Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bila Mula Membeli?

Happy Mother's Day everybody!

Dear readers,
Okay, let me go..hmm straight to the point.When can I start buying baby stuff? My due date will be in the early of November 2009. You know, there's always old wives tales about having all the baby stuff in your home before the birth know the reason you cant buy baby stuff early...bla that just me worrying some more!!

Honestly, I dunno when to start buying things and preparing the nursery. Anyway, Ive created my list, anything that we need to buy.I dont want to lose track of how much we've spent later.Of course, we dont have anything yet :-)Fuhh~

Last time, when my bestfriend was pregnant, I was so eager ,telling her what to buy, when to buy or not to.I still can remember Ive told her;

"Babe, belila sikit2 every mth, nanti tak terasa sgt.Kalau nak beli sekaligus,terasa kang"
"Babe, survey la dulu and then masa sale nnti terus beli"

It's easier said than done.
Another reason why I love the fact that my bestfriend is having a baby - I get to buy little cute gifts at places like Mothercare. Mom's care or where I'd never before considered to be part of my shopping territory!:p
Some are telling me to buy straight away, and some are telling me to wait untill Im in the 3rd trimester.And, this one makcik told me ,the best time is after 20 weeks of pregnancy . She said it may sounds awful but that way you know all is okay for sure and you know the sex of the baby.
As for myself, I have to constantly stop myself from buying anything useless. And save the money for our future bundle of joy.
As for my husband, he will start looking from now and get an idea of what he wants and be thrifty about buying it..Yeah yeah, Im so lucky, he loves "scouting around"and makes his right choice.
Oh ya, can you gimme idea about this stuff?I know, it may sounds too early,just wondering what to buy later.
So ,Mommies, help me plsssss!

Halford Cosmo DX Travel System
I saw this one at Subang Parade.Infant car seat ..mmm.. quite light.

Chicco Trevi Travel System Chicco Liteway While surfing internet, Ive found Peg Prego SI and they said their car seat attaches easily to the chassis.Mmm in that case, I should wait till Spring.I dont have any particular brand in mind yet, I just wish our buggy, pram, pushchair,travel system (or what so ever they call it) that can be placed in the lie-flat position for our newborn. Lightweight of course :-). Hmm easy to fold and store.Easy to maneuver through crowded ..too :-)COMBI Cosmo Travel System

Or maybe this one! Affordable,transportable and very convenient. It is light weight (11.5 lbs) and has a carrying strap. It holds little ones up to 45 lbs. Few days ago, one of the blogger told me

" Dont go for Combi, kalau anak kecik, small size takpe.Sbb my anak tak muat tauu.Seat dia kecik sikit.So bila dia tidur kesian mcm kena kepit"

In all honesty, wut dya think?

Well, well, Im doing my part as a surveyor ONLY, the father of baby X will make his final judgement tho.

Pregnancy Diaries:

  • Forgetfullness!!! Forgive me Rinie.I'm supposed to attend Dani's aqiqah on Saturday,9th May.I was totally forgotten untill I was browsing my phone and saw the note. And it was 750pm already! Totally late!
  • I forgot to bring mineral water upstairs too. I need to jot down everything after this.
  • I can something like..bubbles popping in my belly.Could it be movements?Or it just gas?
  • I cant smell my own perfume or body mist.Euuchhh~
  • Im so happy lately,HaHaHa.Ive been singing entire day! Lalalalalala~

p.s: Silver Cross,( Hmm..I fancy this one!! Their infant carseat and Dazzle but.. mmm but,..ohh well),Bugaboo( come on ,dont gimme idea!hell no.. pass!),Zippy( naahh..pass!), Buzz(father of baby X fancies this one tho,even it is bulky:p),Valco( mmm..pass), Stokke (father of baby X loves this one too. ohh well..can I? ... pass..budget.budget),Toro-Micralite??(still,not in our list )..YET!

Wait and see then!




neeza said...

eih chop!baby XY?are having a baby boy?sbb XX for girl kan?hehe

jetsetter said...

Ohh I should have put X only.
Tatau lg BOY or GIRL.

nisa said...

u silap due year la dear.. :)

ops lupa, u dah mention about ur forgetfullness..

p/s: as 4 me, about buying baby stuff, don't start too early & jgn jugak too late..sbb bila perut dah besar u cepat penat nak pilih2, tawaf2 shopping centre, jgn nnt last2 u finally have to opt for something yg so-so jer (sbb dah penat & running out of time..)

- cuma 2 sen..

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owh goshhhh...i still remember year 2004, i fall inlove with stokke explory!!!
sgt superb n stylish!
tp bile check price kt sini melampau harga satu lv hampstead ok! ;(

Puteri said...


Buy now..beli sikit2 and stick to ur is true that kita tak terasa duit keluar sgt..if u wait sampai 3rd trimester, you'll be too tired to shop..perut dh besar, mengah2, sakit belakang sakit kaki,sakit itu sakit ini...tak enjoy shopping masa tu..rasa nak beli & terus balik je. i started my baby shopping masa belas2 minggu, when the loya phase was bearable (not over)..i think i started with a tiny purchase je..socks! soon after, i just cannot stop..haha!

esp the big2 purchase yg ratus ratus & ribu riban tu..i tried to stick to one month one purchase so that my cash flow tak lari.

don't forget to survey pasal stem cell banking..i was this close to missing it dulu coz dpt tau lambat about it..a few weeks b4 delivery baru terhegeh2 nak cari info & decide to register.

have fun shopping!

jetsetter said...

