Monday, July 27, 2009

Part 1 -Kiwi Land

Pregnancy Diaries
24 weeks of pregnancy

Hi peeps!
As I promised, here are the photos at NZ.. Alhamdulillah,my journey to Auckland was quite OKAY( eventhough I had a probs at the KLIA regarding my tix and at the Auckland's Immigration) OF COURSE, I had to wait..about an hour just to be questioned by them regarding my pregnancy.

They were very kind to me tho.They were asking about my baby, my pregnancy.To be honest, I knew it, they were afraid if by any chance I had a baby while on vacation. Oh ya, some precautions needed to be taken when flying- I chose an aisle seat so that I can walk around(much easier to go in and out rather than sitting in the middle) And yes,please consider my frequent trips to the toilet.Hmm, hallmark of pregnancy,right?

Anyway, the cold weather doesnt stop us from jalan-jalan cari pasal.It doesnt snow there but it does get bitterly cold.The weather is quite unpredictable, it was raining that night.

We had dinner at International Food court.I had steak with rice.
After that, we headed to Foodtown(supermarket) in Auckland situated around 2km from our hotel.And yes, we walked to the place.Dekat je pun..
We were there to buy some foods for tomorrow morning since we were planning to go out.Basically Auckland has a great choices of food since they have many immigrants from that part of the world so we wont struggle to find good& halal foods.
We bought some fruits, bread and milk for our breakfast, since we were planning to leave at 9am.

OK then I am going to bed now as it's getting late and I need to wake up early tomorrow.So many things to do, ohh which remind me, Im still dont have any bajus to Haida&Dieah's wedding :p.
p.s:Stay tuned for Part 2!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Embrace "it"

Latest Me :-)
Pregnancy Diaries

Hi all,

Being 6 months pregnant, I am positively glowing, happy, excited, healthy,vibrant and feel wonderful, in the prime of my pregnancy..thanks to pregnancy hormone! Measuring bigger but not yet bulky, at pregnancy 6 months I probably love every minute of attention that is poured on me as a mommy to be.

I feel beautiful when I’m pregnant, because my husband makes me feel beautiful.My husband, he is a wonderful person inside and out, the one who taking care of me since we have been married 3 years ago.I always get special treatment from him ( not only because I am pregnant) but ever since we were officially husband and wife. He was there to rub my back through 25 weeks of ALL DAY -NIGHT, then massage my feet and give me a cuddle. There are so many ups and downs to be being pregnant.Allah bless my husband for sticking it out with me without knowing why.There would be moments where we would be watching our favorite series/dramas or movies and it would be making us laugh hysterically and the next second I would be in tears for who knows what :p. I am a very friendly person who likes to joke around and have fun but there were times when someone said something to me that was supposed to be a joke and I took it the wrong way.
I am so sorry , I really dont mean to hurt anyone. It was just one of those emotional outbursts that I had for no apparent reason.Punish me phhhlease!

Now let's get into the fun part.
YES indeed, I love being pregnant and definitely going to miss it( but of course I wanted to hold our son in my arms .)!! I always get a special treatment from my family (on both sides) especially Abg.Chik & K.Fuz, my friends.....umm most of the peoples!!! I got warming wishes from strangers.Everywhere I go, people come and say hi.
"hey you are pregnant?How many months???"
"Lovely tummy"
"hey mama!"
"take care dear"
"Ohh dear, dont go there..dont eat should eat this"
"U may go in first"
" U can seat worries"

People always notice now. They open doors for me more now. They move out of my way, they help me out all of the time. People look at me differently as well, even strangers. I almost always get a smile just for walking by - and I love that.
Not to mention, I can cut lines too :p.How amazing!( oh puuuuhhhlease..I dont do that.First come first serve) Being pregnant is an exciting journey because no one's journey is the same as mine.

When I am doing my work-outs , my instructor will always give me extra attention.How lovely!I'm really enjoying being pregnant, and have felt GREAT. I love every single second of being pregnant because it is my first and I have never experienced this before. It is so new and fulfilling and I cant wait for my newborn son to arrive into this world( even I have to admit Im gonna miss being pregnant)

Going all the way to my 17 weeks of pregnancy, I started feeling the movements,it was little flutters that at times felt more like a butterfly in my belly to the kicks that you literally could see through my shirt I enjoyed each one.It is amazing to not only be able to feel him move but even identifying what he is doing.What a life!I love talking to my little one inside me, especially while my baby Apeng was away.The only feeling that I shared with my son.
In the beginning of my pregnancy,I cant believe I was pregnant. As a matter of fact, I don't have any sicknesses.Lucky me!

