Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear readers,
Im 13 weeks now .

My first trimester was really a breeze except for the emotional changes -insecure, feeling like crying but dunno why. and etc..Even though I enjoyed my first trimester of pregnancy,not so much sicknesses, I can say. I guess that's why I call this the honeymoon trimester:) (Knock on wood, I don't want it to end!)
My second trimester was not all fun and games though. Smalam after entertain my husband's friend, ptg tu balik dah muntah pastu dah lembik. Other day, kuar settle kan hal yg berkaitan, balik tu after solat Azar, rasa blackout then bila mkn muntah.

Oh, and BTW I have been getting EXTREME evening sickness and I found that raisins and crackers really helps ease my stomach. Thank god!
I began to feel more tired than usual and at odd times during the day.Unlike,in my first trimester .. But lucky me, the headache is totally gone.Alhamdulillah..

Anyway, I have been around a lot of pregnant women while growing up and could never understand the whole carrying low or high. This whole logical guess of the babies sex doesn't seem important, but I wish I could tell if I was having a boy or girl. :-) It's kinda fun you know,guessing your own baby's gender.

Well that is my story for now.
Have a great day all!



f.i.e.z.a said...

dah 13 weeks?waahh bestnya..
jaga diril elok2 tau darl..
kalo mengidam nak mkn butter prwn kat kuching dtg jek, no prob! :)

Shiela said...

u terbalik la.Biasa bila dah masuk 13 w dah ok.I dulu all the way ok sampai sudah.nasib baik.Bnykkan berdoa ok.
Nway, nnti I mintak number fon u boleh? Kalau u balik kg.Hubby u, bole u dtg rumah aunty I tu.
Bnyk ni gossip panazzz.

Pink Stilettos said...

ahh...despite being mabuk n all during the 1st trimester, i miss my pregnancy!

Ninie said...

cepatnya masa berlalu kan...tak sabar nak tgk ur baby babe!