Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadan 1430 Hijr:-)

Hi Peeps!
Happy Ramadhan!
I seek your forgiveness before I embark into another Ramadan.
Im so excited since it will be my first Ramadan as a pregnant lady :-)
Sorry for all wrongdoings.

Ps:Again, I have to remind myself to have a well balanced 'iftar' and 'sohoor' and a snack in between with ample amounts of fluids, milk vegetables and fruits.Insha'Allah.



Anonymous said...

kak fadd,kita serupa.hoho..hopefully blh pose sebulan penuh.bukannye snng nk dpt chance xpeod ni.hehe..

p/s:kak fadd,can u email ur baby stuff list to my email?just wanna compare with mine in case ada benda yg perlu ditambah.tq2 (

jetsetter said...

Hi dear,
Okeh will do!

~ZuE~ said...

hello dear..thanx for stopping by :) u take care...and slmt berpuasa!

5577 said...

:) enjoy the time being pregnant yea.. ull missed it! hehe.. ive given birth 2nd aug..

Salam Ramadhan 2 u! Slmt menjalani ibadah puasa.. semoga bln mulia ini membawa barakah n hidayah..

p/s: yummy raya cookies for grabs!

take care!

i am a mummy said...

babe, happy ramadan to u 2. nways, mau visit anytime ajaa...sorry i tk dpt bwk dani keluar now..risau sgt.:) tke cre!


Hi Fadd ,

Lama tak say hi !..HI !! hehe
Anyway, you look well and all glowy..

Take care..and kalau ada rezeki boleh jumpa dkt Besut ! ;)