Sunday, August 16, 2009

Final Part Kiwi Land

Hi peeps!
Our journey to Rotorua took about 1-2 hours.As we get closer to the town, the smell of rotten eggs got stronger.It is the smell of sulphur. We went straight to the hotel since we didnt perform our solat yet.So here our room at Rotorua,it cost around NZ$68 pernite.The room was clean except the heater..hmm not working!!

After solat, we headed to Skyline which has 900 metres gondola that take us to the top of Mount Ngongotaha and provides an amazing view of lake and town.You can also ride the luge( which we didnt manage to try bcos it was freezing that day!)

The next day, we went to this traditional Maori Village called Te Puia.I love this place so much!It is great because you can learn about others heritage.Makes me more grateful with my life today. Lucky for us, we got discount for admission fees due to travelling during winter.

Went to their galleries and learned about Maori peoples.

Afterwards they performed us a number of traditional songs and dances including the Haka which my husband's fav!As you can see, my husband joined the group too :-)

So much to do here! There's Kiwi Centre, National Weaving and Carving School, Cultural shows and many more!We then headed to mud pools but the smell of sulphur was a bit distressing. The pools are pretty amazing which heated from underground and you can bath in.
Of course,Te Puai is a good value!

We were wearing poncho because it was raining .Tell you what.... it was cold!Thank god, the ground in Te Puai is as warm as if there was a heater immediately
under the surface.So I rested my bump there.Best sangaaaaaaaaaaaat,panass jerrr :-) In Te Puai, we can get closer to the Pohutu Geyser.Mom( she was here before) told us that it's fountain is said to reach up to 25-30 metres into the sky but it doesnt spray that high that day

Traditional Hangi where food is actually cooked beneath the ground. They also served traditional dinner hangi with performance but we have to pass. They only served beef, lamb and pork.Obviously we cant eat anything :p
Went back to Auckland straight away after Te Puia( since esok tu dah nak balik).We made one final stop at Sylvia Shopping Mall (Mom& Dad wanted to buy some stuffs)..I dont bother about any outlets in the mall since I was so tired and restless.During this trip, Im quite lucky, .My pregnancy went smoothly and I dont have any sicknesses.Alhamdulillah.
We reached our hotel around 8pm and had dinner nearby. Went back to our hotel and packed our stuff.Rasa sedih pulak esok tu dah nak balik :p
Hmm..what can I say about NZ?
I will definitely go there again..!


DaZzlingLilLy said...

bestnyer tgk ur pic kat sana..

Anonymous said...

ur bb must enjoy the trip very much.hehe..take care sis!