Sunday, May 3, 2009

IF only..

While standing at my balcony,I was dreaming... If only Im wearing fat pink Harry Winston diamond ring or any of their finest diamond jewelry.
OHH boyy!

If only, I can hop into this car.
Pagani Zonda

If only ,Im toting this bag
Nancy Gonzalez

If only , I seriously would like to have them and I wish I could afford to them too
ohh myy....Christian Louboutin

If only, Im living in this and operates numerous of "so and so businesses" across the world
AND If only I have unlimited spending and cash:-)
Ohh, indahnya mimpiku :p
Of course, who doesnt??!

Pregnancy Diaries:
Ptg skang sgt rasa nk muntah.Ohh baru rasa "IM PREGNANT".
Mkn as usual, telan je sbb kalau tak lapar.

p.s: My husband away for 10-days trip.
So please excuse my so-called-dreams.Hey, tak salah kan bermimpi, mana tau mimpi jadi reality?Tak pun, sbb tahu tak dapat, aku berangan lah.:p
BUT again..Im so thankful for what I have today.Alhamdulillah.


mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

yeah, keep on dreaming big =)
insyaAllah dapat one day

n33za said...

10 days trip?haruslah kite menjadi weng sebentar..hehe

DaZzlingLilLy said...

i pun nak harry winston tuh...

Shmea said...

hi kak fad. i read in newspaper hari tu.. kalau slalu morning sickness, anak jadi pandai. don't know how true that is, though. take care & eat well! :)

l i a n a said...

kakak.. take care of urself okay. perut tu jaga! tahan kan aje muntah2 dah segala sickness. kire alhamdulillah dah nak ade baby. aku nak jugak bole?? abuuuuuuu..!

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

waaaaaaaaaa...seriously that harry winston mmg in my list...but ape kan daya...insyaallah strive for few years to come! ;)