Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maternal Instinct..AGAIN??

Pregnancy Diaries
Im officially 7 months now.
I never thought I will enjoy my pregnancy this much. We met our OB( when I was 28 weeks) and he was happy with everything.He said everything was going great and our little one was growing nicely. He told us that our baby's head was down already which is good news for me, that means I will able to have a natural birth. Our baby is constantly moving still and he is now nearly 1.5kgs.* smile*My boy would have a grand time playing, usually at the expense of my ribs.I always rubbed my belly and talked to him.:p
"Little one, I know you are getting stronger each day"
Several punches to my lower abdomen followed.Goodness.My boy continued the gymnastics routine for several minutes.
On the other hand,Ive been out since last month to buy his stuff. We just need to sort few things out from the room and then I will feel like we are well on way to getting things sorted.Thanks to my husband, he prepared everything for us! I will blog about our baby's stuff later yah.

Needless to say, I was excited about everything!
"Nak berapa anak?Lepas ni bila pulak"
That question was one which I never seemed to have an answer.I never could seem to put a number to it.I only hoped that somehow,someday I would know the answer. One thing's for sure, I love babies, they are adorable!As you can see the above photos were taken when I was 6 months pregnant at Yong Peng during our nephew's aqiqah, Anas.The girl in the picture is his sister, Nadirah.Both are adorable and sweet.I can say, Anas is good as gold.U know kinda mellow and consistently undemanding, he's extremely portable in fact we can take him everywhere!Cik Fadd miss you guys!

And this one were taken 1 week ago at my brother's place. Zahra will be turning 1 this coming November.Well..well Zahra is super duper hyper baby! Dia senyap time tidur je kut :p, but of course darling, Moksu will always love you, no matter how hard to handle you!

And this one my photos at Anita's house when I visited her and her boy.I met Anita after..hmm ...12 years?OMG, I cant believe we finally met that day!Congrats to you sweetie!Your boy is such adorable.I wanted to hold him but..hmmm...malu ler :p.

Tgk, indahnya hidup ini dikelilingi oleh bayi-bayi yang comel2 iteww.I hope one day I can be a good mom to my little one.Insha'Allah.
Moreover,this week has been very up and down.Im down with the flu 2 days ago, apeng as well but alhamdulillah we are fine now.We seriously realize how better we felt when we drank 3 litres of water a day. We feel nice and hydrated.The only downside is the frequent bathroom trips which..bugging me so much :p.Oklah, sampai di sini saja kali ini,I think Im off to bed now and continue my reading.Oh ya, before I proceed with my beauty sleep, I shall wish everybody
"Happy Sahur!"


p.s: I wanted to try pregnancy massage..hmmm..wuddaya think?I have this in mind-Either Bidan or Urban Retreat at The Curve?


Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan 1430 Hijr:-)

Hi Peeps!
Happy Ramadhan!
I seek your forgiveness before I embark into another Ramadan.
Im so excited since it will be my first Ramadan as a pregnant lady :-)
Sorry for all wrongdoings.

Ps:Again, I have to remind myself to have a well balanced 'iftar' and 'sohoor' and a snack in between with ample amounts of fluids, milk vegetables and fruits.Insha'Allah.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Kahwin Situ Sana sini

So here are the photos at Ita's wedding.I have to admit I have a problems finding baju to the wedding...!

The next day, hana's reception at Ampang.Baju kurung is the only baju that I can fit into but I wont be able to zip up the kain...Dont ask how did I manage to wear the kain, pandai-pandai la kan :p. I wouldnt wear anyting that is tight around my belly , I will become uncomfortable.As far as I know, it is the greatest time to grow out our belly and feel beautiful about it.
Furthermore,while we are pregnant, we really cant be worried about shape.It is going to change whether I like it or not! That's it.Zip~
Redza, Dieah, Diella, Me & Qaseh

It was a beautiful wedding.
Congrats to Hana and her dream guy! Wish both of you the best.
We went back around 330pm and had a final stop at Nasim 's house.As usual, to the brides&grooms, semoga kekal hingga akhir hayat!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Final Part Kiwi Land

Hi peeps!
Our journey to Rotorua took about 1-2 hours.As we get closer to the town, the smell of rotten eggs got stronger.It is the smell of sulphur. We went straight to the hotel since we didnt perform our solat yet.So here our room at Rotorua,it cost around NZ$68 pernite.The room was clean except the heater..hmm not working!!

After solat, we headed to Skyline which has 900 metres gondola that take us to the top of Mount Ngongotaha and provides an amazing view of lake and town.You can also ride the luge( which we didnt manage to try bcos it was freezing that day!)

The next day, we went to this traditional Maori Village called Te Puia.I love this place so much!It is great because you can learn about others heritage.Makes me more grateful with my life today. Lucky for us, we got discount for admission fees due to travelling during winter.

