Monday, July 20, 2009

Im 6 months.

Pregnancy Diaries

Hi peeps!

I just came back from my so-called-babymooning (at least to me) and working trip(for my husband) a few days ago which I shall blog about it later.Now, let me update more on my pregnancy. I haven't been on many websites last week with having so much to do but I try to keep up to date with my baby progress by reading articles and some books.

As Ive told ya earlier,I went to see my gynae on 13th July 2009 for my monthly check up. Luckily for us ours was the first appointment so we went in about 930am.The appointment took quite a while, about 20-30 minutes, the sonographer explained that she would take measurements of our baby and then continue on detailed scan .That made me feel loads better knowing our baby was growing.She checked the baby's development.I can see the baby's anatomy including lips, nose, legs, bone, stomach, heart, umbilical cord and placenta. Eventually she finished what she needed to do.
It was awesome! Finally, we had our 24 weeks scan and I feel more optimistic about the pregnancy now.Our sonographer asked us if we wanted to know the sex.Hmm, still remember when I was 5 mths pregnant, our little bundle of joy did not want to cooperate? FINALLY after several minutes, the baby opened the legs and tadaaaaaaaaa!! *big smile*

"Can you see it?This is the legs.....Baby is in a good position"
To which I replied
"See what?Legs??Hmm ooo.okayy..and what?"
"See?This is your baby's leg and, kat tengah2 tu, nampak tak, ada pistol ?You will having a boy" she smiled.
"So, ni dah confirm ke?"asked Apeng "Selalunya bila dah nampak pistol, confirm lah."

I wanted to shout "Yeaaaa~" but, of course, cover baik punya. Apeng smiled. My husband reaction was very different to mine.Oh yes, he's the coolest guy!:-)Deep inside, I know, he's the happiest person!Again, I wanted to jump happily!

"So, we can call him Baby K...."he glanced at me.
We already prepared his name tho!We settled on a name and I feel really bonded with my son now.I wanted to jump happily...AGAIN!
Alhamdulillah, our dua' indeed has being answered....syukur.
Yes, the joys of pregnancy, I guess.

I think finding out or not is a pretty personal choice, it really comes down to whether you like surprises or certainty.
For the last 5-6 weeks, I must admit that I have been worrying about my baby.I was full of mixed emotions.I was feeling excited but at the same time I had some worries. Apeng was pretty laid back about it all, he was sure everything was OK.

Is he okay?

Why this?


Mcm ni ke rasa?

Okay ke naik boat,bumpy2??

Other than that , our baby is nearly 700gms now and of course, he is fine! He's doing great inside my tummy,with all the acrobatic movements from 5am till late....I just love it!:-) My butt is getting better, my tummy still feel tight but Im doing good.
Last but not least, from now on, we will call our son Baby K.... ( since first letter of Apeng's name is " K", our son will follow the father :-)I hope the sonographer was right about our baby's "pistol" :p

p.s: Balik dari hospital, terus packing sbb malam tu dah nak pergi.Oh ya, I did get recent medical certificate from my gynae to avoid any complications while travelling onboard. Eventhough the best period to travel is between weeks 16-28.Bear in mind, Im 24 weeks. Ohh someone asked me about travelling by plane.Urmm, most women unsure about flying during pregnancy( including me),BUT generally women who are having a healthy, normal pregnancy are free to fly as they please.BUT again, go and ask your OB!

Here are some tips which is works on me :-):

  • Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.(although I have to wee-wee every hour!)
  • Do some stretching ( while standing or at my seat)
  • Move around to keep blood flowing
  • Go walk in the aisle
  • Rotate my ankles and wiggle my toes
  • Last but not least, try to relax more :-)
I guess everybody will do the same things while you are on board. As usual, go and have fun!Make sure you know your limit and your body :-)



tymy said...

hi im ur silent reader

dah lama follow ur blog

oh ya...alhamdulillah u selamat sampai..

honestly im worried since i know u nak gi travel jauh2 ni...

yelah, u kan tunggu lama nak pregnant..even i tak rasa i rasa mcm mana tunggu nak sgt pregnant...

oh link urs ya...

take care ya.. a kiss for baby K

haneebee said...

I'm having a baby boy too. =)

yaNa MaLeK said...

congrates ur having a baby boy..sure ur husband the happiest person coz nti ade geng..

nurulzia said...

babe..u look glowing..yeah..xsalah pun travel during pregnancy as long as we can coop kan..yg penting minum air byk2....
congrates ya....

The Mrs-Bride said...

dear, CONGRATS!!! yayy.. nnt my son ada geng larr! boleh kasi they kawan2 cam kita kan! heheheh.. btw, u asked for my no kan? i dah soh my hubby email u.. dpt tak?? i think kan, i did sms u laa.. tp u x reply pun! u tukar no ke babe? xpe.. anything, nnt i soh my hubby email u k... i online kejap je ni! my baby tgh tido.. gtg.. talk to u soon!! rub ur belly for me tau... *hugs*

dialicious said...

congrats mommy!!its sooo wonderful u;ll be the queen of the hs..babyboy amat comel mcm my nephews..hihihihi

neeza said...

yeay!congrats to both of u!

Anonymous said...

kakak,same boat again and again.mine is boy too ;)

Mrs Imran said...

congratulation on ur pregnancy :)

neway, by any chances u ni kawan munirah mommy of triplets?

CikChelsea said...

chettt, patut la dh lama tak nampak on9 kt YM...i've text A.Aman about the kenduri on 1st august, hope dia dpt that msg.

i think this year punya batch 3 boys n 1 girl (wana baby girl kot), meriah meriah! saya sokaaaa =D

5577 said...

am bloghopping..

wow.. dpt baby moon.. i was wishing i cud do that.. but too lil time too much to do..

am pregnant too.. sorry lupe nak intro, huhu.. waiting for the days now.. will be 39weeks tomorrow..

care to exchange link?

BeLLaRieNa said...

motifff baby K??? huhu lupa plak nama shuben u ols ala2 nama kakmin yek :D... tahniah kakak...

Diella Mustafa said...

nak jgk perasannnn!!hahaha.lg baik ko jauhkan anak ko dgn org cam "KAY" tu fad...kang tak psl2 die influence anak ko join club die.pastu jd perosak rmh tangga org plak tu.ltk name anak ko yg bg makna baik2 je.semoga jd seorang beriman dan taat pd ko & Aman.AMIN...