Furthermore, I love my body with this new curves.Plus, expecting a baby can mean bigger boobs, better curves and for some people- flushed skin. I feel more sensual and sexy!My obscene boobs are nice but finding bras..umm is not fun anymore!!My boobs have went up 2 cup sizes. Sure, I don't like the stretch marks, or how my thighs seem to be growing at the same rate as my belly, but overall I really love I wont talk about stretch marks.I know they're ugly!But the best part is, my baby Apeng loves my pregnant body.I feel grateful that my husband loves my pregnant body.
I may get this statement..
"Ala, anak first surelah husband sayang.Try kalau dah anak ramai esok2..sure dia takda camtu punya"
"Anak sulong, husband sure tatang mcm minyak yg penuh punya!"
In that case,let me embrace while "it" lasts.You never know what happen next, huh:-)

Now, I have only few weeks to cherish my 2nd trimester and I will be entering the last trimester which Im worried about labor pain and all.Ive been dreaming each night about labor pain and knowing me as a scaredy-cat, I have to admit, IM SO SCARED.I dont know whether I can go thru the whole labor pain thingy or even strong enough to face it.
So in my final three months, my main goal is to just enjoy it. No matter how painful getting out of bed in the middle of the night with a full bladder is, no matter how bad the heartburn is really enjoy it.

As for this moment, let me be in love with my pregnant body because this time will be a cherished memory for the rest of my life!

p.s: dear Ano, all the x-ray kt airport tu doesnt harm the baby :-) So dont worry okay.Just make sure you are healthy enough to make a journey!

Thanks for all the support guys!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Im 6 months.

Pregnancy Diaries

Hi peeps!

I just came back from my so-called-babymooning (at least to me) and working trip(for my husband) a few days ago which I shall blog about it later.Now, let me update more on my pregnancy. I haven't been on many websites last week with having so much to do but I try to keep up to date with my baby progress by reading articles and some books.

As Ive told ya earlier,I went to see my gynae on 13th July 2009 for my monthly check up. Luckily for us ours was the first appointment so we went in about 930am.The appointment took quite a while, about 20-30 minutes, the sonographer explained that she would take measurements of our baby and then continue on detailed scan .That made me feel loads better knowing our baby was growing.She checked the baby's development.I can see the baby's anatomy including lips, nose, legs, bone, stomach, heart, umbilical cord and placenta. Eventually she finished what she needed to do.
It was awesome! Finally, we had our 24 weeks scan and I feel more optimistic about the pregnancy now.Our sonographer asked us if we wanted to know the sex.Hmm, still remember when I was 5 mths pregnant, our little bundle of joy did not want to cooperate? FINALLY after several minutes, the baby opened the legs and tadaaaaaaaaa!! *big smile*

"Can you see it?This is the legs.....Baby is in a good position"
To which I replied
"See what?Legs??Hmm ooo.okayy..and what?"
"See?This is your baby's leg and, kat tengah2 tu, nampak tak, ada pistol ?You will having a boy" she smiled.
"So, ni dah confirm ke?"asked Apeng "Selalunya bila dah nampak pistol, confirm lah."

I wanted to shout "Yeaaaa~" but, of course, cover baik punya. Apeng smiled. My husband reaction was very different to mine.Oh yes, he's the coolest guy!:-)Deep inside, I know, he's the happiest person!Again, I wanted to jump happily!

"So, we can call him Baby K...."he glanced at me.
We already prepared his name tho!We settled on a name and I feel really bonded with my son now.I wanted to jump happily...AGAIN!
Alhamdulillah, our dua' indeed has being answered....syukur.
Yes, the joys of pregnancy, I guess.

I think finding out or not is a pretty personal choice, it really comes down to whether you like surprises or certainty.
For the last 5-6 weeks, I must admit that I have been worrying about my baby.I was full of mixed emotions.I was feeling excited but at the same time I had some worries. Apeng was pretty laid back about it all, he was sure everything was OK.

Is he okay?

Why this?


Mcm ni ke rasa?

Okay ke naik boat,bumpy2??

Other than that , our baby is nearly 700gms now and of course, he is fine! He's doing great inside my tummy,with all the acrobatic movements from 5am till late....I just love it!:-) My butt is getting better, my tummy still feel tight but Im doing good.
Last but not least, from now on, we will call our son Baby K.... ( since first letter of Apeng's name is " K", our son will follow the father :-)I hope the sonographer was right about our baby's "pistol" :p

p.s: Balik dari hospital, terus packing sbb malam tu dah nak pergi.Oh ya, I did get recent medical certificate from my gynae to avoid any complications while travelling onboard. Eventhough the best period to travel is between weeks 16-28.Bear in mind, Im 24 weeks. Ohh someone asked me about travelling by plane.Urmm, most women unsure about flying during pregnancy( including me),BUT generally women who are having a healthy, normal pregnancy are free to fly as they please.BUT again, go and ask your OB!

