Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maternal Instinct..AGAIN??

Pregnancy Diaries
Im officially 7 months now.
I never thought I will enjoy my pregnancy this much. We met our OB( when I was 28 weeks) and he was happy with everything.He said everything was going great and our little one was growing nicely. He told us that our baby's head was down already which is good news for me, that means I will able to have a natural birth. Our baby is constantly moving still and he is now nearly 1.5kgs.* smile*My boy would have a grand time playing, usually at the expense of my ribs.I always rubbed my belly and talked to him.:p
"Little one, I know you are getting stronger each day"
Several punches to my lower abdomen followed.Goodness.My boy continued the gymnastics routine for several minutes.
On the other hand,Ive been out since last month to buy his stuff. We just need to sort few things out from the room and then I will feel like we are well on way to getting things sorted.Thanks to my husband, he prepared everything for us! I will blog about our baby's stuff later yah.

Needless to say, I was excited about everything!
"Nak berapa anak?Lepas ni bila pulak"
That question was one which I never seemed to have an answer.I never could seem to put a number to it.I only hoped that somehow,someday I would know the answer. One thing's for sure, I love babies, they are adorable!As you can see the above photos were taken when I was 6 months pregnant at Yong Peng during our nephew's aqiqah, Anas.The girl in the picture is his sister, Nadirah.Both are adorable and sweet.I can say, Anas is good as gold.U know kinda mellow and consistently undemanding, he's extremely portable in fact we can take him everywhere!Cik Fadd miss you guys!

And this one were taken 1 week ago at my brother's place. Zahra will be turning 1 this coming November.Well..well Zahra is super duper hyper baby! Dia senyap time tidur je kut :p, but of course darling, Moksu will always love you, no matter how hard to handle you!

And this one my photos at Anita's house when I visited her and her boy.I met Anita after..hmm ...12 years?OMG, I cant believe we finally met that day!Congrats to you sweetie!Your boy is such adorable.I wanted to hold him but..hmmm...malu ler :p.

Tgk, indahnya hidup ini dikelilingi oleh bayi-bayi yang comel2 iteww.I hope one day I can be a good mom to my little one.Insha'Allah.
Moreover,this week has been very up and down.Im down with the flu 2 days ago, apeng as well but alhamdulillah we are fine now.We seriously realize how better we felt when we drank 3 litres of water a day. We feel nice and hydrated.The only downside is the frequent bathroom trips which..bugging me so much :p.Oklah, sampai di sini saja kali ini,I think Im off to bed now and continue my reading.Oh ya, before I proceed with my beauty sleep, I shall wish everybody
"Happy Sahur!"


p.s: I wanted to try pregnancy massage..hmmm..wuddaya think?I have this in mind-Either Bidan or Urban Retreat at The Curve?



Drama Mama said...

dah ada motherly touch tu, insyaAllah jadi ibu mithali hehehe...

jetsetter said...

Drama Mama,
Iyooo la tu.Tang pegang anak org mmg terror habesssssssssss :p Tp aperpon..Insha'allah sis.Thanks!

n33za said...

dear,cepat giler masa berlalu.mcm smlm br dpt berita u pregnant..org kate dh masuk 7 months elok minum air kelapa seminggu sekali,spy kulit anak cantik.i did that on my last pregnancy,alhamdulillah mcm berkesan je.

Diyana Zulkifli said...

fad, klu rasa sihat je badan..tak sengal2 ke hape..donat tak suggest la pegi bidan ke sape..better soh aman aje urutkan badan..lg best hubby sndiri buat..bknnya ape..kkdg tu, bidan nak 'betulkan' kedudukan perutla apa la..dinasihatkan jangan kasik..bahaya.huhu. donat dulu,percayakan doktor je boleh 'betulkan' apa2 yg patut..dieorg peralatan lengkap..huhu

Lea Shmea said...

u look glowing while pregnant. :)
good luck with everythg.

Anonymous said...

jetsetter-what a great news ur baby da 1.5 kg.mine mase lastcheckup was 1.1 kg.but still doc said itz ok.still have time to grow up.hehe..nway,just shared what i've read from parenting mags.its not good to have any massage during pregnancy.just rub ur back and feet is enuf.hoho~

f.i.e.z.a said...

hye fadd dearie!!
i miss u tau.insyaAllah nxt yr i'll be in kl and i'll see u both.owh i really cant wait..
u take care tau.. =)

Anonymous said...
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Ablen Eusoff said...

insya allah u'll be just fine. bila dah ada anak sendiri nnti naturally kita akan didorongkan cara2 nak handle.