with dear friend, Anis.. Oooh there were massive traffic jammed on Friday as you know, but hey, we managed to be there on time!! Me aka lazybum ,managed to get ready in just 30 mins, have no idea what to dress on that night!

"nak pakai ape ni?"

"Ala..pakai je aper adaaaa...baju kurung boleh..long dress boleh..aper2 la."

" Ala..malas la nak gi.Sgt malas ni.Aku nak mandi pun malas ni nak siap2"

"dah dah....Im on my way, aku tunggu kt bwh .I'll wait in the car.Cepatttt"

" What???????????? Ya Allah..gimme 30 mins, boleh?"

" aku dah otw! Cepat!"

Please be noticed that I pretty much blew off every other event I was supposed to attend :p.Urmm..reason? MALAS. But not this one! Amazing!!!Thanks to you dear who keep on forcing me..Hahaah.In the car, we filled it with giggles and girls talk.
Were there by 8pm and collect our door gift.
As you can see, our menu were:

Im not sure how yummy the food was cos I already had my dinner earlier. Lucky me cos they started a lil bit late( ohh yes, they have to wait for the VIPs)

This songket really caught my eyes :-)

Tadaaa..sorry guys.Lambat amik gambar.

I didnt bring my cam, all the photos taken by hp!

Next,Poco-poco dance..Cayalah! Basically it is an easy step. And it was super fun! Poco Poco” is a Indonesian line dance which became extremely popular throughout Indonesia , followed by Malaysia.I’ve heard about this dance many times before but not until Friday night did I hear the song and saw the dance myself :-)

I had a blast ..I met so many cool and nice people. Everything brilliant though.

Pregnancy Diaries:

Ohh ya, I really miss my boy and baby girl.Moksu loves you sweetheart! Will see you next week on your mama's birthday, right?Oh ya, I asked Rayyan to be a lil bit creative on his mama's birthday.Let see how his brain works.
Dont worry sayang, Moksu will help you!
My dear Hanim called me just now ( oops..sorry revealing ur identity :-) good way takpe kan.Beliau telah menasihati saya agar tidak memasuki hutan.Ditakuti makhluk halus mengacau kita.Bila difikirkan balik, you are so true dear! And please, silalah nasihatkan I selalu :-) Im human ,tends to make mistake dear!
Thanks for your concern.

Till then. Thanks for reading my blog.
You guys rocks!!
!And yes, your advise is most welcome!

p.s: Dieah..Im not a doughnut lover tp ur entry..memanggil2 :-)



I woke up around 6.45 am on Sunday for our trip to Hutan Lipur, and packed my bag. Im a..hmm not only a cartoon junkie..but also a waterfall hunter! Ohh yaayy.My husband and me spent our weekends at this Hutan Lipur. The sites by the waterfall and along the river make ideal spots for picnics with families and friends.
I've been wanting to visit a waterfall for a long time and finally..!! We came here for a little excitement in the jungles of Hutan Lipur. Betapa segarnya udara ! I should have brought all my picnics stuff, including dapur camping,monopoly-games, makanan and etc. Luper pulak.Dah sampai sana baru teringat. Next time baby!
In my excitement I was especially careful not to trip over the slippery rocks.Careful fadd!! :-)
If you are hoping to do some waterfall hikes on an upcoming trip to any waterfalls..count me in!! I loikeee! ( oops..tak sedar diri kejap, taklih buat activity camtu buat masa ni!) Next I come peeps!
Pregnant Diaries:
  • Sgt in good mood.Takda mood swing langsung.Sukaaaaaaaa :-)Ke after 2nd or 3rd trimester baru ada? Ohh tidaaaaaaakkk.
  • Sgt happy!
  • Alhamdulillah takda muntah2. Lucky me huh?
  • Suka mkn nasi ( pagi-, ptg and malam), tak suka roti2, pastry or wut so eva!
  • Hate western foods! I used to like Tony Romas so badly.
  • I hate mee curry yg I used to like. Taklih nak telan.
  • Tak suka bersiap.Malas.Nak sapu sunblock pun malas.Malas.Malas.Malas.
  • Suka mkn food Kelantan,Terengganu and Pahang- Pantai Timur.Tolongla..Im craving ETOK so badly now!

Okay, that's all for now. I will write more!Muah.Keep in touch, will ya?


Monday, April 13, 2009


Ohh yeaaaaaaa..I had a great outing with Anis and Diella.
Will update more!!!!

p.s: Ramai tny mana yours truly pergi: Morning sickness ke? Ok ke...To tell you the truth, I am so lucky, I havent had any morning sickness.nadaa ;-) Lucky me! But worried jugakla. Can I still be pregnant?