Went to their galleries and learned about Maori peoples.

Afterwards they performed us a number of traditional songs and dances including the Haka which my husband's fav!As you can see, my husband joined the group too :-)

So much to do here! There's Kiwi Centre, National Weaving and Carving School, Cultural shows and many more!We then headed to mud pools but the smell of sulphur was a bit distressing. The pools are pretty amazing which heated from underground and you can bath in.
Of course,Te Puai is a good value!

We were wearing poncho because it was raining .Tell you what.... it was cold!Thank god, the ground in Te Puai is as warm as if there was a heater immediately
under the surface.So I rested my bump there.Best sangaaaaaaaaaaaat,panass jerrr :-) In Te Puai, we can get closer to the Pohutu Geyser.Mom( she was here before) told us that it's fountain is said to reach up to 25-30 metres into the sky but it doesnt spray that high that day

Traditional Hangi where food is actually cooked beneath the ground. They also served traditional dinner hangi with performance but we have to pass. They only served beef, lamb and pork.Obviously we cant eat anything :p
Went back to Auckland straight away after Te Puia( since esok tu dah nak balik).We made one final stop at Sylvia Shopping Mall (Mom& Dad wanted to buy some stuffs)..I dont bother about any outlets in the mall since I was so tired and restless.During this trip, Im quite lucky, .My pregnancy went smoothly and I dont have any sicknesses.Alhamdulillah.
We reached our hotel around 8pm and had dinner nearby. Went back to our hotel and packed our stuff.Rasa sedih pulak esok tu dah nak balik :p
Hmm..what can I say about NZ?
I will definitely go there again..!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Part 2-Kiwi Land

Dad, Me & Mom
We woke up around 6.30am ( around 2.30am Malaysia time). I packed all our thingy and my husband went to pick up the car.We rented a car for 2 days for NZ$70.We had a midsized car, a good enough space for 4 of us.At first,my husband tried to find on the internet and was unsuccessful.As we have been through this stupid hassle so many times( you-know-kinda last minute thingy to do), we called the Ace Car Rental directly to make a reservation.Alhamdulillah, we got a better deal for rental car in Auckland. The best way is, make your reservation early, so that you'll get better deals!Like someone used to tell me "Always be prepared!"

Travelling around NZ via land is an excellent way to see this beautiful country. I felt in love instantly. Along the road, I can see the sheep shearing too.(BUT Of course, Hujan emas di negeri org hujan batu di negeri sendiri, lebih baik di negeri sendiri :-)That morning we made our way over to the Waitomo Caves.Waitomo is about 2 hours drive to South of Auckland.The Waitomo Caves are famous for the creatures called Arachnocampa luminosa or glowworms. We spent much of the morning sipping coffee& juices in the car.Mom packed us sandwiches( remember , we went to Foodtown to get all the stuff in our previous post?).We packed our own food to minimize pit stop and ..the most importantly, it is halal and nutritious.

I was hoping to visit Matamata where the original Hobbiton Village was built( Lord of the Rings film locations) unfortunately, we were running out of time.For instant, my baby Apeng chose to visit Waitomo Cave.I really didnt know what to expect and always thought there was nothing but ONLY a cave .We were taken with a group of 50 peoples for a really up-close view of the cave and it was absolutely blew us away!The tour guide delivered an informative and entertaining commentary, sharing cultural and their legends and the natural wonders of this living masterpiece. Firstly,we had to walk for about 30-40 minutes with all the informative explanation and the last 10-15 minutes was a boat ride. Every minutes I found myself saying
"Oh..wow.." it was that good!
"tgk kat atas, ulat tu ada cahaya!Cerah mcm kunang-kunang.Mcm bintang kat langit pun ada.."said Mom
I was mesmerized.As I went inside the cave, above my head looks like a brilliant night sky but in reality,its thousands of these glowworms attached to the ceiling of the caves.What make these glowworms so unique and special is that during their larval stage, they glow a flourescent green
"Semakin bnyk kita berjalan, semakin kita kenal kebesaran Allah.Semakin kita cinta Allah"replied dad with his husky vioce.
And yes, Dad is so true!

My love was trying to get some information from the counter.We booked our tix through internet.A lot easier and... cheaper!Tips from my baby- try to book using internet as you can save your time and get a better deals!
Mom and I waited to be called for our tour. And yes, she's my guardian :-)

We were not allowed to snap any photos inside the cave.Camera and Video Cam are prohibited.

oh ya, we ride the boat to see the glowworms.Here are the photos after we had finished riding the boat.

You'll see something like this( in the photo) in the cave.

The cave.Mesmerized.

We stopped at their information center as....hmm Mrs Apeng/Aman needed to wee-wee :p

We headed to Rotorua afterward.
Stay tuned for our next journey!