Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Here are the photos during K.Fuz's besday celebration at Bubbagump on 23rd April. We had a wonderful night-out.

Seriously, this beef ribs...mouth -watering...

And here, Achik( K.Fuz's aunty),your truly, my baby, abg ha rayyan, K.Fuz and Zahra

Dear readers,
Mood : Malas yg amat
As I said earlier, my husband away for 10 days trip.Huh, the good news is I will have my " me time" .I will able to buat aper yg I love to do, like reading books ptg2, meeting some of my frens or even pergi gym. Cos when my husband around, nak gi gym payah sikit, nnti dia nk mkn, nk minum, takda saper pulak nak jaga semua tu. TP kalau dia tdo and bgn lambat, so I will run to the gym.And I will balik b4 dia bgn tdo.Sbb bila dia bgn, dia nk mkn.

BUT the bad news is, I hate being apart from him. It's killing me!!!

This morning, K.Fuz called me and asking me to have lunch with her at Mid Valley, but knowing me, since kahwin ni, bila my husband takda, malasnya nak gi benda2 camni. Even kalau any of my brothers buat mkn2 especially time husband takda, mmg 100% aku tak gi :p.So, nak taknak they akan buat time my husband ada IF diorang nak kami adik-beradik berkumpul. Ntahler..maybe dah selalu sgt ngn husband ke mana-mana kot.Haih, gedikkknyaaa
Suprisingly, Abg ha& K.Fuz ke Mid valley naik cab, since dia servis kereta kt Jln Ipoh.Diorang ada kata suh bawak jln-jln if my husband ada but since my husband away, they doesnt want to trouble me. Maybe diorang igt payah kot aku nk drive gi sana,hmm ntahh ler..
BTW,Im touched! If you are reading this sist, I want you to know, how appreaciate I am! And..excuse me, Im not sick :p Im just pregnant okayy.

Anyway, I started my exercise routine..again!
Wehuuu..Entering, 2nd trimester, I cant seem to settle down at night, guess what?Im in lala land at 5am!! GOSH. According to one of the pregnancy books, I have to get enough exercise( but not too much) so that my body will be sleepier at night.. And, it works!!! Alhamdulillah. My fav workout regime: Body&Balance ,pilates and swimming

As usual, my evening sickness is quite tolerable.Instead of morning sickness,
I have been blessed with evening sickness. ( of course,any pregnancy symptoms I should cherish , heyy it's a magical experience okayy* big grin*)
Next activity, I have to bake K.Fuz's niece cupcakes.Her birthday will be on this coming 14th May, and the theme will be: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.
Wish me luck peeps :p

I cant wait for our next check-up on this coming 13th May. My husband will be back on that day and yes, he will be joining me to the hospital.
I cant wait!!

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