Here are some tips which is works on me :-):

  • Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.(although I have to wee-wee every hour!)
  • Do some stretching ( while standing or at my seat)
  • Move around to keep blood flowing
  • Go walk in the aisle
  • Rotate my ankles and wiggle my toes
  • Last but not least, try to relax more :-)
I guess everybody will do the same things while you are on board. As usual, go and have fun!Make sure you know your limit and your body :-)


Monday, July 6, 2009

Jenan Trip

Hi all!
We are finally home! Our Jenan's trip was awesome.Best sgt2. I have nothing to say except, I had so much fun! Okeh, here are the photos of my husband's batchmates, enjoy!

Another few days, I'll be 6 months already!Im super duper excited!

Oh ya, ni bilik kami.Overall, semua OK.Bersih, selesa dan yg paling bagus, bukak je pintu dah pun nampak pantai.Best sgt2. Kami duk kt salah satu chalet kat Pantai Cenang.Bilik air pun bersih( ohhh itu wajib!) Jadi, sgtlah puas hati. Bravo lah Manai sbb dapat cari tempat yg mcm ni :-)

Okeh, malam2 my husband lepak dgn kawan2 dan seperti biasa, I was asleep. Tp first night tu ada lah jugak main card ngn apeng kat dlm bilik.. Best least Im not bored dlm bilik tu.Adalah jugak activity kan. Nak kuar malam2 sgtlah malas,so I told Apeng kalau nak kuar ngn kawan2, pergi jelah.Pastu my husband pun teruslah gi lepak ngn kawan2 sampai tatau kul berapa sbb aku dah tidur sampai pagi.Tp seronok ye baby, pergi main snooker ehh :p
Takpe, I rela duk bilik tidur atas tilam yg empuk sampai pagi, lagi best!hihihihi

Ni semua gambar amik b4 gi Island hoping.Urmm, tp nyesal yg amat jugak pergi sbb boat adalah quite bumpy.Ombak besar jugak, mcm ala2 ke Perhentian dulu, rasa mcm kalau boleh nak turun je dari boat masa tu jugak.Tp alhamdulillah, Im OK.Pastu rasa mcm dilayan bagai princess atas boat tu okeh..schoolmates apeng yg girls sgtlah bagus layanan mereka. I was so flattered guys!Thanks again.

Kali ni gi Dayang Bunting Apeng teman me kat bawah je.Tak panjat tangga2 tu semua.I was eagerly to go tapi takut nak patah balik dah penat so duk bawah jelah.

It was our second time to Langkawi for this year.The last was in February, on our birthday.Rasa mcm kejap je baru kami gi, pastu gi balik.Tp aper2 pun, kali ni sgtlah best, especially ada Jenan ni.Sakit perut kami dibuatnya sbb asyik gelak je. Rasa mcm taknak balik pun ada sbb best sgt2 :-) Even tempat tu takda lah romantic ke ape ke kan, tp I guess, bila ada org2 yg best around kita, tulah yg buat kita nak stay lagi lama lagi, kan?
Hopefully dapat jumpa and buat this kind of trip lagi!
Pregnancy Diaries:
  • Im gaining so far 8 kgs so far which is good, I guess.
  • My butt still hurt.
  • My boobies getting bigger and bigger :p
  • baby is really active.Ive felt the baby move quite a lot just lately.Best sgt2
  • This time has been so different, Im starting to feel tight all around my tummy and I eat a bit and feel so full! so I am trying to eat little and often.
  • well. I only have few days more to go before my nxt appointment and I have never wanted the weekend to go so quick.

p.s:Im packing again!!!Oh, mcm best pulak main card ni..Jom main lagi!

Ohh..Congrats to ANITA,my friend! I bukak blog baru tau yang you dah beranak.Fon I takda skang I mmg tatau aper2 kalau U sms I!Dear, if you are reading this, I nak gi visit you ni.


Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hi peeps!
Im so exhausted! I looks like a monster!Just came back from husband's kampung and then..we'll going to Langkawi tomorrow! ! I used to go to my husband's school reunion which we've had previously at his school last time. It was fun!
Pregnancy Diaries:

This few weeks has been great, I seem to be growing well and my belly is getting tight.Alhamdulillah, everything seems okay.BUT, I couldnt seem to get comfortable in the chairs.My butt is starting to ache when Im sitting down for long periods of time now.

  • Apeng is the happiest daddy now :-) because the baby are moving and, it is a fantastic feeling.Apeng keeps putting his hand on my tummy and everytime he puts his hand, the baby seems moving.

  • Sleeping this week hasnt been good either.I am really struggling to sleep on my back either on my sides.I seem to be getting a pain on my belly area.

  • I am also struggling to reach the bottom of my legs and feet.

  • We have been out and purchased my nursing bra ( hmm I need to change my bra also mehhh!)

  • The heat has not been good to me at all this while.Hopefully I will feel much better and this wether isnt so hot anymore.

  • Well, that's all from me this week.I only have two weeks before my next scan and..... we will going to Kiwi's Land( I heard it is a beautiful country!)YABEDA BEDUUUU.....Insya-Allah and alhamdulillah. So ,anybody wants anything? As usual, you may leave your message here or ring me!

Im looking forward guys!