Argghhhh thanks!! Ahahah aper da I ni.I dah tukar :p
Itula, thanks for ur nasihat semua.

TP kita mesti vogue sentiasa!..:-)
Bag maintain yanggg~

Thanks sbb u gimme idea.I tatau mana nk pilih stroller tu!
Urm, u gimme idea jugak bila I nak start beli ni.Bagus..:-)

mama-ir said...

Hi Fad... congrats ye... am happy for you...

Barang baby? Sekarang pun boleh je membeli nya... Selamat b'shopping, seronokness guaranteed!

Pasal baby carseat tu, my 2 cents, cari yang boleh convert jadik child seat, meaning boleh tampung berat sampai baby 4 y.o, so takyah susah2 nak beli lagi nanti bila baby dah lebih setahun or lebih berat than 10kgs. Cuma bila baby umur 4 y.o. je baru pikir pasal booster seat.

Dori from Maxi Cosi pon cantik...

Take care...

mrs bob said...

babe, yup. start abit by bit..

even i also started once i have an idea what's my baby gender. its around 16weeks i guess :)

in the same time ppl around me kept saying that i shouldn't start it b4 7 months as 'pantang' reason.

my answer is simple.

give me valid reason for that.if its about something againts our kepercayaan. itu dh lain dh tu.
whatever it is, believe in God. klau nak jadi, jadi jugak. means, we just pray n hope everything will be fine. bkn sbb shopping awal, bende2 bkn leh jadi. :)

it makes sense, preparing on last min must be tired!skang pn i dh sakit2 bdn, kaki if berjalan byk. baru 6 months+ tu. imagine that :)

so u choose ur own decision! hehe all the best.

Ninie said...

happy mothers day to u too...bestnya nak start shopping baby stuff! huahhhhh...nak jgak...

mrs bob said...

oh btw, yes checklist really help us to control buying unneccesary things..hehehe

Pink Stilettos said...

I started beli brg baby when I was about 5 months pregnant - tu pon beli nursing cover n Hotslings jer. Then I waited until I was like 8 months pregnant baru beli lain2, tapi takde la one trip terus habis semua. huhu. I think it all depends on u la. Kalau u rasa nak beli, bole jer. Kalau u rasa better tunggu dulu, then do so.

Nway regarding stroller, I would suggest u choose one yg boleh forward and rear facing sbb from my experience, usually baby up to 3 months nak nampak muka mommy n daddy dia. Kalau tak, nangis takmo duduk dlm stroller. Tu sbb i tak pakai sgt stroller (ada la macam 3 kali jer kot selama 5 bulan ni). Macam menyesal lak beli my current one. Plus, i read somewhere that it's good that babies always have eye-contact with their parents. Tapi strollers yg bole both forward n rear facing mahal sikit but i guess it's worth it drpd jadi cam i tak guna pon. huhuh

Have fun baby-shopping! :)

Mrs. Amie said...

Seronoknya shopping baby stuff! i start beli since my 6mth of pregnancy.. tapi I guess, baju2 tue semua later la during 7-8 mths dh ok..

p/s-I heart Silver Cross dazzle Pushchair.. tapi husband tak suka..ishhh

Shmea said...

hi kak fad!

i think u shud start buying when u know the baby's gender and when everything's stable. your hormones, i mean. best time: 2nd trimester (5th or 6th month). btw, kalau dah buat list, ok la tu. gi jln2 survey2 dulu. then buy when the time's right.

abt the stroller, it all depends on your own conveniencies. kalau beli besar sgt, tak muat letak dlm boot kereta pulak. unless u have a big car. pastu, kalau beli berat sgt, kita mommy2 ni tak larat nk buat sendiri. kena yg senang lipat apa semua. main thing is, we want our baby and us as parents to be comfortable.

hope u'll make the right choices. :)

xoxo, lea.

Anonymous said...

kak fad,thanks for posting this least i've got idea too when to buy all the's already 15weeks but i didn't buy anything.hehe..ada brg baik gtau yek.xrajin window shopping.hehe ;)

mummy anne said...

hi fad.. congrats!!! luv ur belly!! bleh x? anyway,its true what your friend said, don't buy carseat or stroller frm combi. kecik n x padan dgn harga. konon japan made bagus la... tp dia ringan.. nway all d best!!

Lyzza said...

Hi.. what's the name of the spacious RM100 hotel in Penang that u were staying?

mak farhah said...


salam kenal.

I dah beli car seat n stroller utk my baby eventhough ! baru 15 weeeks, sbbnya masa tu tgh lebih baik amik kesempatan.

lebih convinient cari car seat y bleh attach dgn stroller...lebih berguna car seat tu selain dr dlm kete aja...sbb biasa stroller ni x sesuai sngt for newborn sbb baby kecik lg.

pilihan bergantung pd ur budget....kalau mampu bleh cari y thn lasak berthun pakai even utk another baby bleh guna...beli mahal tp bleh di warisi...mesti berbaloi...

I suka maxi cosi+quinny....sbb hubby pun suka

Anonymous said...

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