Sunday, May 17, 2009

Honeymoon OR Quarantine?

How's your weekend ?Mine??
What happen IF, you are all ready for your day and suddenly something happened?Just when you were eager to have a nice trip..
..hmm..Here goes my story.

13th May

Husband back from Newark( New York) Reached KLIA around 7.15 am and be home at 9am. Went for my monthly check-up( still, we dunno the gender yet). We were so delighted to see our baby moving tho :-)

14th May

We had a luncheon at Bangi Mcd.It was Hani's Birthday ( she's my sister in-law's niece)

Remember I told ya about cupcakes that she wanted? yeaa, I made it in my malas mood :p
Went to visit Dad and Mummy Noe at KPJ Kajang ( Remember our foster parents?). Dad is having fever. I hope Dad will getting well soon. Brought him biscuits( cos we know you might hungry later.AND I believe you dont want to eat anything at this phase tho) Went home a bit late due to lepaking at Abg Ha's home. I was waiting for my darling D to come over, but she cancelled .
One of our good friend came over and had late-night-cappucino while watching CSI NY ( made by my husband,ouch..Im touched! That's why I love being pregnant)Im so proud of you baby!
Our friend went home later.

"baby, jd ke trip kita?"
"jadi, esok after subuh kita gerak"
"Oh, I pack now!"

I was so happy! Finally, Im able to go out from my "district zone"( padahal 4 mths je baru tak ke mana-mana, itupun dah rasa sangap tahap gaban!)
"So by plane or..hmm land?"
"Hmm..plane la senang kan? Tp nnti sampai sana nk kena sewa kereta"
"Kalau by land, lama..u OK?"
"Hmm..kena bnyk benti2 la.Tak boleh straight jerr..I need to wee-wee..pastu nk kena strecthing"
I packed all our stuff including my bantal busuk (ni nak kena bawak mana-mana yerr) :-)

15th May
Reached our destination at the evening.
Had our all-time-fav pau kacang and ayam.
It was indeed..yummylicious.

And then..Approx 5pm
Ring..Ring..Ring( mcm ringtone dlm Wonderpets kan?)
"Kamarul Zaman, you are in MH091 from Newark-KUL kan? You kena home quarantine sbb ada case. Ada student yg naik flight from Newark-KL dah kena Influenza Virus H1N1.."
"Ohh..yerr kerr?quarantine mcm mana?" Big shocked
"Quarantine kat rumah from 13th- 22nd May.So you 18th ni tak boleh kerja lah.."
Please note that quarantine means you have to stay indoor and avoid public!!
"Ooohh.." (and we were at..hmm 400km away from our home?!!!...)

I was......why in his flt,man!??..Hmm..dont bother my feeling at this point! My husband's health is the most important things NOW.
takpe, setiap yg jadi ada hikmah, kan?
Im good..Im good.

Mmg ada hikmah, kalau naik flight, mcm mana nak balik?At least dlm kereta kami berdua.We doesnt want to jeopardize anybody else!
And yes, my dear Hanim called me few times.We didnt watch TV( tell me, if you are in holiday mood,do you still bother about watching TV?Hmm..) she informed us about the virus and the student was admitted at Sg.Buloh Hospital.
Damn,it was soooo serious!
By the way, thank you so much dear.

16th May

We headed home.
We received phone calls every hours.

ring..ring..ring.( his ringtone takda bunyi gitu kan :p)
"En.Kamarul, where are you? Kami dtg umah nanti nak check.Any symptoms?"
"Im..err..err..Im not home actually."
"Ape?En.Kamarul jalan-jalan?Kami nak stop kan this virus from merebak ni..En.Kamarul balik umah yerr..jgn gi mana-mana dahh."
"yeahh yeahh ..I dah otw back ni..I okay, so far alhamdulillah.Takda symptoms aper2 lagi"
"Kami dtg umah nak check up you ni...Ok takpe, bila u dah sampai umah, pls inform us."

Tell you what, it was the busiest day of our live.
Every hours, he got phone calls and sms-es.
We arrived home-sweet-home at 630pm. They called us again and wanted to pay a visit tomorrow morning.
While watching Malaysian reality show, I slept after watching it for approx.30 mins, so, for the rest of the show... I didn't know what the hell happened. It was tiring. However, I still prefer their previous concerts.

Given by health advisor -thermometer,mask and letter

17th May

Approx 11am
The health advisor came to our place.She checked our body temperature and asked us a few Qs.
Where did we go, who we met and bla bla..

"En.Kamarul, we have to quarantine you and your wife ni. Eventhough your wife bukan direct contact dan not in the flt, tp your wife ada ngn you this few days kan.Just in case."

And YES, the person that we met since 13th May also not advisable to go public :-) especially yg kami spent time lama sgt2 tu, which..hmm Abg Ha& family. (kalau kejap2 takper)BUT, tak perlu di quarantine pun.

The symptoms in people are expected to be similar to the symptoms of regular human seasonal flu- fever,coughing,sore throat.

In that case, we have been placed under home quarantine and alhamdulillah none of us are showing any flu-like symptoms.
They will monitoring us day by day untill 22nd May.
So, hmm today we are honey-mooning at ourhouse.

Staying at home is good ( good for me so I can rest) and we can spend time together.
BUT our main concern :
Im just worried if we doesnt have enough food supply for this few days since we didnt manage to shop for groceries.( since hari tu nak kuar berjalan so mmg tak beli bahan mentah lah, sbb takut tiba2 elektrik takda time kami away tu, kang habis busuk peti ais kami)
However, we still got biscuits, cereal and juices. Hope enough.Makan jimat2 la kan :-) Mcm dlm hutan pulak :p

To think this back, Im quite happy and thanks to god, my darling D didnt manage to come over our place.I dont want to get her involve.


Last but not least,please pray for our safety and health..We are praying and hoping we are not infected by Influenza H1N1 or swine flu(whatever they call)


p.s: Abg Ha will help us if we are shortage of food he said.He can put the food at the grill and leave it there.Knowing us, we doesnt want to trouble anybody *smile*




The Mrs-Bride said...

oh my... whatever pun, juz take care dear... insyaAllah xde apa punye.. :)

nurulzia said...

omg!!fadd, are u ok..both of u take care ok..InsyaALLAH xde pape ok..

Hunny MJ @ PinkyRetro said...

ur hubby was on that flight?
hope everything's gonna be ok...
take care ya !!

Anonymous said...

ur hubby keje ngan airasia ke skang?


neeza said...

i br bc paper mlm td(on my way back from langkawi)terus teringat both of u..btw,hopefully takde pape..just enjoy urself ..if u need anything just gimme a call k(my hubby cuti lame..hehe)

salzahari said...

hohoo..mcm ni rupanya they'll check on those same flight with that boy.

i'm working at SGB hospital actually. we didn't even want to go to that floor but still need to support their needs.

dialicious said... mcm comel pun ade..mcm kene duduk dlm hutan plak..hehehe..xperla..u get to spend unlimited time w ur hubby..huhuh..jgn tgk rancangan msk2 and gamba makanan sgt nanti teringin susah plak..hehehe..take care ok!hope ething will turn out well

Anonymous said...

hope evryth will b ok....
take care...

mrs bob said...

hope everything will be fine, fadd! :)

Diella Mustafa said...

quarantine period dah tamaaattt!!bleh la awak enjoyyyy...huhuhu.jd ke g penang dis weekend??

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said... how was it now???
i hope everythg went on smoothly...take care babe...

Jon Bon Jawa said...

Haha macam lawak pun ade, tapi smua ok kan?baby besar+baby dalam perut smua ok kan?